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February 02, 2012

tammy and peter were married on a beautiful, if not a bit chilly, december day. they had anĀ intimateĀ gathering of family and close friends at their ceremony and reception at carrol’s creek in downtown annapolis. the wedding was actually officiated by the friend who had suggested they meet in the first place which I thought was so great and they were the best of sports and thinking warm thoughts as we headed out onto the docks for photos. I had such a wonderful time with the whole crew!

congratulations tammy and peter!!

February 01, 2012

meet the brous family! this was such a fun FUN group to work with. as soon as I met up with them in ocean city I knew it was going to be a great session – they were all relaxed and open to any suggestion that I made. then dad joel had one of the coolest suggestions ever. they own and operate the flamingo motel and wanted to incorporate it in a few of the photos…. suddenly joel said ‘well we could go on the roof’ to which I replied ‘ummm… YES!!’ I loved it! from a few dune burrs to cartwheels it was a fabulous afternoon :)


thank you all for such a great day – I had a blast!