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December 07, 2011

a lot of times, when photographing teenagers, you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve been so fortunate to have young clients who have not only taken my direction, but often times added their own twist – this is SO important to me. my philosophy is that it’s my job to capture who they are and encourage them to be their unique and awesome selves. I pretty much got a vibe as to how awesome payton and lexie are about 45 seconds after meeting them! as I hopped into their truck and we headed to the national seashore, they were beyond excited and I knew that we would have the best time. these girls are so comfortable in front of the camera – in fact, payton has some shooting skills of her own and when I handed her my camera so that she could try it out, she looked at me as though I had handed her a bucket of gold :)  as the sun started to go, they didn’t want to wrap up the session – loved it!

thank you ladies for such an amazing afternoon – can’t wait to work with you again!!