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July 31, 2013

at this very moment, tracey and roshan are in india where they plan to have their indian wedding ceremony this saturday. and although I offered to fold all 6 feet of me into one of their suitcases, I am equally excited to photograph their wedding here in baltimore at the peabody library in november – hands down one of our favorite venues. I met with tracey and her mother several months ago and when I heard what they were planning, I was practically itching to work with them. tracey just had such a calm and happy energy about her and her mom was adorable. we timed her and roshan’s esession the day before they were to fly out to india as they currently live in ohio and because they had lived in fells point, it seemed the perfect location. when I met roshan, I was immediately charmed.. with a big smile he shook my hand and said ‘let’s do this!’ :) they were so fun and playful with each other as we roamed patterson park and then after taking a coffee break at a local cafe, they changed and we walked the streets of fells point.  I can’t wait to hear all about their ceremony when they get back to the states and I am looking so forward to november to spend more time with them.

I will be thinking about you both on saturday – I know it will be such a beautiful day!

July 30, 2013

I first met diane and joey at the wedding of his brother jay to artemis. diane was awesome helping out everyone as artemis got ready and she was my go-to person for the remainder of the day. I saw the gorgeous ring on her finger and artemis told me that she was engaged to jay’s brother. I soon met joey when we all got together for bridal party photos and immediately liked him. so when a week later, I got a voicemail from diane asking about our availability – needless to say I was thrilled! when discussing a location for their esession, they immediately mentioned the beach. the whole family comes down a lot during the summer and it’s a big part of their life together since they have become a couple. then they mentioned that they wanted their pup, pepper to join them for some photos and naturally this made me very, very happy. we had a gorgeous day as we started the session in OC on the boards and then went to assateague. they were the perfect blend of romantic, spontaneous and fun-loving and working with them was just as great as I thought it would be :)

thank you for such a wonderful evening! I am looking so very forward to working with you again at your wedding next year :)


July 30, 2013

I have spent the last 12 years living across the street from the lovely reagan and it has been so awesome to watch her grown from a kid to a smart and funny young woman. in fact, her mother wendy and I grew up together – a fact that makes me feel a little ancient, but so grateful to have a lifelong friend next door. reagan loves the beach, volleyball and reading – the portion of her session that we did at the library was so much fun. I am so excited for her as she enters this last year of high school :)

I am so happy for you as you begin this new chapter! and I promise to bring your mother wine and tissues when you leave for college :)



July 29, 2013


as a wedding photographer, you witness love all of the time – love between family, love between friends and of course love between a future husband and wife. but rarely do you get to see it as it unfolds… from the beginning. a couple of years ago, I was in the local grocery store and I saw someone who I thought was my good friend jen walking hand in hand down the snack aisle with someone I didn’t know in matching giants jerseys (it was a sunday lol). so, always the curious one, I went down the next aisle and indeed, it was jen! so I just so ‘happened’ to bump into them in the deli section and with a smile in her eye, jen introduced me to bryan. see I’ve known jen almost 12 years and she is one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know and I had always wished for someone perfect to come along who deserved the amazing person that she is. and here bryan stood, smiling as much as she was… and he was apparently a giants fan – which was a great start! (for jen… you all know the team that has my heart… but I digress) so in the time since, they got more serious, got a dog together and then one day I heard the amazing news that they were engaged! I had just photographed a wedding at the chesapeake environmental center and had fallen in love with it so I convinced jen and her mom to come take a look. she fell in love with it too and the excitement of wedding planning began. as the big day approached, so did impending clouds and high percentages of precipitation, but did this phase jen? no! (okay… maybe a little, but it was pouring!! all day!!) still, as we all got to the barn for the ceremony, the most amazing thing happened. as jen and bryan declared their love for each other and made promises of forever in front of their friends + family (and pups moose and wiley!) the rain stopped and the mid-july day that could have been a hot and humid mess was a breezy and mild 76 degrees. the rest of the evening was just as perfect as everyone celebrated this wonderful day with my beautiful friends

we absolutely loved spending this very special day with you and wish you so much happiness together! we love you!


July 26, 2013

we had been excited for liz and jon’s wedding ever since their esession. they are such a fun and lovely couple who can be really romantic yet silly and spontaneous at the same time and they had planned the quintessential annapolis event. we met up with liz at the calvert house in downtown which is one of our favorite venues – it has so much historic charm and but a modern layout for receptions that makes it an ideal location. liz, her mom and her girls were getting ready as we briefly checked out the room. liz and jon absolutely love to go to concerts, festivals… basically anything with love music :) and their table numbers reflected different groups they had seen over the years. then, as I was in the bridal suite shooting some details, I heard liz let out a delighted giggle – I went out to see a gorgeous red carved giraffe towering over her. see the first time we met, she had this really cool giraffe charm on a chain around her neck and explained to me that she had always loved them because of the height and grace – so jon had thought outside the box and had gotten his bride the perfect wedding gift – she loved it!! shortly thereafter, we packed up and headed to saint ann’s church for the ceremony and then we roamed the streets of the historic downtown with the bridal party – such a fun group! start to finish, this was such a great day and we couldn’t be happier for such a wonderful couple.

we are so happy and wish you love, happiness and lots + lots of music in your life together! xo




July 25, 2013

Sometimes I take for granted that I live so close to the beach and forget that for many it is a summer destination and a wonderful place for family reunions.   Such was the case with this wonderful family- The Meades!  Some were from our home-away-from- home (DC) and some travelled all the way from Vermont!  I was so happy to meet up with this family during their summer vacation to Rehoboth and enjoyed a wonderful evening on the beach.  It was such a blast! :)

I had so much fun with you all!  Thank you for a wonderful evening!

July 23, 2013

I have know this beautiful gal forever!  Last November I visited Maddie + her wonderful family in her home town of Oahu, Hawaii and this summer she came out to Maryland!  I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted her senior portraits taken on the Eastern Shore when she has the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Hawaii at her backdoor.  I was honored when she asked me to photograph her and when Maddie said that she loved the Shore and that it is apart of her we both thought it fitting to spend the afternoon getting lost down some country roads.

It was so great to see you Maddie!!  I can’t believe you’re graduating next year- I wish you the best of luck with the future and can’t wait to see you again.  Maybe a trip to HI in my future?? ;)

July 22, 2013


kristie and I had the fourth of july circled, starred and sparkled on our office calendar – not because it’s a holiday (wedding photographers don’t get holidays during the warmer months) but because it was heather and jason’s wedding day… if that wasn’t cause enough for celebration, they were getting married in boston which to us translates into 2 words:road trip! now while it’s always an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding, when it’s one of your closest friends asking… well it’s pretty amazing. so a little back story is in order… I will get into depth as to how I met heather and our friendship when I post her grey t-shirt session. but in the meantime I’ll tell you that heather, kerry and I were roommates for several years in boulder. during that time we were with each other through new jobs, new puppies, deaths of family members and friends, lost loves and new ‘sick and wrongs’ – as we liked to call our crushes :) we sat around our living room and talked for hours and hours with our pack of pups at our feet and I can honestly say that the two of them know me better than practically anyone. so this weekend in boston would be the first time the three of us would be together in over 8 years and I couldn’t wait. I was also looking forward to spending more time with jason – we had met in baltimore a few months ago for dinner and their esession and I immediately loved him and knew just how perfect he was for heather. kris and I got to boston in time enough to check in at the hotel, change and go to the rehearsal dinner which was a new england clambake complete with sizable lobsters. we got to meet all of their friends and bridal party and I was so happy to see heather’s mom, grandmother and sister jenny… it had been over a decade! then the next morning kris and I headed to heather and jason’s house where all of the ladies were getting ready – heather was really calm which didn’t surprise me….. she’s pretty chill :) jenny and her fiancé chris (aka the wedding ‘ninja’) were finishing up decorations for the tables and seating cards as heather’s puggle carlos looked on. we all loaded up and went to the venue which was stunning!! gorgeous!! with a view that looked over the boston skyline and lush grounds, it was the ideal setting. and as I was getting heather’s dress ‘floofed’ for photos, I did something I never do… I lost it. I don’t cry much in my day to day life and in over 450 weddings I have only cried twice – both were very brief during father/daughter dances when my dad was sick and after he passed. I know a lot of wedding photographers get choked up at almost every event and if that works for them, then that’s great. but I approach weddings as the job I was hired to do and for me it requires focus and a certain amount of detachment. I’m there to document, not participate – not to say that I don’t appreciate the sentiments, emotion and humor of a wedding day – I just don’t allow myself to get wrapped up in it. so I was surprised when the tears came… and it shocked the hell out of kris who nearly killed herself leaping across the room to get a shot of it. but I guess the history that heather and I share and the road we’ve traveled together during the many years we’ve been friends, and even in those periods when we lost touch just kind of caught up with me and I was filled with so much happiness for her. after a first look filled with smiles, some giggles and anticipation, the ceremony began. with a gorgeous view, heather and jason said ‘i do’ in front of all of their family and friends with a few tears shed and many moments of happy laughter. the reception was SO awesome!! some of the best toasts I’ve ever heard and a delicious dinner timed perfectly so that all of the guests could go to the outside patio to view all of the fireworks displays around downtown boston. once everyone came back inside, the party got started as the cake was cut (which was insanely cool on every level) and the dance floor filled. the night was capped off as all of their guests surrounded heather and jason with sparklers… we loved it! I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me to spend this day with you… I love you both so much



I couldn’t he happier for the two of you! you are a perfect match and made for each other :) I wish you (and carlos!) so much happiness as you enter your new chapter in utah and look forward to seeing you… SOON!! xoxoxoxo



  • we had the honor of traveling to boston to photograph the wedding of one of raye’s oldest and dearest friends heather and her beloved jason
  • we decided to make a road trip out of it and stop in nyc… shocking, we know
  • kris napped. again, shocking…….
  • we… okay raye… maybe spent a bit too much shopping – but when in new york….
  • we met a bernese mountain dog who shares a name with raye’s mom (cornelia.. not exactly your everyday moniker)
  • we did bad things with good makeup fueled by delirium brought on by an amazing dinner, food coma and lack of sleep
  • we got to boston just in time to have a perfect lobster dinner for heather and jason’s rehearsal
  • we met carlos the super-puggle
  • we photographed such a beautiful wedding of two of the best people we know xoxoxo
  • we watched the fireworks burst over the boston cityscape
  • raye also got to see her favorite couple kerry+jason – twice in one year… soon to be three times!!!
  • roommates reunited
  • tears flowed
  • sadie proved once again why she is queen of the road


July 18, 2013

when kristin first contacted us, one of the first things she shared with us was that she was best friends with one of our brides megan which we love. and thennnn… well then she told us where her venue was and we were beyond excited. see one of her and then fiancé tim’s favorite things to do was visiting zoos together. whenever they visited a new city, one of the first stops would be the local zoo… so when choosing a perfect place to say ‘i do’, the virginia zoological park in norfolk just seemed right and it was perfect. in fact, they were so excited about a weekend at the zoo that they booked a day after session which was amazing! the day of the wedding, we got to the park early and walked around to familiarize ourselves with the layout and which animals were where. then we met up with kristin and tim as they got ready for their first look – they were both anxious and excited and when they saw each other for the first time, it was as though no one else in the world existed. soon after their bridal party and families met up with us and even though it was a steamy day, the zoo provided us all plenty of shady relief. they were married by tim’s father on a super cool deck area by the red pandas and then an intimate ceremony followed. the next day, mother nature provided us with a much cooler day and we had so much fun wandering the park, taking photographs and reflecting on how wonderful their wedding day was.

kristin + tim, thank you so much for such a wonderful and truly memorable weekend! we wish you much love and happiness as you begin your life together in colorado :)