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May 03, 2012

as is typical in the spring.. rain is always a possibility. what’s they saying? “aprils showers bring may flowers”? and the whole week preceding megan and chris’ wedding it was looking like is was going to be a very wet day. fortunately, with a bride like megan who plans ahead and picks up some cute umbrellas to suit her color scheme, we were prepared. plus, the ceremony and reception were being held indoors so the only thing left to chance were the photos we wanted to take in the park. I got to the hotel to find megan and her ladies in the business of last minute make up touches and getting dressed and megan was one of the calmest brides I’d ever seen – I knew she was easy going from spending time with her during our e-session, but this was her wedding day and all she felt was joy. when I got to the church and found chris hidden in the back with the priest, he too was nothing but smiles and anticipation. the ceremony itself was filled with big laughs, heartfelt sentiments and happy tears and as they exited the church in a shower of flower petals they were one of the happiest couples ever. once we got to the park, we were happy to not need the umbrellas but had fun using them as props. after we finished up the larger group photos, the bridal party went to wait in the bus as I photographed megan and chris. in this large park, bystanders took notice of my happy and gorgeous couple and how could they not? chris has such an amazing laugh that is infectious and hard to miss, it was the first thing I noticed about him the first time we met and it just makes you happy when you hear it! at the reception, at the gorgeous stroga the party continued with some of the best toasts I’ve ever heard and moments between friends and family that was an honor to witness – to say I had a great time is putting it lightly… this wedding was one for the books!

the sexy mother-fluffers get to work :)


love love love this bridal party!!!

  megan you are simply stunning …. and your groom is pretty dapper as well!

 megan and chris, I simply could not have asked for a better day or a more amazing couple to spend it with! I wish you so much love, adventure, happiness and laughter in your life together!