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May 06, 2013

to say this wedding was fun is an understatement.. not only was it full of laughter, humor and mustaches it was overflowing with love, family and friendship. it was also a special treat for us as we had dear friend and super talented fellow photographer trinity wheeler in town for a visit and she brought her gear and came along with us :) as trinity and I met up with maureen and her girls at her house, hair and makeup was in it’s final stages and everything was coming together. she and justin had just moved in to their new home  - in fact, a lot of their stuff was still in boxes. talk about having a lot on your plate, but maureen was calm as could be.. and counting the moments until she could see her groom. once we got to the church, justin was just as excited as he waited with his guys in the back room. the moment maureen walked down the aisle, it was like no one else existed.. just the two of them. after the ceremony, we headed with them to the beach for a few photos and then it was off to the always beautiful lighthouse sound. unlike previous weddings we have photographed in their dining room, maureen and justin had their reception under a large tent on one of the greens and it was stunning – complete with their gorgeous wedding cake from the fabulous cake art. after some beautiful family dances and touching toasts, the party got started in a big way! justin even grabbed the mike at one point as his guys played some air horns and there was the traditional horah (I do love a good horah!) from beginning to end, we had the best time and are so happy for these two wonderful people!


thank you both so much for such a wonderful day! we wish you so much love, happiness and plenty of dancing!!