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April 30, 2013

I have known Christine and her family since I was little.  Our dads used to skateboard together and I remember one time going over to her house to play barbies when we were kids.  So let’s fast forward to fifteen years later and I saw on Facebook that she was expecting her first baby!  I couldn’t believe how fast time had flown by and was so happy for her.  Cora Grace was born this past February and has been the light of her momma’s (and grandma’s!) world ever since.  I met up with Christine + Cora at her mother’s farm and we had a blast catching up and hanging out.  Cora was such a bundle of joy and I loved how she would stretch out when she slept.  I could definitely see the love Christine has for this little girl and I am so happy for this family.  I love you guys!  Can’t wait till next time! :)

April 29, 2013

when I first met artemis and jay, it was at their alma mater essesion at saint mary’s. they had just settled on their first home that morning and were so excited and happy – I was immediately smitten with them. since then we’ve been in touch regularly as wedding day grew closer and as I drove to DC, I couldn’t wait to see them. as kristie, laura and I got to the room where artemis was getting ready at the always gorgeous park hyatt, she just radiated anticipation and joy…. giggling and smiling ear to ear. then we went down into the ball room where the ceremony and reception were being held and the room was being prepared. per artemis’ iranian heritage, she and jay were getting married in front of the sofreh aghd which is a persian wedding alter. stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it… it’s covered with an ocean of candles and traditional items such as coins, honey and jeweled figurines. kris and laura headed to jay’s room to meet up with the guys and I went to photograph artemis getting ready. michael, the coordinator for the park hyatt and our new best friend assisted us in setting up one of our favorite first looks ever – these two are so crazy in love with each other and their joy filled the room. it was such a special moment that we didn’t really want it to end but it was time to hit the streets of DC with the rest of the bridal party. this was such a fun group to work with and it was apparent that they were all so happy to celebrate this day with artemis and jay. once ceremony time drew close, we headed back to the hotel but I don’t think kris, laura or I could imagine the treat that was in store.. this ceremony was unlike any we had ever photographed with both of their traditions represented in such special and emotional ways – we are still talking about it! it was such a special day spent with one of our favorite couples and the perfect way to kick off this season – we are all SO happy for you and loved every minute we spent with you, your friends and your families.


thank you both so much for a truly memorable and lovely day! we wish you all of the happiness and joy in the world xoxo

As you all know, I LOVE my family and this year it is going to grow by one!  My cousins, Stacie + Rusty are going to be welcoming baby Alexis in May and I can’t wait to meet her!  She will be the first grand baby and great-grand baby- needless to say she’s already being spoiled. :)  Stacie is so beautiful and I know that both she and Rusty will be amazing parents!  The whole family is counting down the days.  I love you both and can’t wait to see her! xoxo

April 24, 2013

I have been blessed with knowing this couple for a while now;  Aly is my husband’s cousin and since we were kids I have been hearing stories about her.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t really gotten to spend much quality with her until last year.  Once they set a date, we were on the phone constantly, and it felt like we had been best friends our whole life.  When she would talk about Lindsey, I could hear the smile in her voice, and I knew she had truly found the one.  My thoughts were confirmed when we went to dinner together, and their eyes would light up when they would look at each other and they would blush at old stories.  They have one of those magical kinds of loves that you hear about in books, it’s no wonder Nicolas Sparks lives in their town.

We did a pre-wedding photo shoot in Rehoboth so they could get all the beach pictures that they wanted and had plenty of time to just relax and appreciate their wedding day.  As they were enjoying their picnic on the porch of the Delaware Inn, you could hear a passerby congratulate them, and it certainly was not the first.  Everyone was telling them how beautiful they were and how happy they were for them.  Although they weren’t married yet, you could see their anticipation growing by the second.

Their wedding was intimate and perfect, and the ceremony brought a tear to everyone’s eyes, including mine.  My favorite part was when the officiant announced that they were finally wife and wife.  I absolutely loved the look on Lindsey’s face; it was a mix between pure bliss and amazement, they had actually gotten to this moment in their life.  As they were enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne on the riverbank, I felt so happy for them.  They have been through so much together, including the recent legalization of their marriage, and they haven’t let anything get in their way.  I cannot wait to see all the future brings them, and I am so thankful that they are my family.

Wishing you the happiest of futures!  xoxo

April 23, 2013

lisa and jack live here and snow hill and she contacted me several weeks ago regarding doing a family session. they have a big beautiful group of folks to organize but it was amazingly easy for us all to find a date that worked. getting a session done was very important to her as her youngest is leaving the nest soon – never easy! my friend susan was awesome enough to let us use her family orchards and we couldn’t have had a better afternoon in terms of light and weather. they brought their dogs along which always makes me happy and the humans were equally fun to work with :) I had such a great time with this bunch!

thanks for such a great evening!


April 22, 2013

when we met katie at the what’s up weddings bridal show, kristie, liv and I immediately liked her – she just has such a sweet demeanor and the prettiest smile. so when she contacted me shortly thereafter to photographer her and nick’s wedding, I was thrilled! I met them in annapolis to discuss details and during our meeting I learned that katie has a passion for horses that has resulted in her working for maryland therapeutic riding which is an amazing organization and immediately I had inspiration and ideas for their esession. I met them on a beautiful spring day and we had the farm all to ourselves! they brought me into the stables where I met all of beautiful horses who have been handpicked for the center. if I’m honest, horses have always made me a little nervous – I think because of their size and strength but these horses were just so gentle and calm and were obviously in love with katie. I absolutely adored every minute of this session – katie and nick are such a fun couple and I can’t wait to work with them again!

thank you two (and my new horse friends!) for such a fun and beautiful session. I am looking so forward to your wedding!

April 17, 2013

I love Old Town Alexandria and the vibe of the city.  Give me a sunny afternoon + an awesome couple and I’m in heaven! :)  I couldn’t wait to meet Jackie + Dan and start shooting.  This city means a lot to them and is actually where Dan’s parents were married!  I met them at the bench where Dan proposed and then we ventured the worn, cobblestone streets + old alleys.  We made our way to the water and even got some cheers for their engagement by some fellow bystanders!  I loved hearing about the big day- I can’t wait for June! :)  Thank you both for a fun time!

So happy for you both- see you soon! :)

April 16, 2013

I wasn’t quite sure how to title this blogpost… usually for esessions the title would be ‘cathy + rob are engaged!’ but the awesome thing about these two is that they’re already married! I have the pleasure of photographing their joy as they renew their commitment during a ceremony in pennsylvania with all of their loved ones next month. that’s why I totally loved the fact that they wanted to do the esession regardless so that we would have a chance to work together before they’re big day. for the location they chose one of their favorite places – the national aquarium in baltimore. they are members there and try to go as often as they can. it’s such a cool place, inside and out. as we roamed from display to display we found some fun and original places to shoot and then headed outside for the beautiful spring day. I am so excited to work with them again!

thank you both for such a wonderful day – see you soon!

April 10, 2013

the first time I met with ashlyn, I immediately knew that she was going to be amazing to work with. as she described her farm wedding to me in our meeting area, liv listened in from the editing desk and was as in love with all of her ideas as I was. antique trucks…airstreams….on a farm? yes. yes. yes! and on top of that she was just so cool, funny and down to earth. she is also the owner of the boutique lark in salisbury – if you haven’t visited, you simply must! then santa paws rolled around and ashlyn came to the studio with hunter and chase – 2 very handsome labs who had us all laughing during their ‘close-ups’. for her and bruce’s esession, we bounced around a couple of ideas before deciding on our backyard around downtown snow hill. this was the first time I met bruce and he was just as awesome as his lovely bride. we started with just the two of them before grabbing the boys for some fun photos in the field. I am literally counting the days to their may wedding – so excited to work with them again!

thank so much for a great afternoon – see you soon!! :)


April 08, 2013

I knew from reading Sarah + Chris’ questionnaire that their e-session was going to be a lot of fun!  They are both interested in theatre and are even going to incorporate their favorite plays into their wedding- how cool is that?!?   We talked earlier that day and brought up the chance of rain, but Sarah + Chris didn’t let that ruin a good time.  We decided to shoot rain or shine and I’m so glad we did! Chris brought along his acoustic guitar and serenaded Sarah by the bandstand in Takoma Park.  Sarah’s laugh is infectious and Chris always knew how to make her smile the whole time.  You both are amazing and I can’t wait to see you in October!  Thanks for a great afternoon! :)