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May 15, 2013

artemis and jay’s wedding was our first big event of 2013 and by far one of our favorite weddings and couples ever! it was one of those nights where you’re kind of sad because you don’t know when you’ll see these awesome people that you’ve usually spent the last year getting to know pretty well again. well with these two, I knew it would only be a short couple of days until our paths crossed again. artemis and jay got married in the midst of new home ownership and job changes so they are putting their full honeymoon on hold until they have the free time to enjoy it. instead, they stole away for a couple of days down here to the beach and wanted to do a ‘day after’ session. I was certainly happy to oblige :) it was so cool just to sit on the beach, relaxed in our bare feet and talk about all of the awesomeness that was their wedding day. they are always so great to photograph, but on this day there was such a chill, happy and dare I say? married vibe to them that made them and this time in their lives wonderful to photograph. after the beach, they treated me to breakfast before heading back to the real world across the bridge…. love them!


I have loved every minute I have spent with the two of you! you are truly a special couple and I can’t wait to work with you again xoxox

the first time I sat down with stephanie to discuss her and george’s wedding photography, the main thing I envisioned was classic DC.  and let me tell you – those expectations were met… and exceeded… a lot. I knew from the venue and in talking with both stephanie and her wedding planner, the always fabulous heather from hj planners, that this was going to be an exquisite event but I didn’t know how every single detail would so seamlessly flow, telling the complete story of the day. then there is the lovely couple – they had been so great to work with before wedding day and once the big day arrived, they were both just so happy to have a beautiful day surrounded by their friends and family to get married. it was very clear all day but especially during the toasts, how much their love and respect for each other had guided them to this day. it was a glorious evening of love, celebration, family and friendship (and cupcakes.. lots of cupcakes!)

thank you stephanie and george for a truly unforgettable day! it was as perfect as the love the two of you share

I hung out with one of my favorite families this weekend- the Adkins!  If you follow the blog, you may remember them from their birth story and Penelope’s newborn session.  I can’t believe this little girl is already 6 months old!  I met up with them Sunday at their new house and we went outside to enjoy the highly anticipated sunshine.  After the thunderstorms and rain from the past week, we were all happy to see the golden rays.  Penny was so happy the whole time and all Mom or Dad had to do was talk to her and she gave us the biggest laugh and smile. :)   It’s so amazing to see the bond between Amber + Curt + Penelope.  This family is absolutely wonderful and you can definitely see the happiness they all bring one another.  It was so great to spend my best friends’ first Mother’s Day with them and their beautiful baby girl!   Love you guys!

I love this little girl!  See you guys soon! xo

May 09, 2013

now be prepared… this can get a little confusing. trust me, I was there and I had a challenge a couple of times letting these folks know what I was trying to do. see this bride becky is best friends with one of our former brides, also named becky. not a big deal, 2 friends with the same name… but let me finish. they also happened to marry brothers – so not only do they share a first name, but now a last as well. needless to say, when organizing people for group portraits after the ceremony I would say ‘okay, I need becky’ and the reply would be ‘which one?’ and I, not thinking, would say ‘becky hutchison’ and again I would be asked ‘which one?’ it was hysterical. to simplify things we finally decided on becky one and becky two. I had met with dean and becky several months ago and initially they were planning a 2014 wedding but soon after we booked with them, they had decided to move the date up. for this wedding they had chosen to do an intimate ceremony on dean’s family farm – a choice that I loved! I was welcomed by dean’s grandparents and was invited to sit and chat with them around their kitchen table as we waited for everyone to get there. it was so nice to already basically know everyone there and with it being such a small group made it that much more personal and emotional. after the ceremony, we headed to their reception where over 100 of their friends and family waited to celebrate their happiness with them. once again this group did not disappoint when it came to a wonderful party and a big beautiful bunch of awesome people!

I so enjoyed spending this very special day with you! you are such a wonderful couple and I couldn’t be happier for you as you start this exciting new chapter in your life together


May 08, 2013

as a wedding photographer, I am a sucker for a good love story and the first time I spoke with erica I loved the history of her and chris. in addition to growing up a few doors down from our 2010 groom and friend ray, she grew up right next door to her future husband. ‘so,’ she said ‘I was hoping we could shoot part of our session in our old neighborhood?’ ummmm… YES! in addition to going there we started at their home that they share with their adorable dog jax near fells point and then around the city. the theme of their baltimore museum of industry wedding is classic baltimore so they knew that they wanted their esession in and about the city they love. I had such a great time with them and am so excited for their wedding!

I really had such a great time with you (and jax!) and am so excited to work with you again! see you soon!!


under normal circumstances if a bride says: ‘our cousin trinity is a professional photographer and I was wondering if it would be okay if she took some photos with will (the groom) during the earlier part of the day – if not, that’s cool’ well typically my head starts spinning a la the exorcist. first, the term ‘professional’ when applied to a lot of today’s photographers is a loose definition at best and second, they just get in my way to be honest. but this was brandi and will, and in the short time that we had worked together up until that point, I had really come to like them a lot. I probably would have done anything she asked… plus – she ASKED. instead of being surprised by someone with obvious pro-gear once I got to the ceremony, brandi gave me the respect of asking and giving me a heads up. so I said okay. now I’m no saint, by the time I got to the ceremony, I was scanning the crowd… looking for this cousin and prepared to lay down some ground rules :) but when I turned around this woman, as tall as me with such a friendly and welcoming way about her approached me. she shook my hand and introduced herself and thanked me for being so cool about her taking some photos of will. she went on to tell me that she would totally be out of my way, that she had seen the esession I did for brandi and will and how happy she was that they had hired me. from that point on and for the rest of the night, if she did pull out her camera I didn’t notice it. occasionally she would look up and wink at me as I would dangle from some precarious spot to get a specific photo. and when the reception wrapped up, we had exchanged information and I knew I had made a new friend. she is based out of ventura california, and you can check out her amazing talented self here – about a year after we met, she joined me and kris while we were in vegas for wppi for some dinner and the next year kris stayed home so trinity and I went together. now if you know me, you know that I am not the most open of people… I keep people at a comfortable arm’s length for a pretty lengthy amount of time after I meet them – not sure why I do this and it’s something that I’m working on – but there was something about trinity that I immediately trusted and clicked with – it felt like we had known each other for years. by the time the convention was over, she practically knew my whole life story, my addiction to sex in the city slot machines and then some. so when she called me a few months ago saying that she was planning on heading east and that she wanted to some down to the shore, I couldn’t have been happier! she got to see the studio and meet kristie – she joked that she’s going to lure kris to the west coast and have her come work at her place… but they’re just jokes… right?! she endured sampson and booker giving her a fresh round of dog love every time she left and re-entered a room and she even tagged along and help us shoot maureen and justin’s wedding. as we drove to bwi I was so bummed to drop her off – I really wish she lived closer. but kris and I have promised to head her way someday soon and I can’t wait! xoxo

May 06, 2013

to say this wedding was fun is an understatement.. not only was it full of laughter, humor and mustaches it was overflowing with love, family and friendship. it was also a special treat for us as we had dear friend and super talented fellow photographer trinity wheeler in town for a visit and she brought her gear and came along with us :) as trinity and I met up with maureen and her girls at her house, hair and makeup was in it’s final stages and everything was coming together. she and justin had just moved in to their new home  - in fact, a lot of their stuff was still in boxes. talk about having a lot on your plate, but maureen was calm as could be.. and counting the moments until she could see her groom. once we got to the church, justin was just as excited as he waited with his guys in the back room. the moment maureen walked down the aisle, it was like no one else existed.. just the two of them. after the ceremony, we headed with them to the beach for a few photos and then it was off to the always beautiful lighthouse sound. unlike previous weddings we have photographed in their dining room, maureen and justin had their reception under a large tent on one of the greens and it was stunning – complete with their gorgeous wedding cake from the fabulous cake art. after some beautiful family dances and touching toasts, the party got started in a big way! justin even grabbed the mike at one point as his guys played some air horns and there was the traditional horah (I do love a good horah!) from beginning to end, we had the best time and are so happy for these two wonderful people!


thank you both so much for such a wonderful day! we wish you so much love, happiness and plenty of dancing!!

  • we scoured antique stores and flea markets for new goodies for the studio as we erased the aftermath of the flood
  • we repainted, refinished and rehung
  • we welcomed a new member to the GPA family, laura!
  • we had a cupcake… or two… or three
  • we got to see our studio baby bella – she’s getting SO big!
  • we spent more time in baltimore and DC than we did at home, or at least it seemed that way
  • we celebrated all of the beautiful colors of spring… even if they were several weeks late
  • we had awesome friends come to visit :)
  • we kick-started the year with some of the best weddings and sessions ever!
  • we established ourselves full time, back at work, adequately caffinated, in the studio and living in front of our macs… welcome to the 2013 season!!


One of my favorite things to do is travel and last November I experienced a trip of a lifetime.  My sister Suzy and friends Kim + Andrea were my travel buddies to Maui, Hawaii and we trekked the island for a week seeing all of its beauty and what the islands had to offer.  We dove with sharks, played under a waterfall, swam with turtles and even attended a luau!  But one of the top things from this trip for me was watching the Haleakala Sunrise over the clouds.  Haleakala National Park attracts many visitors with its volcanic landscapes and sub-tropical rainforest.  In order to catch the sunrise we had to start our day at 3:00 am and start driving up the mountain.  After about an hour of winding roads we were very happy to see a roadside coffee stand! :)  We kept on our drive till we reached the top!  From there, we hiked up about a half mile to the perfect spot to catch the sunrise.  Of course we took fun pictures along the way!  It’s significantly chillier up at the top of the mountain so we bundled up with plenty of layers.  It was such a quiet + peaceful way to take in this trip and to appreciate the natural beauty of this island.  I’m so glad I was able to experience it with the people I love.  I’ll share some of my other favorites from this adventure soon!

May 01, 2013

I think this is the year that I was meant to be reunited with all of my colorado girls and I am loving and so grateful for every moment of it. first it was seeing kerry, leslie  and laurel during my march trip and then last week it was heather… for a very special reason. heather and I started as co-workers while I lived in boulder and later became roommates and wonderful friends – we were partners in crime and never failed to make each other laugh… even during some not-so-happy times. I will elaborate much more on all this special woman means to me during her grey t-shirt session in july :) since I left colorado, heather moved to boston for work… and then I started hearing about this guy jason…. and then more jason… and then the new addition of their dog carlos… and then a trip to the Caribbean… and then a private dinner on the beach…. and then….. engaged!!! kerry and I immediately took to facebook to share our happiness for her all over her wall from afar. maybe a month after jason popped the question, heather contacted me to see if I had any suggestions for a wedding photographer in new england – to which I answered ‘ummm.. well, I could kinda take care of that if you wanted me to..’  and her response was ‘REALLY?!?!? thank god!!’ hahaha from there I learned that they were planning a fourth of july wedding in boston and were thinking of traveling to baltimore for their esession so we made plans to meet up for dinner one night and then shoot the next. kerry had already met jason and told me I would love him and she was right. from his bear hug greeting when I got to the restaurant to his easy sense of humor, it’s so clear how very happy he makes my friend.


I can’t believe I get to see you again in just a couple of months!! it was SO amazing to spend time with you and I am over-the-moon happy for you and jason! I love you girl and am thrilled to be sharing in such a happy time in your life xoxox