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August 08, 2012

usually when couples want to do their esessions on the beach we usually head to OC or assateague, but amber and justin specifically wanted to shoot on chincoteague and I was more than happy to oblige! I absolutely love chincoteague – from the beautiful drive down to the serene nature of the place. we had a gorgeous night – not too hot and NO rain! (we had tried and failed twice before this to photograph the session, but mother nature had different plans) amber and justin were beyond great to work with – I had them laying in the sand, climbing stands and they did all with a smile. they kept making each other laugh and were just so much fun and sweet. I am so excited for their upcoming wedding so that I can work with these two again!

thanks again for a great night and I’ll see you soon!!


August 07, 2012

meet the shade family! mom courtney and dad kevin are currently living in texas but they came to the shore to visit family and while they were here they wanted beach family portraits.  it was so nice to photograph a multi-generational family session from the grandparents all the way down to baby lena. now let me tell you about miss lena – she is one happy baby! such a joy to photograph, it made me smile just to be around her as she clapped, giggled and waved. we had a beautiful evening and the whole family was just so wonderful to work with!

August 02, 2012

ever since I shot nettie’s wedding, I have been excited for erin and nick’s esession! see erin is one of nettie’s best friends and it was at that wedding where I first met the two of them. as I was with the girls getting ready, erin was usually the first to tear up when the dress went on and during other special moments – I loved her right away! then at the reception I saw erin go up to a very.. and I mean very tall guy after she was announced in and get up on tippy toes to give him as kiss. shortly after I went over and introduced myself to nick and his easy smile told me all I needed to know. they are such an amazing couple and after a relationship of 9 years, they are tying the knot down here at the beach – because of that we chose baltimore for their esession because that is where they live – plus their adorable dog penny would be able to be in the photos. and you know me and dogs, as soon as people ask me if their pup can join in the photo fun, I have only one answer – absolutely!!

I had such a wonderful afternoon with you and I can’t wait for your big day! see you soon!

August 01, 2012

meet the bradfords! mom juli contacted we a little while back about doing a session. I was so excited because even though we have a lot of mutual friends, we had never really had the chance to hang out before. and what better way to get to know people then by shooting their family photos? daughters maci and morgan were beyond great! they are at that awesome age where they have the patience to deal with a session but are still young enough to be silly and spontaneous kids! even their pup earl joined us for the shoot (when he felt like it lol). I had such a great time with all of them!

thanks for such an awesome evening – I can’t wait to work with you again!