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I have had a camera in my hands for about ten years now and just the other day I paused and reflected on what that really means.  That is a decade’s worth of life that I have been able to capture.  In those ten years I have seen thousands of smiles, allowed couples to show their vulnerable sides and exchange a kiss while I’m four feet away, witness babies taking their first breaths and share the same joy for whoever comes in front of my lens because I am just as grateful to be in that moment with them.  I have also met some of the closest friends I will ever have because of photography and one of them is my dear friend Liv.  You may remember her + Drew’s wedding on the blog two years ago when they got married.  Raye and I were so happy to see these two high school sweethearts tie the knot and continue down their path together.  Drew has been in the Army National Guard since 2008 and when I met Liv she knew he was going to be delpoyed- they just didn’t know when.  Drew got the news around the time of their wedding in 2012 and proudly left with the 1229th Transportation Company to serve in Afghanistan last July 2013.  With his wife also being a photographer and I being one of his wife’s best friends- there was no way we were letting him leave without a Pre Deployment shoot.  :)  I am so honored you both asked me to do this and am thankful to you Drew for your service and to you Liv for your unconditional support.

Drew- we can’t wait till you return this summer, someone special is waiting to meet you! ;)

Suprise!! We can technically consider this a maternity/pre-deployment session ;)  Stay tuned to the blog for the birthstory of Liv + Drew’s sweet baby boy who was born last month! 

March 27, 2014


throughout my life I have had many interests and enthusiastically pursued several hobbies with varying levels of success.. but ever since I can remember, I have had two constant true loves – photography and music. so when I have the opportunity and am hired to combine them both? well, it’s the truest definition of a dream job to me. a couple of weeks ago I flew to austin, texas for the south by southwest (sxsw) festival and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have gone to music festivals as varied as the all good fest to lollapalooza since I was 17, but sxsw was an inspired stew of everything from films to graphic arts to gaming… and of course, music. everywhere. I’m certain that on any given day, the streets of austin have music ranging from hip hop to the blues spilling out of the doors and windows of the clubs, but at sxsw it’s on overdrive. at one point I found myself at almost a jog-like pace.. wanting to see everything, to hear as much as I could. I was in my happiest of places. at night, I headed to the world-famous stubbs to photograph a sxsw showcase which was sponsored by the gap – featuring j roddy walston and the business, the preatures, bear hands and the 1975. although my time in austin was brief, it was inspiring and it fed a little corner of my soul which had felt a little empty recently.. for which I am so grateful. it also left me wanting more and I am looking so forward to returning in 2015!




March 19, 2014

I first met my beautiful friend amanda years ago when she came to work at the palette. I liked her immediately – she was funny, smart and so great to work with. so when she told me that she was going to be moving to indiana with her boyfriend chris, I was sad to see her go but excited for her as she embarked on a new journey. we kept in touch via facebook and I followed all of the cool things that were happening in her life – new jobs, new friends.. then one day I learned that she was pregnant and I couldn’t have been happier for her! selfishly, upon hearing the news, I wished that we lived closer so that I could photograph her maternity session but was happily surprised when she said that they were coming back east to see family and friends before their son was born. we had a gorgeous afternoon and decided to stay in town and work by the river. amanda has always been so beautiful, inside and out, but as an expectant mother she simply glows and it was such an honor for me to document their joy. I am so very happy for you my friend xoxo

  • in september we decided that a trip was in order. our choice? paris
  • we consulted friends, clients and travel blogs and got to planning
  • we arrived at our apartment in the third arrondissement and set out for the essentials… french coffee
  • we spent late nights journaling while listening to music and the city sounds 4 stories below
  • we butchered some language and was corrected by snarky cab drivers
  • we lived on our balcony
  • we tossed out some of our previous plans to just wander the streets and soak everything in
  • we stumbled upon paris fashion week
  • we met a waiter named vincent who became our new best friend
  • we sampled every kind of pastry, bread and crepe we could find. literally.. everything – diets be damned!
  • we drank more coffee
  • our friend nancy flew in from germany to join us
  • we visited museums and saw works both big and small that we had only studied and loved from afar
  • we became surprisingly comfortable speaking the language as the days passed
  • we fell in love with the eiffel tower.. she is so magnificent in person
  • we spent rainy days in our apartment relaxing, talking and shooting
  • we walked countless flights of stairs – they are everywhere – usually spiral, always steep and seemingly endless
  • we got a lesson in proper absinthe etiquette
  • we missed our flight home.. not on purpose. really
  • we arrived home knowing that we had experienced something truly special and life changing. what we saw, the things we learned about our craft, ourselves, our creative passions, our friendship, the conversations we had, the lightbulb moments that came out of thin air, the beauty that was felt by all senses, the inspiration that will translate into our work and the reality that we were able to do all of this together is something that we will always have. always. paris moved us both in such beautiful and unexpected ways and we will be forever grateful