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December 21, 2011

during this rainy and dreary day I thought we could all use a little sunshine – so what would be better than a beach session featuring 2 of the cutest little girls ever?! I met mom samantha through my good friend and past bride jenni, in fact she gifted this session to sam and her family last christmas. we tried several times to get together before this day but the weather gods were not playing fair and due to high winds and rain, we had to postpone. finally we got a good day and even if it was a little chillier than we would have liked, the sun was gorgeous. the girls had fun running about the beaches as I tried to keep up with them – I had such a great time with this adorable family!

this shot of father and daughter doing the ‘mean face’ gets me laughing every time! :)

thank you for the super fun afternoon - I can’t wait to see these cuties as they grow!