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August 30, 2013

This adorable little face is no stranger to our blog!  Maya is one of our Grow With Me  kiddos and we have been following her around since she was 6 months old.  I met up with her, Monica + Tim for her 1 year photos and they both came out along with her nanny Angel for her 18 month photos.  We all met at Decatur Park in Berlin and I think we all got our workout in by chasing Miss Maya around.  She LOVED the swings and even made some new friends! :)  I also found out that Monica + Tim are expecting another little one- can’t wait to meet him!! So happy for you guys, thanks for another fun session! :)

Maya said goodbye and we all knew it was time to go.  See you all (+1) soon!

August 29, 2013

it all started with a limosine in a ditch – literally. as we were in kristie’s parent’s back yard taking family photos, the limo that had come to pick them up reversed himself into a mess that had him completely stuck. this is when I knew that kristie was going to be awesome to work with… most of the time I meet and work with my couples several times before wedding day but with kristie and john, their big day was our first meeting. a lot of people would’ve freaked out when the mode of transporation to their wedding was in question, but she handled it with humor and one liners – and we kept on shooting. eventually a helpful neighbor came by and towed him out but it was an interesting start to a glorious day. kristie and john were getting married and having their reception at the howard county conservancy and let me tell you… I have a new favorite venue! with the barns, gardens and fields, this place is a photographer’s dream. the location partnered with a gorgeous late summer afternoon made for the perfect spot for them to say ‘i do’. as their dog bella leaded off the bridal party processional, happy tears and a very funny moment by her father set the tone for an emotional, sweet and lovely ceremony. I loved working with everyone at this wedding – kristie, john, their families and friends were all so nice and so much fun. it was such a pleasure to spend this wonderful day with them!


thank you for sharing such a beautiful day with me!

August 28, 2013

kerry’s grey t-shirt shoot took a little while longer than anticipated. first, I was going to photograph her at crossfit (which is her happiest of places) when I was in colorado visiting in march… but I forgot the shirt. then we had planned to do it when both of us were in boston for heather’s wedding the day before we left, but she was under the weather. so on my most recent visit to colorado, there was no excuse. the mere fact that we have seen each other 3 times in the past 5 months is in itself a miracle – prior to that it had been 8 years. in 1996, kerry and I met outside of the boulder theater – I had gone with my friend kate to see her roommate’s band. I’m not sure how the conversation turned to it, but we started talking about the restaurant business – something I had ‘retired’ from when I first moved to boulder. like me, kerry had been in the business forever and was an assistant general manager at a new brewpub. again, not sure who said what first, but the possibility of me going to work there was brought up. I do remember kerry saying ‘but are you any good?’ and this is where I fell a little in love with her. see for an east coaster, acclimating to the personalities of politically correct boulder can be quite the transition. everything was ‘all good’ and there were ‘no worries’ and you were encouraged to just ‘chill’ and ‘breathe’. as much as I appreciated this overall approach to life and it was indeed one the the things that had attracted to me to boulder in the first place, after 7 years in downtown baltimore it didn’t come naturally. so kerry’s frankness was refreshing. I quickly learned that she was from boston and had been in boulder a little longer than I had and we started working together about a month later. whether it was because we were both pretty blunt and very honest with each other or because sometimes only the other would get our sense of humor and sarcasm amidst a group of folks who thought we were just either crazy or mean, we became close quickly. as I wrote about in heather’s grey t-shirt post, we became roommates after a brief stint back on the east coast and I think that’s when the three of us kind of became family. I clearly remember when she brought now-husband jason home and heather and I immediately saw the light in her eye and spring in her step… she was smitten!  their wedding a few years later was actually the first wedding I ever photographed start to finish. you can’t go through everything we went through during that time and not form a strong bond – plus kerry could see things about me that either most of my other friends couldn’t, or didn’t want to see. as my time in boulder came to an end, that same honesty that I had depended on when we first met played a part in my changing my life forever and for that alone, she will always be a sister to me. but even after I left, our relationship and friendship have never wavered. through every celebration and tragedy that has happened to us both, we’ve been there for each other. and when she and her daughter mak picked me up at the denver airport in march, even though it had been 8 years since we had seen each other – we picked up right where we left off… with a big hug and a snarky joke.

colorado days

I love you tons! (maybe.. just maybe even more than football???) and haved loved spending all of this time with you and jason this year. getting to know the amazing mak for the extrodinary little person she is has been such a gift. I don’t know what I’d do without you and I never intend on finding out xoxoxo

August 28, 2013

I’ve known Rowan ever since I can remember and it’s been great seeing her evolve from a little girl to a gorgeous and driven young lady.  She loves to surf and play soccer.  We started at her high school and kicked around the soccer ball for a bit and then made our way to her other home- the beach!  She brought her board that she and her dad made (how cool is that?!) and we had a fun time enjoying the gorgeous weather.  I’m so happy for you Rowan and good luck with college!  Go Chanticlers!!! ;)

Thanks for a fun evening, Rowan!  Good luck with your senior year and your journey after! :)

the first time I met with nettie to discuss her wedding photography I knew we were kindred spirits. what is normally a 45 minute meeting lasted into hours as we talked about literally everything and by the time she left, I had a new friend. indeed the day of her and bryan’s wedding not only did we have the joy of working with the two of them but also made a bunch of new friends. we all just clicked and their awesomeness was later confirmed when we heard from each bridesmaid after the studio was flooded by hurricane sandy – offering help, love and prayers. so when nettie let me know that she and bryan were expecting, I was over the moon for them! they waited until this adorable one entered the world before finding out if it was a boy or a girl and named him cash. he is perfect, beautiful and so so loved…

I am so very happy for all of you and simply can’t wait until I can photograph that beautiful boy again! xoxo

August 26, 2013

I knew from working with them during their esession that kiera and patrick were really great to work with and had a sense of humor that a lot like mine so I had been counting the days until their wedding. it was a gorgeous august day as I drove to kiera’s parent’s house and once everyone got there, the festivities really began. I was so happy to also see our future couple drew and meghan (drew is kiera’s brother). as kiera put on her dress, I think it all began to sink in – I saw her eyes get a little misty and you could tell that she couldn’t wait to see patrick. at the historic saint john’s church in downtown, the church was filling with all of their friends and family as patrick and his guys waited in the back. as soon as I joined them, I wasn’t surprised to see star wars cufflinks, ‘presidential’ poses and laughter all around. the ceremony was a full mass presided over a priest very special to the family and the personal moments and inside jokes that he shared during the service told the story of kiera and patrick perfectly. after a visit to the frederick riverwalk, it was off to the reception and I have to say that it was one of the best ever! first, the band that performed was one that I had worked with before and they are simply awesome. then there was all of the guests who filled the dance floor all night and had some pretty fabulous moves indeed! but what made the night perfect, was kiera and patrick who spent the evening hand in hand, smiling, smooching and just so so happy

thank you both so much for such a wonderful day – I can’t wait to see you again in october!

August 23, 2013

I first me Jessica + Ryan at our mutual friends’ wedding earlier this year and they told me they were expecting their first child in September.  I was so happy for them and couldn’t wait for their maternity session.  We met up last week at Assateague and they spilled the beans that they were having a little girl! :)  Ryan showed me photos of the nursery and they brought a pair of her little shoes.  I had so much fun with you both, it was a beautiful evening!  I can’t wait for you to welcome baby Aubrey into the world- congratulations! :)

August 21, 2013

I knew from my first email with Trisha that I was going to click with her.  Not only did she call Mike her “sweetie” but she also used smily faces! (which Raye says I tend to overuse) :) Then we set up a Skype date so I could meet her sweetheart.  Mike had both Trisha and I laughing so hard that by the end of our ‘meeting’ I felt like an old friend.  Trisha and Mike met 14 years ago at NCA&T University and have been in love ever since!  They welcomed two beautiful girls, Nyla + Ruby, into the world and in January Mike dropped down on one knee and popped the question… in the East Ballroom of the WHITE HOUSE!!  He designed the gorgeous rose gold ring himself and it’s abosultey stunning!  To say that I LOVED this wedding would definitely be an understatement.  I met up with Trisha and the girls who treated themselves to a mani/pedi while mom got her make-up done.  We all headed to chapel in Leesburg to get dressed and to meet up with Amie.  That’s when I saw it.  The dress.  The gorgeous, baby pink wedding dress.  (I knew I’d click with Trisha!) :) The dress was perfect and instantly sent my mind spinning with ideas for their portraits. That wasn’t the only cool suprise- Mike had custom made Nike shoes with their wedding date imprinted on the sides.  They wanted to do a first look which was the perfect time for Trisha to give Mike a suprise penny that they later put in their shoes for good luck.  The ceremony was beautiful and family and friends filled the chapel.  Laughter was definitely a reoccuring theme of the day.  Everyone, including Amie + I, bursted out laughing when the minister was asking Mike to say his vows.  Trisha, the gorgeous and intelligent fashionista that she is, asked him on the sly to make Mike promise that along with honoring and cherishing her that he would always give her plenty of money to shop.  The laughter continued throughout the whole night.  It brought me back to why I love what I do and I’m so thankful I met you both and was able to share this big day with you + your family and friends.

Thank you guys for such a fun day- Amie + I are so happy for you all! :)

August 20, 2013

I have the privilege to work with such amazing families and kids but I will admit from the start of this post that I am a little biased when it comes to twins libby and evie. maybe because it’s because their mom jenny has been a dear friend of mine for years – or perhaps it’s because we shot their parent’s wedding and then maternity session before they entered the world. I do know that I fell a little in love with them when I went to see them at the hospital just after they were born. but even without this history, photographing them would be a joy because they are just simply lovely little girls. this session was planned as a gift for dad keith’s birthday and we met at one of the prettiest places in town on the river – also just steps from the studio’s back door. as is the norm, they were so much fun to work with and I loved every minute of it :)


as is true every time I’m with you ladies, I had a wonderful time! I’m looking so forward to our next session xoxoxo


August 19, 2013

bridget and I have been friends for years and throughout that time we have helped each other through some tough times and many good times.. and when I learned of her engagement to mark  - well that was certainly an awesome time! because of what I do, bridget was bouncing venue location ideas off me but she couldn’t seem to find a place that she loved and felt right. then last august, I photographed my first wedding at the chesapeake bay environmental center and fell in love. as soon as I got in the jeep after the wedding, I texted bridget ‘stop the search – I know where you’re getting married!’ and indeed it was perfect for everything she and mark hoped for their wedding day. because they met in a triathlon club, being active is an obvious part of their relationship and something that they love to do together. what better way to kick off this day of celebration than a ‘race to the alter’ 5K? with friends and family (and pup!) suited up, everyone enjoyed the light mist of rain that fell as they ran, walked and strolled their way through the serene marked trails of the center. once completed, I went with bridget to the hotel where after a quick shower, she and her girls got ready for the ceremony. bryan met mark at a house where a majority of his family was staying – it had everything this large group would like.. volleyball, bikes and corn hole :) so many of bridget and mark’s friends and family were a part of the wedding, from decorating the barn, to the cake and flowers. the caterer was a former groom of mine and even the officiant was a former co-worker/judge and friend of bridget’s (and an awesome former palette regular lol). after a first look and family photos followed intimate and heart filled ceremony. then bridget, mark and I went to my favorite part of the center to take photos. these marsh trails are what made me fall so hard for this place – they and my friends were a gorgeous combination. the reception was a party from the very first song and the celebration continued until they made their getaway amidst a shower of sparklers. I am so very happy for you both and honored to play a part in your special day.

I am SO happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and many races to win together  xoxo