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March 08, 2012

elizabeth and I met, via email, for the first time about 2 weeks before her wedding. although meeting my couples for the first time on their wedding day was the norm in the early days of the studio, nowadays by the time we walk into the venue, we feel like we are spending the day with old friends. so if I’m honest, I always get a small case of the “I hope they like me’s” when I go into a wedding never having met them face to face. robert was the first to the church with his groomsmen and any pins and needles I might have had were washed away – they were all so nice…. and hysterical. then, once elizabeth got there I went down to the lower floor to introduce myself. as soon as she saw me with a camera in my hand, she crossed the room and gave me a big hug. awesome! these are two of the nicest and mostĀ genuineĀ people I have ever met and I was so happy to be spending this day with them

okay… now we are to my favorite part :) when talking with elizabeth before the ceremony, I asked if there was anything last minute I should know. she and robert are expecting their first child, which I already knew. but what I didn’t know is that she had been given the sex of the baby (which neither of them knew) in a sealed envelope. so she said it was possible that she may give the envelope to robert during their first dance – and that maybe, just maybe.. they would open it. as we all got to the beautiful hotel monaco for the reception, I couldn’t wait for their first dance. michael from my deejay and I coordinated so as they took over the dance floor, I watched and waited. suddenly she handed it to him and he looked at her like a kid at christmas, SO excited. as they opened it, there were huge smiles, tight embraces and tears. I’m not sure if a lot of the guests had a clue what was going on, but I did and I wasn’t going to miss a minute of it! after the dance, it was decided that they would give the envelope to elizabeth’s father and her would let everyone in on the big news. now understand that elizabeth is one of 4 girls and that all of her sister’s have had only girls – so when mr. murphy took the mike and opened the card, his face said it all as he announced “we are happy to welcome our FIRST…” he didn’t even need to finish the sentence before the room erupted in applause!

I am so SO happy for you both and know that this is the beginning to a life filled with happiness for you and your new family – congratulations!!