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September 30, 2013

I met up with this lovely couple in Georgetown for their engagement session this past January.  This is where I saw how connected Laura + Todd were and that being together for over 9 years truly made them best friends.  Todd made Laura laugh almost every thirty seconds and it was apparent that they were made for each other.  Laura + Todd had their wedding at the gorgeous Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC surrounded by family and friends from all over the country!  I met up with Laura who was sporting her Jeter jersey surrounded by her bridesmaids.  Everyone was so excited and anxious for Laura + Todd to tie the knot!   Our Laura headed to meet up with Todd and his guys.  I’m so glad they decided to have a First Look- I loved Todd’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride for the first time!  Everyone gathered in the courtyard overlooking Rook Creek Park.  We had perfect weather and the wonderful ladies at HJ Planners took our breath away once again with the design of the wedding!  Laura + Todd had their first dance to “In My Life” by The Beatles and shared many laughs as their family and friends gave toasts.  The party kept going till the end and we loved how Laura + Todd kept finding each other through out the night and managed to get lost in each other- even if only for a slight moment.  We’re so happy you both found true love and we hope you had a relaxing honeymoon!

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who helped make Laura + Todd’s wedding a success!

Florits:  Petal’s Edge

Baker:  Fluffy Thoughts

Strings:  String Poets

DJ:  Musical DJ’s

Make-Up + Hair:  Behind the Veil

September 27, 2013


my dear friends steph and jeff have been featured on this blog more than any other couple and family and there is good reason for that. the first time that I met them, it was in late 2004 when my only office was a small room in my house and the only examples I had of my work were loose photographs. I still remember them sitting on my futon couch as we discussed their wedding day and during that brief conversation, I already knew that even if they didn’t hire me to photograph their wedding, that I hoped we’d be friends. fortunately, they liked what they saw and wanted me and kristie (her first wedding shoot ever) to capture their big day. in the years since, I have photographed maternity sessions when steph was pregnant with both hannah and finn, their newborn photos, photos of their four-legged kids maddie + moses and countless family sessions. they are SO far beyond clients now, they are 2 of my closest friends and I am so grateful for that day in my little office almost 9 years ago.


I have felt so lucky to see hannah and finn grow up to be the amazing people they are and document your journey as a family. I love you guys so much xoxo



September 26, 2013

when bryan and I met up in the parking lot of the golden sands, both of us commented on what a beautiful day it was. it was a perfect beach day… not too hot, not too breezy – and we were so happy for lauren and rey. their wedding day would be the first time we met them so bryan came to lauren’s room with me first to meet her and then headed down to rey, his guys and apparently an exciting football game :) lauren had a pretty big bridal party plus 3 younger attendants, so the condo was full of laughter and last minute touches. one thing I love about this hotel is that you can look down to the beach as the ceremony is being set up and as the guests arrive… something we caught both lauren and rey doing several times throughout the afternoon. the beach was peaceful, serene and a perfect location for lauren and rey to celebrate their love and commitment with all of their friends and family. the reception highlighted their love for both each other and the time they’ve spent in ocean city – special touches like fishers popcorn and dolly’s salt water taffy were given as treats to their guests and their cake was a tasty tribute to life on the sand. as soon as the party kicked off, one thing became very clear – this crew can dance and bryan and I had a blast being in the middle of it all as the party went late into the night!


it was so wonderful to work with you and we wish you so much happiness!


September 25, 2013

as most of you know, snow hill is a very small town – there’s only one stoplight and you can literally walk anywhere. everyone seems to know each other one way or another and having owned 2 businesses here in town, I have had the pleasure to meet most of the wonderful folks in our tight knit community. such is the case with julie and brian – several years ago when I still ran the palette, they had their wedding rehearsal dinner on our upper floor. then a few weeks ago, julie contacted me about photographing their family at one of our local parks. it was a beautiful afternoon as the late summer sun glowed off of the river and they were such a fun group to work with. little man caden was a rockstar, giving kisses, raspberries and big bear hugs… not getting tired out until the very end.


thank you for a wonderful evening – I had a great time!



September 24, 2013

this event gets more popular every year and we are returning to a favorite location! our good friend and client susan has generously made her orchard available and it’s gorgeous! complete with hay bales and seasonable blankets, we are so excited to work here again!  AND friendly dogs are welcome (we’ll bring the treats, you bring a leash!)  here are the details:

  • date: sunday 10.20.13
  • times: 2:30 – 6pm
  • location: vessey orchards – westover, md
  • $150 session includes: 25 minute sitting fee/fully edited online gallery of up to 50 images/1 8×10 and 2 5×7 prints
  • if you book by 09.27.13 you will receive a 20% discount on your total holiday card order
  • if you refer a friend, you will receive a FREE 11×14

to reserve your spot, please email us at the studio and we’ll get you on the schedule. we are SO excited to see old friends and make new ones as we always do at this time of year. see you soon!

September 23, 2013

like heather, kate and I met at the pharmaceutical company where I worked shortly after I moved to boulder. I think I worked there first, but am not certain… fuzzy times :) but what I do know is that one day during dinner in the break room, kate said something so wryly and subtly hysterical that I immediately liked her. we discovered that we didn’t live too far from each other in town and it wasn’t long before we were basically inseparable. practically every weekend, we would pack up her vintage VW bug and head up the rockies to see the breckenridge boys (an amusing experience, to say the least when crawling up the higher passes in the bug as mountain worthy SUVs patiently trailed behind us). she is also responsible for bringing the biggest gift into my life… ever. shortly after I moved to colorado, my dog dempsey passed away at only a year and a half and I was completely devastated. so much so that I had made a pretty solid deal with myself that I would never have another dog because I didn’t think I could handle another loss like that. the first time I went over to kate’s, I met her roommate’s golden retriever, trapper and was instantly smitten. seeing how goofy I got around trapper, kate kept saying that I needed to get another dog – and I always said no. so one sunday, kate suggested that we go to denver for brunch (we almost always had brunch in boulder) and I agreed. after we finished eating and got in the bug, I assumed we were going back to boulder but kate had other plans. I’m not sure if she had seen it in the paper or had been told by someone, but I was about to meet probably the most important ‘being’ in my life. kate pulled up to a house and we walked up to the front door and rang. we were greeted by a doberman, a sheepdog and a small terrier named ups. a small woman with a large and welcoming smile nudged the pups out of the way as she opened the door to let us in and introduced herself to us as Jeane. I think I still looked baffled but then all became clear as I met ‘yellow dog’ – Jeane was a dog rescuer and had been trying to get yellow dog (a very large, very defensive and yes, very yellow husky/german shepard/wolf mix) out of downtown denver for a long time but hadn’t been successful. it wasn’t until she had a litter of puppies that yellow dog stayed in one spot long enough for Jeane to get both her and her pups to a safe home. as soon as I heard ‘puppies’, that fear of getting another dog seemed to vanish into thin air and soon kate and I were in the back yard, coercing the pack of 12 pups out from under Jeane’s deck. the first puppy to run to me was a blur of gold poofy fur and chocolate brown eyes… I was immediately in love. jake came home with me that day and didn’t leave my side for the next 13 years. he was my protector and therapist. he traveled cross country with me 22 times. both he and kate stood next to me as I got married. he provided my mother with a quiet comfort that no human could have when she was sick and he saved my life on a dark and chilly april morning 11+ years ago. and without kate’s knowing me well enough that I needed a dog in my life to be complete, I assume I probably would have gotten another dog while I was in colorado – but it wouldn’t have been jake. since we both left boulder, we have moved to different coasts, kate in LA and me here and yet whenever we have the chance to talk or see each other (she’s visited me twice. I know, I know… it’s my turn. soon!) it’s as though no time has passed. AND, as the universe would have it, we have actually had the opportunity to work together this year which has been really cool. thank you my dear friend for being my partner-in-crime in boulder, vegas and everywhere in between. thank you for jake. thank you for being a friend I can always count on and my ‘bridge over troubled water’ haha!! :)

jake his second day home

colorado days

it was so great to have you here last month – all of our talks reminded me of similar times in boulder where I knew I could tell you anything and I really miss you. so don’t be surprised if you see me in sunny california soon xoxo

September 23, 2013

I love wedding celebrations for many reasons and throughout my career have been to over 300 but never before have I witnessed one as unique as this!  I loved every part of it!  From the overall steampunk theme of Lisa + Cat embarking on a new journey together, to their family and friends helping out with all of the details.  I met Lisa + Cat at the beginning of the year and knew from their visual storyboard that they brought along that this wedding was going to be one of a kind.  These ladies are both very crafty and made a lot of the details themselves!  They also had help from Cat’s family- Cat’s sister Kris made the amazing steampunk themed cake (which had Rice Crispies on the bottom!) and her other sister Liz made a lot of the reception clothes by hand.  Cat’s mother made a lot of the jewelry for their big day as well.  Liv and I met up with The Ladies Wyse at the hotel where they both got ready.  Their friends Donna + Audrey did their hair and makeup and got them ready for their first look at the Blue Water House.  After Lisa and Cat shared this special moment together we all headed to the beach for their ceremony.  This ceremony was unique as well.  Cat’s brother John played the guitar when Lisa walked down the isle but the wedding party “forgot” to tell him which song to play for Cat’s entrance!!  But their wonderful maid of honor, Cami came to the rescue with kazoos and led the crowd with the Muppets theme song! :)  Their friend Kari officiated the wedding and they even incorporated a hand-fasting with fabric that Cat’s mom had made.  After the ceremony the guests headed for Tea + Crumpets while Lisa and Cat did a quick costume change into their awesome steampunk reception clothes!  They had their first dance to Fools Rush In and then Lisa’s friend Crystal took over as DJ to get the party started!  I loved how they had a Community Dance which explained the whole theme of their wedding- a journey together in this world with family and friends.  It was an absolutely incredible day and left me sitting back thinking that this is what it’s all about.  Lisa + Cat, Liv and I are so happy for you both and are so glad we were able to experience another stop on your life journey with you.

September 20, 2013

from our first email correspondance to when we met up for their e-session, I have loved getting to know mary and mary. they told me about their chance meeting at a dinner party in california 10 years ago and how after enduring a long-distance relationship for several months, they made their life together on the east coast in 2004. 9 years later, they decided (and were legally able) to make it official and I was so excited when they hired me to be their photographer. when deciding on their e-session location, they suggested downtown DC – specifically the US supreme court building which I thought was a brilliant idea! however, when I arrived there to meet them I was disappointed to see that the facade was under construction and curtained over. as they walked up to meet me, they too were kind of bummed but we didn’t let that get in our way of having a great session and fun evening. I am SO excited for their wedding next month :)

thank you again for a great evening and I will see you.. SOON!

September 19, 2013

Hayley is an all around amazing young lady!  She was surfing one day at Assateague and spotted us photographing another session and asked if we’d take her senior portraits.  I couldn’t wait to work with her after I talked with her on the phone.  She lives in Carroll County but frequents the beach during the summer and loves to surf.  We talked about all of her ideas (including bringing her golden doodle, Summer!) and when she mentioned that she wanted to get in the water with her board I was stoked!    We all met at the studio and made our way to the beach.  Summer had a ball with the waves and Hayley, her mother and I all soaked up some of the last beautiful rays of the season and had a great time.  She plans on attending college for Environmental or Marine Science but in the mean time will occupy her days with soccer, lacrosse and the beach!  Thanks Hayley for a perfect Sunday afternoon- good luck with your senior year and your adventures after! :)

September 19, 2013

our relationship with the mitcham family began with katelyn and kevin’s wedding in downtown philadelphia. little did I know that day that for the next two years, I would spend a lot of time with these amazing folks and photograph 2 more weddings with them. a year after katelyn’s wedding, her sister shannon married john in cape may and this is where kris and I really got to know the family – mom leslie, dad chris, nanny as well as many uncles, aunts and cousins. then earlier this year, the whole family attended the wedding of family friends, amanda and andrew which was a great visit before erin and kevin’s big day! erin and kevin have been together ever since a chance meeting at a local pub called the anchorage. it’s always been very clear that they are crazy about each other and to be honest, kris and I weren’t surprised when we heard that kevin had proposed… we were thrilled, but we knew that their becoming husband and wife was meant to be and only a matter of time. the morning of the wedding, we boarded the cape may/lewes ferry and headed to new jersey on this gorgeous fall day. once in the garden state, we drove to avalon to check out their venue, the abbie holmes house which was stunning! with beautiful gardens and a historic estate home, it was an ideal location for such a happy occasion. then kris and I went our separate ways as she headed to be kevin and I was reunited with my mitcham ladies. as I entered the bridal suite, it really felt as though I was meeting up with old friends instead of going to work. I got big and beautiful hugs, said hello to both katelyn and shannon’s impressive baby bumps (they are due literally days within each other) and began to photograph the beautiful erin as she prepared to say ‘I do’ to her love. as chris and leslie took their third and final walk down the aisle on either side of erin, everyone could see and feel the emotional moment as they gave their last daughter away. once the reception started, we were reunited with even more friends and past clients, kelly and alex – bud and linda – it was a big ole’ party! and when chris included me and kris in his welcome/thank you speech, it melted my heart. I was once again reminded that what we do everyday is so much more than just taking photographs.. it’s about being trusted to capture once in a lifetime moments, it’s about the love between two people starting a new and exciting journey together, it’s about little ones coming into this world and all of the wonder and excitement that comes with it. and it’s about families like the mitchams – I truly love all of you and even though this is the end of an amazing era when it comes to weddings, it’s obvious that there are going to be babies.. lots and lots of mitcham babies and I can’t wait to meet them and see all of you again.