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June 25, 2012

I always seem to be late to the party… or it’s a party I don’t think I want to attend - only to find out that all of the ‘cool kids’ are going and I don’t want to miss out. such was the case with twitter, instagram and even facebook. I thought all would be a waste of time and had a ‘why does anyone care what I’m doing?’ attitude about them – still do a little bit when I find myself posting over 4 instagram photos a day. but when I discovered pinterest, I was in heaven. I have always been a hoarder of magazines, spending complete afternoons going through them and ripping out tear sheets of clothes I loved, design ideas, recipes and knitting patterns. so not only did I have these x 1,000 at my virtual fingertips with pinterest, I got to see things my friends thought were cool too!! if I’m honest, this winter it would take me A LOT to tear me away from my computer when I found a category I loved (5 hours spent looking at tattoo ideas alone!) but as the weather warmed and we got busier, my pinterest time was all but non-existent. then I heard rumblings of copyright infringement and potential lawsuits where it concerned photography on pinterest that caught my attention and to my computer I went (maybe I found the best salsa recipe ever during this time, but that’s neither here nor there) now I had known that brides were ‘pinning’ GPA images on their boards long before we created a page specific to the studio and I didn’t mind – in fact I loved it because they were pinning from the blog so therefore our watermark was on the image and if anyone else clicked on that image it took them back to our blog – win win right? at least I thought so. I know that not all photographers love or appreciate this and I totally get it, I’m just speaking for me. in everything I read, the basics were the same in terms of permission and copyright and as a photographer all of that makes sense to me. the slippery slope to me was if I had a photo of a beautiful blanket pinned to my knitting board, when I click on it and it takes me to the knitting blog or yarn manufacturer who initially posted it, haven’t they purchased the right from whichever photographer shot it to use it commercially? I’m assuming yes to which I could be completely wrong but it was all making my head hurt. as I tried to make sense of the ethics of it all (while finding an adorable hat pattern) I decided that for me, I would only be concerned about our images and until I see them misused, I’m cool with it. so kris and I have our own pages and we also have a page for GPA – on the GPA page we have boards that are clearly marked that they contain our images of family, wedding, brides, etc. but we also have boards relating to what we love in terms of wedding decor and style and clothing/hair ideas. none of our pages have ‘inspiration’ boards where I’ve seen other people pin posing ideas that other photographers have shot. for me, photography is all about light, composition, exposure and subject and all of our ‘subjects’ are different so why would I want to duplicate someone else’s posing idea for my couple or person? we are being hired for our eye, our vision – not someone else’s. if a bride asks me to shoot something she saw on pinterest, will I? absolutely! this has been happening to me for years as brides have seen images they loved in martha stewart weddings or the knot – nothing new….. but I can happily report that theses images almost never make it to the album and they fall in love with our initial vision for them. I must say however, that I have noticed many more inspired DIY favors, centerpieces and wedding decor specific to our couple’s personalities and locations since pinterest’s popularity and I love it! just like etsy, it’s allowing our couples to make their special day that much more about them as a couple which is great and from a visual perspective, really fun to shoot. so until late-november my time to hunt down the perfect back splash tiles will be limited, but to any of you that like what you see on here on the blog, all I can say is ‘happy pinning!’