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May 09, 2012

With wedding season kicking in full gear I thought it’d be fun to share with you my grandparents’ wedding story.  My grandfather had always said that my grandmother proposed to him. :) I wanted to hear her side of that story and find out all the details that went into their wedding back on June 17, 1950.

My grandparents had met through mutual friends when my grandfather got out of the service.  The first “date” they ever had was when he came over to my grandmother’s and showed her his photo album of his time overseas.  He played cards with her parents and they called it a night.  Little did they both know that they would marry three years later.   I asked how Mom Mom finally got her ring.  “He had already proposed 3 or 4 times, and I said no,” she explained.  “But one day I got a phone call that my Dad was in the hospital and I came in to visit him and don’t you know your grandfather was in the hospital too!”  My grandfather worked for Sunshine Laundry and there was actually a bad explosion at the laundry mat so he coincidentally was there at the same time.  “He knew I would go and visit him.  When I saw him in his hospital bed I told him ‘you gotta hurry up and get out of here so we can get married’.  Then he finally fell asleep from the anesthesia he had been fighting til he could get to see me.”  Pop Pop chimed in, “She knew a good thing when she saw it!” Then he gave Mom Mom a wink as she laughed. “He was very convincing!”  So in a sense, I guess my Mom Mom did propose to him. :)  She went with him to pick out her diamond and they were married three months later.  The ham in the photograph below is me at my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary in 2000.

She picked out a pattern for her dress and for her bridesmaid’s dresses and had them made at Benjamin’s in Salisbury.  She had a maid of honor and two bridesmaids and he had his best man.  I asked her what the traditional items were and she said something borrowed + old was her bridesmaid Dot’s lipstick, something new was her wedding dress and something blue was a ribbon on her girdle.  They didn’t have a first dance but they had close to 300 guests at their reception which was held at her parent’s house right across the road from the church.  They were married at Washington Methodist Church in Shad Point, Maryland.  The church has now been moved to the other side of the road.

She still has her wedding shoes.

Their cake was actually a gift from her cousin who lived in DC.  “My dad picked it up in his Buick and it actually slid on the way home and 1 side of it got messed up.  But Mother was a good baker and she fixed it right up,” Mom Mom said.   They didn’t have a set plan for their honeymoon but made their way to Pennsylvania to stay in the mountains.  Their honeymoon was about 4 days then they came home.  Another interesting tradition I learned about was keeping a coin in your wedding shoe!  Mom Mom kept hers and told me that when she and my grandfather were cleaning out his mother’s things- they found the coin she kept in her shoe on her wedding day that was given to her by my great-grandfather Fred. :)

I hope I look as beautiful as she did on my wedding day! :)