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May 15, 2013

artemis and jay’s wedding was our first big event of 2013 and by far one of our favorite weddings and couples ever! it was one of those nights where you’re kind of sad because you don’t know when you’ll see these awesome people that you’ve usually spent the last year getting to know pretty well again. well with these two, I knew it would only be a short couple of days until our paths crossed again. artemis and jay got married in the midst of new home ownership and job changes so they are putting their full honeymoon on hold until they have the free time to enjoy it. instead, they stole away for a couple of days down here to the beach and wanted to do a ‘day after’ session. I was certainly happy to oblige :) it was so cool just to sit on the beach, relaxed in our bare feet and talk about all of the awesomeness that was their wedding day. they are always so great to photograph, but on this day there was such a chill, happy and dare I say? married vibe to them that made them and this time in their lives wonderful to photograph. after the beach, they treated me to breakfast before heading back to the real world across the bridge…. love them!


I have loved every minute I have spent with the two of you! you are truly a special couple and I can’t wait to work with you again xoxox