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March 12, 2012

is it just me or am I the only one asking “where was winter?” I know most folks around here are celebrating the early arrival of spring – and don’t get me wrong. I am loving having my office windows wide open as I type this, but I am a cold weather girl. growing up in syracuse, it’s basically all I knew and when true spring did come, it was in may. on the flip side, what I truly love about spring is that it feels likes a fresh start, a blank canvas. new flowers, buds in the trees and for me, new goals. lists are always a big thing for me, but in the spring they take on a life of their own and this year, albeit a bit premature, is no exception. we have been hard at work fine tuning what this wedding season will bring in the studio – we are making exciting changes in our editing workflow, packaging, and the physical design of the studio. but my lists are not exclusive to my life at GPA, nope. there are master lists and then sub-lists to those  and I thought, with the arrival of the season that I would make myself accountable and share some of my sub-lists. the stuff I should do for me year-round but that always get lost in the shuffle – they certainly did last year! so just maybe by putting them out there and revisiting them to track my completion rate, I will have a more well-rounded and balanced year. it can’t hurt – so here we go

  • finish the hunger games series: I swore to my friends who were on fire about these books that I wouldn’t get into them – didn’t sound like my thing. well..I was wrong. halfway done with the second and purchased the third today #addicted
  • do yoga once a week: we have an amazing yoga studio right here in snow hill, a mere block from my house. I have no excuse.period
  • paint my dining room and/or living room: if you’d like to see what colors I’ve been kicking around, check out my “winter (lol) house ideas” board on pinterest by clicking here
  • have a non-business related lunch or dinner with a friend at least once a week
  • spontaneous date night with the hubs
  • figure out a place close to home but somewhere I’ve never been to spend a couple of days for my birthday: I’m thinking new hope, pa? charlottesville, va?
  • schedule phone dates with my 2 life long friends – both of whom live out of state

not too bad right? a blogpost on april 12th will be the decider :)