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One of my favorite things to do is travel and last November I experienced a trip of a lifetime.  My sister Suzy and friends Kim + Andrea were my travel buddies to Maui, Hawaii and we trekked the island for a week seeing all of its beauty and what the islands had to offer.  We dove with sharks, played under a waterfall, swam with turtles and even attended a luau!  But one of the top things from this trip for me was watching the Haleakala Sunrise over the clouds.  Haleakala National Park attracts many visitors with its volcanic landscapes and sub-tropical rainforest.  In order to catch the sunrise we had to start our day at 3:00 am and start driving up the mountain.  After about an hour of winding roads we were very happy to see a roadside coffee stand! :)  We kept on our drive till we reached the top!  From there, we hiked up about a half mile to the perfect spot to catch the sunrise.  Of course we took fun pictures along the way!  It’s significantly chillier up at the top of the mountain so we bundled up with plenty of layers.  It was such a quiet + peaceful way to take in this trip and to appreciate the natural beauty of this island.  I’m so glad I was able to experience it with the people I love.  I’ll share some of my other favorites from this adventure soon!