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June 15, 2012

there are definitely some beautiful places to get married – my favorite seems to change every season! but there is something about getting married at a family home that makes it extra special and personal. such was the case of donna and joshua’s beautiful wedding day. josh’s parents have a gorgeous home on the banks of the pocomoke river and it shined as I traveled up the drive on this perfect early summer I walked upstairs of the main house to find donna, I heard the bustling around of busy bridesmaids, the hair dryers buzzing and the laughter of donna’s daughter. donna was the picture of calm as she was getting her makeup done, occasionally looking outside and getting increasingly excited. after a little girl time, I went over to the guest house to seek out josh. like donna, he wasn’t nervous – just excited! as all of the guest assembled on the lawn for the wedding I just soaked in this gorgeous day and the love of this wonderful couple.

I had such a great time with you all and wish you such a happy life together!