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August 10, 2012

when I was a senior in high school, we simply had one class period where we would wander down to the auditorium and get 1 head and shoulders shot. looking back, even though I hate my photo taken, I would have loved if we did what seniors do now. my seniors put a lot of thought into where they want to shoot and their outfits, etc. but zoey went a step further – she’s from kansas but had always wanted her senior photos taken on the beach (obviously not possible in land-locked kansas) and when her mom contacted me a couple months about this, I thought it was the¬†coolest¬†thing ever! and since then I have had the pleasure of working with several other seniors who specifically got their photos done while at the beach on vacation (you’ll meet them soon!) zoey came to the session with her mom and grandmother – such a fun bunch. she brought an awesome selection of outfits with a betsy johnson dress that I just adored!

it was so great to meet you all – thanks for a wonderful afternoon!