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December 09, 2011

friday flashbacks took a bit of a vacation…. and by vacation I mean almost 2 months! after our busiest wedding season ever we switched right over to holiday season and it’s been a whirlwind here at the studio. but now that cards have been designed and prints ordered, we’re getting back to a bit of a normal rhythm and back to our friday feature. I thought it would be great to jump start it with jen and brad – not only because they are one of our favorite couples but also because they are expecting their first child in just a few weeks! I had the privilege in going up to baltimore to do a maternity session with them earlier this week and we can not wait to meet baby brandon!

  • where and when did you get married? febuary 11,2011 St. Wenceslaus Church
  • was there a special reason for choosing your venue? Brad: I did not have one, whatever jen wanted  Jen: the reason for getting married in the church we chose was because it’s where my mom’s parents got married (my grandmother still attends mass there regularly to this day!), my mom and dad got married there, and my brother and sister-on-law got married there. I was also baptized there and I wanted to keep with “tradition” so to speak. It’s an old catholic church that’s located in not the best part of baltimore city, but it’s beautiful and it holds a lot of memories for me. The reason for choosing Martin’s West for our reception was simply because it was in our budget! :)
  • what was your most memorable moment(s)?  Brad: repeating my vows to jen, it was nice that we were dedicating ourselves to each other  Jen: when the church doors opened and seeing everyone there to celebrate with Brad and I, then just zoning in on my soon-to-be husband! He’s all I saw for the rest of the wedding ceremony! :) Seeing Brad’s face light up when we were dancing to our first dance as husband and wife. He didn’t know that I chose his song and mine as our first dance songs! And seeing Brad’s face when he got tacos (his favorite dish) as part of his dinner at the reception! He couldn’t believe I actually ordered him tacos :) And lastly, just enjoying the few moments that we had alone together that evening. It just seemed so surreal that it was OUR wedding day!!
  • if you had it to do over again whould you change anything and what/why? Brad: I would have made the reception last longer. Other than that it was great Jen: I would do it all over again in a heart beat!!! I loved our wedding day, everything about it!! I literally had a meltdown about it being over once we got back to our hotel room that evening. I was so sad that it went by so fast! One this I would change if I could do it all over again is I would remember to get a few of the “must-have” pics that I forgot to get.
  • where did you honeymoon? Ocho Rios Jamaica, Mon 

I am so SO happy for you both and so honored to be included to document your big beautful life together!! xo