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April 29, 2013

when I first met artemis and jay, it was at their alma mater essesion at saint mary’s. they had just settled on their first home that morning and were so excited and happy – I was immediately smitten with them. since then we’ve been in touch regularly as wedding day grew closer and as I drove to DC, I couldn’t wait to see them. as kristie, laura and I got to the room where artemis was getting ready at the always gorgeous park hyatt, she just radiated anticipation and joy…. giggling and smiling ear to ear. then we went down into the ball room where the ceremony and reception were being held and the room was being prepared. per artemis’ iranian heritage, she and jay were getting married in front of the sofreh aghd which is a persian wedding alter. stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it… it’s covered with an ocean of candles and traditional items such as coins, honey and jeweled figurines. kris and laura headed to jay’s room to meet up with the guys and I went to photograph artemis getting ready. michael, the coordinator for the park hyatt and our new best friend assisted us in setting up one of our favorite first looks ever – these two are so crazy in love with each other and their joy filled the room. it was such a special moment that we didn’t really want it to end but it was time to hit the streets of DC with the rest of the bridal party. this was such a fun group to work with and it was apparent that they were all so happy to celebrate this day with artemis and jay. once ceremony time drew close, we headed back to the hotel but I don’t think kris, laura or I could imagine the treat that was in store.. this ceremony was unlike any we had ever photographed with both of their traditions represented in such special and emotional ways – we are still talking about it! it was such a special day spent with one of our favorite couples and the perfect way to kick off this season – we are all SO happy for you and loved every minute we spent with you, your friends and your families.


thank you both so much for a truly memorable and lovely day! we wish you all of the happiness and joy in the world xoxo