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April 13, 2012

if you follow the blog, you know that we have a group of clients that we call the ‘nat geo crew’ because it’s a bunch of fabulous ladies who we have loved working with and all work together at national geographic. well now a new posse is forming who all work at moodlerooms – maybe they can be the ‘moodle mamas’? this group of lovely ladies began with brandi and has grown to include laura and now amanda!  I met up with amanda and grant at federal hill park and then we roamed the streets for a bit. even though we send paperwork to each couple to organize such things as time lines and shot lists, I always love hearing about the special extras while we spend time together during the esession. for our second location, amanda and grant brought me to a place in baltimore where I have never been, which is rare. it’s over on the harbor by the under armor building and is amazing!! amanda and grant were so receptive to my ideas and had some cool one’s of their own (which I love!) and I know their wedding is going to be amazing!

thank you for such a great afternoon and I’ll see you soon!!