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December 31, 2012

what a wild and wonderful ride 2012 was! we traveled to so many amazing places, worked with the absolute coolest clients on the planet and grew even closer as a team. although I’m certain I’ll forget something, here are some of our highlights….

  • we photographed 62 weddings
  • we photographed 84 portrait sessions
  • we photographed 42 dogs
  • we traveled to 19 states
  • we consumed approximately 1,654,789 cups of starbucks
  • we finally converted studio-wide to mac
  • we added 3 kelly moore bags to our slightly obsessive collection
  • one of us got married – yay!
  • one of us moved to chicago – boo
  • we welcomed a new team member (a man… god help him)
  • we were featured in 16 blogs and publications
  • 9 of our couples welcomed little ones :)
  • we shot editorial sessions for south moon under and dryden dress company
  • we met martha stewart, austin scarlett and rock n’ roll royalty
  • we road tripped to lousiana
  • we got flooded
  • we cleaned up
  • we made so many new friends and reconnected with old ones

looking back at this year leaves us feeling so blessed and grateful. without all of you that trust us to capture your biggest moments, there would be no ‘us’. tomorrow will begin our ‘best of 2012′ posts and y’all made it SO hard to choose!!! we love and appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to a hopeful, healthy and happy 2013 filled with love, laughter and plenty of road trips! xoxo

December 20, 2012

ever since I photographed payton and lexie last year, I have loved these girls. from our first shoot I learned that they are both super comfortable in front of the camera (kind of a rarity at their ages). not only do they photograph amazingly separately, but when they are together it’s perfect! so after last year’s experience I asked them to join us in our annual bridal fashion shoot this past may and they rocked it out! this year, it was chillllly but as usual, there were no complaints, only enthusiasm – lexie even wore her dance gear for a few :) I absolutely love working with these two and watch them as they grow up into some of the coolest young women I know xoxo

until next time ladies….. :)

December 19, 2012

we know that we haven’t kept the blog as updated as we usually do and that’s because we have been out and about working with some of the coolest families ever! this has been our busiest holiday season and we have traveled far and wide to capture family memories for some past clients as well as making some new friends. when realizing how many days it would take to post all of the sessions individually we decided to just do a big, beautiful post of all of this family love! ….including a long overdue session with kristie and her family :) we have had such a great time working with all of you and look forward to seeing you again in 2013!

we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and the happiest of new year! xoxo

December 12, 2012

If you follow the blog, then this sweet face is no stranger to you. :) Throughout the year I’ve been photographing Penny’s birth story and she was born one Saturday morning this past November.  Amber and I joked after her 2nd sonogram appointment that Penny will probably be the most photographed baby and it’s true!  I love this little girl and am so happy for my friends.

I love you guys!  xoxo

santa paws is quickly becoming our favorite dog days event – this was our second annual holiday shoot and the response was so great! not only did our amazing clients drive in from as far as baltimore for a 25 minute session, but collectively we raised over 525lbs of dry pet food, 32 large cans of wet food, oodles of toys and bags+boxes of every treat imaginable for safe haven animal sanctuary. some of our clients who couldn’t make it even had some food shipped in! being that we’re all huge dog lovers, it’s a day to have fun and spend time with friends and their pups. it’s also the perfect way to wrap up such a busy and wonderful year. we simply can’t thank you enough for your generosity toward a cause and organization we’re passionate about. your love will go a long way and we’re SO appreciative! we’re looking forward to our next spring dog days sessions at the beach!

happy holidays!!!

December 07, 2012

since I met with amber and henry for a consultation I was excited to see them again for their esession. they have been together for 12 years and are tying the knot next year in downtown baltimore PLUS they love dogs just as much as I do – always a perk! in fact during our meeting they said that they were going to be bringing their pup gia and in between our meeting and the esession, they had adopted a little brother for her named jax :) both were adorable. we met up in patterson park for the beginning of the session with the dogs and then headed down to the harbor and the american visionary arts museum. I never tire of working there, I always seem to find something new. it was such a fun shoot and even though it was a bit chilly, henry kept amber warm and I had such a wonderful time with them!

thanks for such a great evening! I’m so excited to work with you again :)

December 06, 2012

this is going to be a long one… so grab your favorite beverage and settle in. why you ask? because this is a first for us. this is the first time that a member out our team got married while working here at the studio. many of you know that mel was initially one of our brides who came onboard after her wedding. but with liv and drew, we have been there every step of the way. when liv first came to our old studio to inquire about an internship, drew was patiently waiting in the car as I reviewed her portfolio and we chatted. I noticed her engagement ring during our first meeting and she blushed a little and smiled…. a lot.  she a told me that she and drew had been best friends forever and had been together since high school. once she joined the studio she would share little stories about something that drew had done, or a place they visited always with a giddy excitement of a girl in love. although we met a couple of times, I didn’t really get to know drew until their esession and immediately saw why liv was so head over heels for him. he’s hysterical, not afraid to be goofy, a gentleman and melts a little every time he looks at liv. so we always knew there was going to be a wedding, but the adventure with liv was when? where? due to drew’s military service, this made planning interesting.. I think there have been 4 dates, 5 venues and countless dresses. kris and I basically told her ‘tell us when and where and we’ll be there’. when they had made their final decision, I think all of us were a little bit surprised because the date chosen was only 2 months away! her dress was of her own design, using several other gowns as inspiration and the assistance of the amazing sarah from dryden dress company – but it was being custom made in time for her previous date next april. needless to say, we were all crossing our fingers for the perfect dress to arrive in time for the perfect day with hopefully the perfect weather… and it did :) this was also a GPA family event as obviously kris and I were shooting (not something we’re able to do together a lot, so we were loving it) but also, the officiant was mel and I thought it was so cool that all of us were playing a part in the happiest day of one of our own. so let’s talk about wedding day – I met liv at the marriott where her girls were getting ready. she got dressed and we were off to the courdrey center. I had never shot here before and to be honest I was a little nervous because in additional to having a beautiful ceremony and reception area, it’s also a garden center. like liv, it’s a totally original venue :)  I parked as kris and mel were waiting and we went to scope the grounds. there was no lack of color with all of the beautiful flowers but with liv’s dress, I wanted something a little more simple. as kris and I were walking down one of the rows, I did a double take and saw an empty greenhouse. 2 seconds kris said ‘the greenhouse!’ this is why I love working with her, we don’t even have to talk to know what the other is thinking. it was PERFECT – like a big soft box and we were thrilled. we even decided that the grass house would be ideal for first look and down the drive there was a rusted out structure full of hay bales – LOVE! now because liv is the studio’s fashionista and photographer herself, but also because she’s worked with us for 3 years, she was the ideal client. she definitely covered all of our ‘loves’. because her dress was such a statement, she kept her accessories to a minimum (well with the exception of the over 100 broaches she collected for her stunning bouquet). she and drew did a first look. she kept time of day in mind when creating her photo timeline. she had family members help organize different groups to keep family portraits efficient and she gave us ample time for her and drew’s photos. god, we had a blast! from first look all the way through the final dance, everything was simply perfect and represented you two as a couple.I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are for you, how grateful that we are that you shared this day with us and that you are a part of our little studio family. you and drew are so well matched and glow when you’re together and we were so honored to document every moment of the day you became man and wife xoxo

we love you both and are so excited to witness all of your happiness in your new life together xoxo

December 05, 2012

the first time I met with caitlin and grant is was at a consultation here at the studio. while caitlin and her mom were looking over albums and asking a bunch of questions, grant was pretty quiet. now this is not unusual for the groom to leave most of the talking to the bride when it comes to their wedding photography – but when I say quiet… I mean quiet. so fast forward to their esession and the grant I met that day was silly, fun, romantic and talking up a storm – I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for their wedding! I met caitlin at her parent’s house where all were getting ready in the downstairs ‘man cave’ :) have of her bridal party went to syracuse university (holla!) with her and the other half were friends from bucknell. caitlin’s dress was gorgeous and totally her and her beautiful veil was the same that her mother wore on her wedding day. as all of the ladies piled into the limo to head to the naval academy, the sun was shining and the excitement was infectious. now I’m a little biased I know because my dad went to the academy, but I LOVE it! I love the buildings, the grounds, the uniforms and traditions… you name it, I adore it. but I hadn’t been to the chapel in years and forgot just how breathtaking it is. from the grand entrance to the stained glass, each detail is more beautiful than the next. as the girls were taking care of final touches, I went in search of grant and was bear hugged by a very excited groom – all he could think about was his bride ‘how’s caitlin? everything go alright so far? is she nervous?’. if I hadn’t already become smitten with caitlin and grant during their esession, well during their ceremony it would have been a done deal. both were teary during the recessional, ceremony and processional. as the swordsmen lined up for their exit, family and friends gathered outside on this beautiful fall afternoon. once we had shot around the grounds, we all headed to their reception at celebrations at the bay where we took advantage of the amazing evening light on the water. during the reception, so many personal touches that reflected the two of them were included – from the fresh leis that caitlin had had shipped in as a nod to her hawaiian roots and as gifts for her parents and grant, to the nautical themes reflecting grant’s education and career.  the toasts were touching and funny, the dance floor was never empty and the love and friendship that catilin and grant share was celebrated by all!


thank you caitlin and grant for being the perfect ending to my 2012 fall season! thank you for sharing your laughter and friendship with me :) and although you’re all settled in at your home together in rhode island, I hope our paths cross sometime soon xoxo

December 05, 2012

 Fall is one my favorite seasons- especially for weddings!   Brittney and I were childhood friends and when she told me she was getting married I was not only happy for her but excited because I was going to be able to see some old friends.   I knew this wedding was going to be unique and gorgeous after I saw all of the handmade bouquets + boutonnieres that Brittney had put together.  This wedding had so many amazing details throughout the day that added a personal touch resulting in an intimate + rustic atmosphere.  First, they were getting married in Scott’s hometown at a quaint little church that his family has attended for years.  The original stained glass windows cast the room aglow with light and color throughout their ceremony.  Brittney had her friend read Owly- a book her mother used to read her as a child.  This was Brittney’s first lesson on love and she wanted to incorporate in her big day. :)  Afterwards, they sped away to the reception in Ol’ Blue, Scott’s truck that had been decorated by friends + family.  At the reception, Brittney + her mom had a surprise dance to get the party started and the rest of the night was history!  I know true love when I see it, and every time I turned around Brittney + Scott were either kissing, laughing or just holding each other tight, lost in their own moment.  I’m so happy that they’ve found their happily ever after with each other!


Thank you so much for allowing me to share this big day with you!  I’m so happy for you both! xoxo Kristie

This past Saturday we hosted one of our favorite Dog Days events – Santa Paws!  We collected 450 lbs of dry food, 25 cans of wet food, oodles of toy + treats and best of all, played with 35 lovable dogs! :)  Some of our amazing clients who couldn’t make our annual event even shipped in food to help our cause!  All of the donations are going to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary - a no kill shelter.  We were so glad to see some old friends and to make some new ones.  Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success!  It was a perfect way to jump start our holiday season here at GPA and we had a blast!  Be sure to keep a lookout on the blog for our post about this fun filled day of woofs + wags! :)