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February 13, 2012

about 3 years ago I was in a very different place. gillette portrait arts was growing to the point where I couldn’t do it by myself – there was an easy solution to that by bringing kris on full time. although she had been with me since the studio’s early days she became my teammate and took a very active part in GPA. but then there was the palette – I loved it but trying to both do everything I wanted to do to grow GPA plus run a restaurant began to take it’s toll. so much so that my doctor noticed – I was asked if I was sleeping, what my eating habits were, how much caffiene I was drinking, etc. then she asked me ‘what do you do in your downtime?’ to which my response was a puzzled stare followed by a semi-manic laugh – I hadn’t had ‘downtime’ in years. she asked me if I had a hobby or did yoga and I didn’t have/do either at the time. then she asked what I thought was the strangest question ‘have you ever knitted?’ grandmothers knitted, women expecting babies knitted – that was my perception. but then she shared with me that when she was in med school and the stress that all of that entails began to weigh her down, her roommate taught her to knit. she told me how it quieted her mind, relaxed her tensed muscles and refreshed her. I nodded but was looking at the clock across the room knowing that I had to be at the restaurant for a wine order. 2 weeks later there was a fiber festival here in snow hill and I wandered down the street – there were baskets and bins full of colorful yarns of different textures and sizes. before I knew it I had armfuls of the stuff and a pair of needles and I brought it home clueless as to what to do with it. let’s be clear… I am self-taught from books and youtube videos plus some basic tips from friends. I am not whipping up sweaters or anything complicated – the most sophisticated I have gotten are ponchos and neck wraps but it’s not really the final products that I’m seeking. now that the palette is in someone else’s very capable hands, life and work has become much easier to balance but I continue to knit because my doctor was right – my mind is quiet as my fingers move and I truly relax and I really love it. it still cracks me up when my friends exclaim ‘you KNIT??’ but then almost always it’s followed by ‘could you teach me?’