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February 08, 2012

meet megan and chris! megan is actually yet another member of my ‘natgeo crew’ who are an amazing group of women who work at national geographic and have become amazing clients and cherished friends. so I knew when megan contacted me about photographing her and chris’ wedding, that automatically they were going to be fun – I think being awesome is a job requirement at natgeo ;)  we met in georgetown on an unseasonably warm afternoon and immediately they made me smile. both of them are so nice and their laughter is contagious – in fact, at one point I asked chris not to smile and the man couldn’t do it! their love and happiness just radiates. as we walked the streets of georgetown, they shared stories of their travels together, their cat MC and a ‘bride wars’ type competition that megan participated in (hysterical!). I was laughing the entire session and I am SO excited for their april wedding

thanks for such a great afternoon and I will see you soon!