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May 09, 2013

now be prepared… this can get a little confusing. trust me, I was there and I had a challenge a couple of times letting these folks know what I was trying to do. see this bride becky is best friends with one of our former brides, also named becky. not a big deal, 2 friends with the same name… but let me finish. they also happened to marry brothers – so not only do they share a first name, but now a last as well. needless to say, when organizing people for group portraits after the ceremony I would say ‘okay, I need becky’ and the reply would be ‘which one?’ and I, not thinking, would say ‘becky hutchison’ and again I would be asked ‘which one?’ it was hysterical. to simplify things we finally decided on becky one and becky two. I had met with dean and becky several months ago and initially they were planning a 2014 wedding but soon after we booked with them, they had decided to move the date up. for this wedding they had chosen to do an intimate ceremony on dean’s family farm – a choice that I loved! I was welcomed by dean’s grandparents and was invited to sit and chat with them around their kitchen table as we waited for everyone to get there. it was so nice to already basically know everyone there and with it being such a small group made it that much more personal and emotional. after the ceremony, we headed to their reception where over 100 of their friends and family waited to celebrate their happiness with them. once again this group did not disappoint when it came to a wonderful party and a big beautiful bunch of awesome people!

I so enjoyed spending this very special day with you! you are such a wonderful couple and I couldn’t be happier for you as you start this exciting new chapter in your life together