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February 27, 2012

this morning i got up at 6, got ready for work and left an hour earlier than i had to. mike and bella were sound asleep (and would be until a while after my shift started, for sure) so i kissed them both goodbye and drove past my work, across the rt 50 bridge, and pulled into the inlet. there’s something about being there super early in the morning during the off seasons – when the sky is clear and the beach is completely (or almost completely) deserted. when the sun hasn’t fully risen. it’s beautiful. a lot of times, depending on the time of year, you can see dolphins. i spent a few minutes there, snapped a few pictures, and just took some time to enjoy the beauty of it. sometimes it hits me, when i’m there early in the morning, that that THING right there, practically in my back yard that i’ve seen my whole life and have taken for granted from time to time, is the OCEAN  – this huge, wonderful, awesome, powerful thing that touches other continents and houses some pretty beautiful and magnificent creatures.  today was one of those days when it hit me and i just had to stand there a minute to appreciate it. it made me feel appreciative and lucky. it made me feel calm and happy.

then i drove to work, ordered a delicious cup of coffee, and sat down to spend my last thirty minutes before my shift to work on my book. i started working on this particular writing project a little over a year ago, but the idea first came to me in 2007 in a dream. as of right now, typed, it’s 156 pages long (not to mention the thirty or so handwritten pages i have) and growing. i let myself get lost in the story line that has been crafting itself in my mind, heart, dreams and under my hands. i spent time with characters, i let them tell me their story, i drank my coffee, and i felt fulfilled.

after work i got in my car and came home to my wonderful husband and daughter. we snuggled and laughed and played (and drooled). we laughed and learned new things. i felt overjoyed and accomplished

i feel lucky because my life is so full of ‘favorite things’  … i have a great family, two fantastic jobs that i love and have fun doing, the opportunity to drive to the ocean from my house in under ten minutes, wonderful friends, things that i enjoy, am passionate about and that make me feel fulfilled emotionally, mentally and artistically.  it makes me want to tell everyone i know – do things that you love! find things you feel passionate about. take time to enjoy things, people and places that make you happy, healthy and content because in the end, those are the things that matter the most.