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May 31, 2012

well actually they were married a little over a month ago in st. lucia but it was important to them to celebrate with the friends and family who weren’t able to make the trip so they planned a gorgeous reception at the living classroom by the harbor in baltimore. I knew I loved them when we shot their e-session – if I have to wipe tears of laughter out of my eyes before taking a shot that’s always a great session and these two laugh and love.. a lot! we started by meeting in fells point where we awaited a tug boat to take them to the party. I was expecting a small cute little boat, but because kole is a bay pilot the real thing approached while I and the others on the dock marveled as they tied up. by far one of the best entrances I’ve ever seen! after a beautiful blessing ceremony susan and kole made their way around the room and everyone’s happiness for the new mr. and mrs. was infectious. the lloyd dobler effect had the place jumping, especially when susan got up there to take over the tambourine duties and add some vocals. the whole evening was amazing and I was so happy to be there to capture their joy!

congratulations!! I am SO happy for you and wish you so much joy in your life together!

May 29, 2012

I love proposals! one of the first things I ask of all of my couples is who proposed and how – they almost always are filled with romantic touches and special surprises. such was the case with paul’s proposal to lisa. they live in rhode island and when I received paul’s email detailing all of his plans I knew I wanted to be a part of it. so here is what was supposed to happen… paul and lisa would arrive at the marriott in ocean city after making the drive from new england. after a little down time they were going to dress for dinner and take a romantic stroll down the boards to the pier with their  toddler son. meanwhile my cousin and marriott manager caitlin and I would be spreading flower petals, chilling champagne and getting wish lanterns prepped and ready for lighting. once they were to arrive to the pier the stage would be set  - ta da!! here is what really happened… caitlin and I arrived at the pier with the flowers, champagne and lanterns but the wind was blowing so hard that the beaches were deserted. after making the drive that had more traffic than they imagined, lisa was tired and just wanted to stay in and dressing for dinner in this weather was out of the question. I was getting text updates from paul as caitlin and I offered up alternatives but this was his vision and we all wanted it to work. once lisa was convinced that a walk would do them all good, we got the green light and knew they were on their way. the petals, of course took flight before they even reached the sand and we knew that the lanterns weren’t going to happen either but that didn’t dampen our excitement as we saw them approach. while hiding in the dunes with my zoom lens, I saw paul drop to his knee as lisa’s look of confusion turned into one of shock and then pure joy! their son just wanted to play in the sand, but his mom and dad were glowing from the happiness of the moment and as caitlin poured the champagne they gathered in a family embrace.

after the proposal the plan was to do a family portrait/e-session session on the beach but because of the windy conditions it just wasn’t possible so I offered to meet them all at stinky beach in west OC a few days later. their happiness was as apparent as it had been under the pier and I loved every hug, kiss and laugh that I shot.

congratulations!! it was such an honor to witness such a special moment and I wish you so much happiness!

May 28, 2012

6 amazing days

9 states visited

2 cameras

10 flash cards

3 historic landmarks

7 new friends made

2,400 miles driven

1 fried pie

5 hotels

3 happy coffee dances

1 trolley car rescue

2 nitrogen milkshakes

1 living legend photo op

countless amazing meals

10 hours with friend/bag designer/photographer extraordinaire

1 trusty suburu (lois)

an abundance of memories, laughs and girl talk

May 25, 2012

When I read Denise + Gary’s questionnaire and came to the part where they mentioned that they “laugh a lot”, I knew this was going to be an awesome wedding.  They are both huge Maryland Terps fans and for their e-session we went to the University of Maryland.  So it was very fitting that when the bridal party was announced at the reception, the maid of honor and best man brought along a mini net and ball and made a slam dunk before Denise + Gary were announced. :)  They kept the dance floor packed and rode off in a vibrant orange hot rod.  Everyone had sweet shades to wear during the reception and their dog Bean even helped Denise get ready.  It was a beautiful day.

Even though Miss Bean couldn’t come to the wedding, she was still apart of the festivities. :)


Thank you so much for inviting me along to share this special day with you all.  Everyone can see how you two are truly best friends and the love you share for each other.  I wish you both the best! xo

check out all the awesome vendors who helped make Denise + Gary’s big day amazing!

flowers:  Little House of Flowers

baker:  JoJo’s Cupcakes & Cream

dj:  Billy Zee All Requests DJ

videographer:  Desrochers’ Video Productions


May 23, 2012

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that Raye and I just came back from an AMAZING excursion to visit the Southern part of this beautiful country.  We both were jonesin’ for a road trip so we decided to break in my Forester and hit the road.  We both travel well together and agreed we didn’t want a set itinerary- except to visit our friend, Kelly Moore mid trip.  While cruisin’ through the rolling hills of Tennessee, Raye and I both kinda zoned out to local bluegrass on that long I-40 stretch and I got thinking about my grandparents’ stories.  They always talk about family vacations and camping trips around the US but I wondered if they ever went on road trips when they were younger and what it was like.  Mom Mom found TONS of old photos for me and I enjoyed looking at the old cars and wanted to share them with you so this post may be a little photo happy :)  The next few photos are of my great-grandmother Lillian (and friend) and great-grandfather Fred with their early modes of transportation.  I’ll have to tell you about the first Model-A Ford Pop Pop’s family got when they lived on the farm another time.  (His family used to take the car battery and hook it up to the radio to hear the news and evening shows!)

When I asked them about their road trips and transportation, Mom Mom showed me a photo of my grandfather leaning on their first car and her taking photos on one of their adventures. :) You can see their car a little better in this next photo…

“When I was a kid, a ‘roadtrip’ would be going into the town of Salisbury or Ocean City,”  Pop Pop began.  “Then when Mom Mom and I were married, going to Baltimore or the neighboring states of Virginia and Pensylvannia was considered a roadtrip.  Then when your Dad and Aunt Debbie were kids, we’d go up and down the east coast.  And now a days a roadtrip is to the west coast and Hawaii.”  Don’t get me wrong- my grandfather travelled a lot and all over Europe when he was in the service but I was wondering about roadtrips when they were together or in their teens.  When my grandparents married in 1950, my grandfather was a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps in Salisbury.  It was an organization that local service men were in and they played all around Maryland.  Mom Mom said that when he had to play in Baltimore, they’d pack the car with sandwiches and take a roadtrip there.  This is when it hit me that there wasn’t always a Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  So often, the girls and I at the studio refrence to ‘across the bridge’ to mean anything over the Bay Bridge away from the Eastern Shore of MD.  So when Mom Mom kept referring to taking the ferry to Baltimore- I was dumbfounded.  She explained that they’d load up their car on the ferry and it’d take about 40 minutes to get across.  Now a days I complain if it takes me more than ten to get across the bridge.  So this sparked my questions about earlier trips they may have taken.  “When I was younger, I used to take a train down to Virginia and North Carolina to visit my friends,”  Mom Mom said.  Below is a luggage ticket from her first train ride :)

Then when they had their two children (my Aunt Debbie and my dad, Wayne) they camped and took family vacations up and down the east coast.

   Then they took bus trips together when they got older.  Mom Mom had her first airplane ride when she was 69 years old. :)  I love seeing their old photos and the places they have been.  When I begin telling/showing you my grandfather’s experiences during World War II in Europe,  I’ll show you some photos he took and where I went back to the same places and took photographs from the exact spots he stood.  Travelling is in my genes! :)  I’m going to leave you with some more family members and their old automobiles.

Did you notice the jersey above?  The one room school house of Nanticoke that my grandfather attended had a very talented baseball team- but I’ll save that story for another day. :)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

May 22, 2012

I know that I’m sometimes sounding like a broken record but one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is watching 2 people start a family. it’s already amazing to be asked to document their wedding but when I’m asked to photograph all of the exciting lifetime events that come after the big day, well I truly feel blessed. such is the case with cari and doug. they had a beautiful wedding day filled with love and laughter but mother nature wasn’t at her most gracious. the beach ceremony that they had planned was moved inside and although we were able to get a lot of photos done outside before the rain hit, I know it was still a bit disappointing. so when choosing a location for the maternity shoot, cari said ‘on the beach, and maybe the weather will cooperate’ and indeed it did :)


May 21, 2012

Being a wedding photographer has changed how I view so many things, but none more so than how closely I pay attention to each and every detail that goes into making a truly memorable wedding. Perhaps it’s because I am now really getting into the planning stages of my own wedding. In today’s age, pinterest is all the rage at helping us all envision just about anything imaginable, including wedding ideas (see my wedding board here) As many people can attest, some things that you find on there are not easy to duplicate, and it’s difficult to distinguish what will be easy to replicate. I have definitely been swayed and won over by some of the ideas on there, but nothing compares to seeing an idea in person. It is incredibly nice to have the opportunity, as a wedding photographer, to be a part of so many amazing weddings each year. It’s a great chance for me to see great do-it-yourself ideas that work in real life as well as what is best left for more skilled individuals. Some aspects of our wedding planning process are rather easy. Both my fiance and I adore Smith Island cake, so there was no doubt about what kind of cake we would have at the wedding. We also are very close with a wonderful selection of vendors that we’ve met over the years. However, one of the hardest things for me to decide was the photographer. Crazy, right?! When I got engaged, it was obvious to everyone who would photograph my wedding, but when it came right down to it, I was hesitant. I love all of the amazing women I work with and I struggled with having them there in a work capacity and not as guests enjoying the day along with us. Not too long after I had this dilemma, I got to work a beautiful wedding and, shortly after that, be a guest at another. I realized that I felt like I truly enjoyed and was a part of every moment of the weddings I shot, but when I was a guest, I never truly relaxed because I was constantly framing shots in my head and wondering if the photographer was capturing everything that they should. After thinking about it I believe that I have undoubtedly made the best decision: they will be their happiest capturing all of the moments and I will be my happiest knowing that they are the ones I trust to capture everything I could ever want and more. Over the years of working here at GPA, I have taken numerous notes about all the little details I especially enjoyed or liked, and what made lasting impressions for wedding party members and guests alike. How many other jobs let you ‘crash’ weddings for ideas?! The only problem I have now is how to consolidate all of these great ideas to fit one perfect day. I have a ways to go and many decisions left to make, but I know I’ll like my cake and, rain or shine, my photographers at GPA will help make my day picture perfect.

May 16, 2012

wedding are chock full of decisions – some fun like color themes and cake tastings and some sentimental like family heirlooms and song choices. but occasionally, and especially with outdoor weddings, really difficult choices have to made that may throw your whole vision of the big day into a tailspin. such was the case with kate and mark’s wedding. as I arrived to the henlopen hotel, the skies were dark but the rain was holding off. I went up to kate’s room and found her surrounded by exciting friends and family as she got ready. I tentatively asked her about a plan B in case of rain which she had but at the time neither of us thought it would be necessary. I went to go round up mark and his guys to head to the beach only to find the beautiful arbor blown down and a mist starting to fall. within minutes of returning to kate’s room, the decision had been made by kate to move everything inside. this is when you know a couple is truly meant to be, which I already knew after shooting their esession – months and months of planning were turned upside down due to mother nature but neither of them batted an eye.   their only concern was seeing each other, sharing their vows and becoming husband and wife.

hot tub limo was amazing!!

such a fun group!!

kate and mark – thank you so so much for being such a great couple and so much fun to work with! I know you will have a future together filled with love and laughter!

May 15, 2012

the first email I received from erin told me that she and her fiance brent were planning a wedding a clipper mill – quite possibly one of my favorite wedding venues of all time! and then when I met with her for a consultation, I knew she’d be amazing to work with and was so happy when they booked us. when deciding on the e-session location, she once again chose a personal favorite – old town ellicott city. I love this place and all of it’s quirk and character and the three of us had a great time walking the streets, talking, stopping to shoot and getting to know each other better.

thank you again for such a great afternoon and I can’t wait to work with you again soon!

May 10, 2012

When my cousin Katie sent me a photo of her hand with a gorgeous diamond on her finger- I was thrilled!  She and Pete have been together forever and everyone was wondering when and how he was going to pop the question.  Come to find out, he took her to the place where they first kissed and proposed at sunset. :)  We talked about doing an engagement session and she said their new puppy, Neil, would be joining us.  I was stoked!  We went back to the place where Pete proposed and had a fun filled afternoon with a perfect sunset.

He gave her his grandmother’s diamond! :)

By the end, EVERYONE was dancing!

I am so happy for you both and had such a great time.  I can’t wait for wedding day! Love you! xoxo