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this has been such a wonderful year for all of us at the studio! and as we wind down to the end of 2013 we are reminded just how many wonderful people we have had the chance to meet and work with. you have all made this a year to remember and we are so happy to have you as a part of the GPA family. we wish all of you a joyous holiday season and look forward to seeing you again in 2014 – cheers!!

November 26, 2013

sometimes you can tell what a wedding day is going to be like simply by meeting the couple and this was definitely true of tracey+roshan. I knew that it would be unique, I knew that it would be emotional and most of all, I knew that it would be romantic. since working with them during their esession, they had already traveled to india for a separate ceremony and had now gathered all of their friends and family to baltimore to continue the celebration of their love and commitment. the day was bright and crisp and as they met outside to see each other for the first time it was such a lovely and intimate moment – right there in the center of a big city, all that existed to them was each other. kristie, who had met tracey during our initial consultation but hadn’t met roshan until wedding day whispered to me ‘they are amazing together’ and they are. their wedding was layered with traditions such as the ketubah signing, the breaking of the glass and the horah but I think my favorite part was their first dance… both students at the university of michigan, tracey and roshan met as members of the argentine tango club. so naturally, their first dance paid beautiful homage to where their story began. tracey and roshan, your wedding was such an idyllic way to close out a wondrous year for me. kristie and I loved every moment we spent with you, your families and friends.

we are so happy that we had the opportunity to met you both and document such a wonderful day – we wish you love, laugher, happiness and many, many tangos in your future together


November 19, 2013

ever since I first met tara and matt at their maternity session, I was looking so forward to this little guy’s arrival. so of course, I made a special point of checking facebook daily and happily discovered that cayden had made his way into the world. I got to the farm and was greeted by tara and matt’s 4-legged kids hokie and gunner at the jeep and made my way inside to meet him. tara was filled with a serene happiness as she picked him up… clearly head over heels. when matt joined us, he couldn’t stop smiling as I had them both hold their son. at first, cayden was determined to stay awake to see what was going on with those beautiful big eyes but eventually fell asleep. he is so adorable and I couldn’t be happier for my friends!

I can’t wait to see him again – maybe this time with the pups? :)

November 18, 2013

I always love when our couples are expecting their first child- there is a sense of nervousness, excitement and just pure joy!  I especially love when I am able to photograph the maternity session because I get to see them after wedding day AND am able to be a part of the next chapter in their lives together. I had the pleasure of photographing Melba + Jordy’s engagement session last year where I met their “first” two children- Murphy + Kinsey. Then I got to spend the whole day with them for their amazing riverboat wedding in October.  We missed out on seeing each other during the Firefly Music Festival in the summer but when we all got together last week it was like no time had passed.  I couldn’t wait to shoot because we had rare, gorgeous fall weather for being the middle of November and the leaves were still so vibrant!  Melba even brought a painting she made for baby Jo.  I’m so happy for you both and for your families!  I can’t wait to meet Miss Joanna Marie!

November 14, 2013

If you follow the blog you know that we here at GPA not only look at photography as a career but also as a way of life.  I am always so grateful for the opportunities that I come across and the people I meet along the way of my journey with my camera in hand.  It’s always a bonus + blessing when I form lasting friendships and view a couple more like friends than “clients.”  Such is the case with Rachel + Rob! :) I knew after their engagement session that this couple and I would remain friends even after they said “I Do.”  After a glass of wine and meeting their fur babies, Lincoln + Franklin, we strolled through their neighbor and talked all about their big day.  I should mention to you that Rachel designed + made a lot of the decorations herself and it was wonderful to see it all unfold!  They wanted to incorporate their Dachshunds in anyway they could since Link + Frank couldn’t stay the whole day.  I thought it was a brilliant idea when Rachel asked if we could schedule a doggie photo shoot so that they could represent the table numbers!  With squeaky toys and lots of peanut butter we were able to get the boys to smile long enough for our photos. Even though it was 8 months away at that point- time seemed to fly by!

I was so happy when Rachel + Rob invited me to join them and their family + friends for their rehearsal dinner.  Everyone was able to meet and catch up over steamed Eastern Shore crabs and beer.  I felt like a friend with camera and was even able to hand my camera off to Chris, one of the best men and be in front of the camera!  Everyone was so excited for the next day.

The next morning Laura, Curt + I all headed to The Oaks Waterfront Inn which overlooks a quiet cove off of Edge Creek in St. Michaels.  The weather was perfect for late October and I was greeted by an elated bride.  Rachel and her girls got ready in the cottage while Rob and the guys were hanging out on the docks of Harbortowne.  Rob gave Rachel a bottle of their favorite wine and a strand of Tiffany pearls for her to wear on this special day.  The girls all had matching robes and shared a champagne toast to Rachel + Rob’s new future.  I loved her succulent bouquet and the colors of their wedding- mustard + grey (yes, they just so happen to be GPA’s colors too…). :)  She had her mother’s cameo and a Dachshund pin that her mom gave secured tightly to the burlap on her bouquet which complimented the tie pin Rachel gave Rob!  They wanted to hold hands and talk to each other before tying the knot without seeing each other and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring Lincoln + Franklin over!  Guests meandered down to the ceremony spot underneath an old pine with mason jar lights and it was finally time for this couple to get hitched!  Rachel + Rob exchanged their personal, hand-written vows (I love when couples do this!) and after their first kiss came a big surprise…

Rachel mentioned to me that Rob is a huge fan of a cappella music and that she wanted to surprise him with the talented Georgetown Phantoms as they receeded down the isle.  The members of the group secretly hid within the crowd and all stood up after Rachel + Rob’s first kiss.  I’d say by the look on Rob’s face that the surprise factor was a success. :)  They headed to a boat ramp up the creek and guests hung out by the Adirondacks enjoying the raw bar and cocktails.  The new Mr. + Mrs. Karish made their grand appearance via boat with guests waiting at the shore.  The fun didn’t stop there!  During the reception we had a Father Dance Off, a bride with a cowbell and an energetic dance crowd!  I loved all of Rachel + Rob’s details- she hand made the cake topper, had stickers created for the cookie + doggie take home treat bags, made a few of the dessert stands with antique plates and jars and even used one of her mother’s old stained glass window panes as a decoration for the cake table!  A lot of Rob’s family from Pittsburg contributed their home made goodies to the famous Cookie Table and the desserts were out of this world!  I loved how everyone came together and celebrated this monumental day in Rachel + Rob’s life.  I am so happy and thankful that I met you two (four!) and can’t wait to see you again!  Thank you for letting Laura, Curt + I be a part of your wedding day.

These wonderful vendors helped make Rachel + Rob’s day special:

flowers + mason jars: Seasonal Flowers

hair + makeup: Serendipity

cake: Julie Bakes

band + videography: Onyx of Washington Talent Agency

a cappella: Georgetown Phantoms

officiant:  Bill Cochran

November 13, 2013

On October 28th this little angel came into the world weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces to a lot of smiling faces and loving hearts.  I had the pleasure of photographing Laura + Ben’s wedding and meeting their wonderful family and friends by the sea.  I was so happy to hear that they were expecting and could not wait to meet this little girl!  Aria Noelle is so beautiful and already a gem in front of the camera ;)  I met up with Laura, Ben + baby this past Saturday for her first photo shoot and Ben even played some acoustic guitar for her while Laura was holding her.  We all headed outside to capture the essence of the gorgeous fall day and Aria passed right out!  I’m so happy for you both and am so glad I got to meet your adorable baby girl!

November 13, 2013

we know, we know… it’s not even thanksgiving yet! it’s too early to even think about christmas! and we totally agree with you :) however, a lot of our clients have been asking about holidays cards so we wanted to get this year’s templates up on the blog asap so folks have time to look them over and pick their favorites. we’ve brought back some of our most popular cards as well as adding some new designs. on most cards, words, fonts and colors can be changed to your liking. all cards with the exception of the 5×5 inch three fold card at the beginning of this post can be printed in either a 3×5 or 5×7 format. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

it’s time for our third annual dogs days charity shoot! and this year we have an exciting new addition – in addition to our event here at the studio in snow hill, we will also be having a santa paws event in baltimore! that’s right.. you asked and we are coming across the bridge :)

snow hill event details:
location: our studio located at 310 north washington street snow hill, md 21863
date: sunday december 8th
time: 9:00am-3:00pm

baltimore event details:
location: downtown dog resort – 200 west mccomas street baltimore, md 21230
date: sunday november 24th
time: 10:00am-2:30pm

session details: a 25 minute session featuring your dog all decked out for the holidays. in both locations, we will have wreath and bow collars, christmas light collars for relaxed pooches, reindeer ears and santa hats. up to two family members can join their four legged family member during the last 10 minutes of the session. we will have organic treats and plenty of water as well as some squeaky toys to get their attention but if there is anything your pooch really responds to, please feel free to bring it along

charity details: the session fee is only $30 and includes an online gallery and 1 8×10 print. we are also asking for a donation of at least 10lb bags of dry cat or dog food to be given to a local shelter and the downtown dog resort’s rescue. food donations can be brought to the event the day of the session

how to book your session: email us at to reserve your spot. this event fills up fast!!
last year was so much fun – thanks to those awesome clients and pups, we collected over 200 pounds of pet food as well as some toys and treats. we can’t wait to meet some new friends this year!


November 11, 2013

I am a sucker for fall weddings. there is something about the slight chill to the air and the rich colors that I just love and as I was driving to annapolis, I was so happy. there is a small window of time when the leaves are at their peak, bursting with color and as the sun was shining on the trees, the foliage was perfect for katie and nick’s wedding day. ever since meeting katie at the what’s up weddings show I had been looking forward to working with her and once I met nick at their esession, I knew their wedding was going to be amazing! the ceremony took place at an outdoor cathedral which was stunning and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it – they had it decorated perfectly, putting their own special touch on it without distracting from the natural beauty surrounding them. as the musician played the beatles, katie beamed as she walked down the aisle on her father’s arm… never taking her eyes off of nick. as the afternoon sun peeked through the tress and leaves gently fell around them, they pledged their commitment and celebrated their love in front of all of their friends and family. we all headed to the reception site which I am sure is gorgeous any time of year, but the fall backdrop it provided was simply perfect! laura and I had loved working with the bridal party separately earlier in the day and once they were all together they were so much fun :) dinner was served under the tent as family and friends toasted the happy couple and then the party moved inside for dancing, dancing and more dancing! laura and I had such a wonderful time with you all and loved spending this day with you


I have so enjoyed every moment that we’ve spent working together and wish you so much happiness in your life together!


November 07, 2013

Marleigh came into the studio one day this summer inquiring about senior portraits and when she mentioned the family farm I fell into a daze.  She explained that there was an old hay loft, grain bins, weathered wood with crackled paint, rusted siding and lush fields- basically a photographer’s heaven!  We decided that we’d start there and meet another day to photograph by the water.  I met Marleigh one evening at the farm before sunset and we had a blast- she even climed the ladder of the grain bins!  She is active in the band and soccer for Snow Hill High School.  Their team has been so successful and even won the playoffs!  We finally squeezed in a day to photograph by the water and this young lady even went in!  It was a bit chilly but with her positive attitude and fun spirit she didn’t seem to mind one bit.  We literally jogged to the pier as if we were chasing daylight for some more shots.  I had so much fun working with you and am so proud of you + your team!  Good luck with all of your future adventures! :)