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June 27, 2012

some people may find this hard to believe, but for years I was terrified of dogs. like run-away-and-hide scared. even a gentle golden retriever could throw me into a panic. although this was pretty much a baseless fear (I had been nipped at by a boston terrier when I was little but it didn’t even break the skin according to mom) it was very real to me for a long time. then one summer I was working at phillips on the beach and doug, the guy who was training me during my first day, said to me at the end of the night ‘it was great working with you and I’d hang out for a post shift beer, but I’ve got a pregnant bitch at home’. well I was horrified! but everyone I was sitting with had a good laugh at this statement. beyond baffled, I whispered to the girl sitting next to to me ‘why does everyone think that’s funny?’ to which she answered that doug’s dog was expecting her first litter of puppies and he really wanted to be there to help her when she started delivering. doug was suddenly transformed from a creep into the sweetest guy ever and a few days later, the pups arrived and he was loving it. doug and I discovered that I only lived a block from him and I started going over every night after work to watch this sweet dog care for her brood. to keep them straight, doug nicknamed all the pups and the one I had fallen in love with was dubbed dempsey after boxer jack dempsey because he bullied his way to his mother during feeding time, pushing his brothers and sisters out of the way. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but doug already knew that when he was ready, dempsey would come home with me – and he did. part lab and part great dane he quickly grew into a dog I would have previously been terrified of, but I knew his heart, his instinctive kindness and unconditional love for me and my life, when it came to dogs, was never the same. dempsey and I moved to baltimore and then to colorado together. sadly, I lost him at a young age but since I have had jake (husky/retriever) who drove cross country with me 22 times and was by my side during the hardest time in my life, sampson (rott/lab) who came into the family right before I met my husband and booker (bernese mountain dog) who is a big bear of love that joined us 4 years ago. all of these amazing dogs have given me love when I needed it most, laughs when I’ve been blue and no matter what, they are SO excited to see me – even if I just leave for 5 minutes. I admit.. I’ve had my fair share of days when I’ve preferred the company of my pups to people. I will always have a dog, probably always have 2… or 3 :) my appreciation for those who care for and help animals in need was the reason we started our dog days sessions and any opportunity I have to work with my four-legged friends I am thrilled. when I have someone contact me who loves dogs as much as I do and wants to schedule a session, well it’s like I’ve been given a gift. combining the two things I love the most – photography and dogs – is the ultimate way to spend an afternoon. stephanie and brian are an amazing couple who have rescued all of these fantastic pups and their love for ‘the pack’ was obvious as they all tumbled out of the two vehicles it took to get everyone to the shoot. all of the pups have such distinct personalities and are all SO sweet! the whole session I was laughing, rolling in the grass with them and documenting this big beautiful bunch – and is there anything better than that? so without further adieu, meet stephanie, brian, julep, happy, charlie, carmen and michael!

I had the best time with all of you! the whole session had me smiling hours after we stopped shooting and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you all again – maybe when you rescue your next one?? :) thanks again!