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October 13, 2011

as has been the case for much of this fall, the weather on allison and bryan’s wedding day was a little nerve wracking. I knew they had plans for a beautiful beach wedding and as I drove behind allison and her girls to the location I was crossing my fingers and toes that it was going to happen. if anything, the shakiness of mother nature made for a dramatic sky and a stunning evening! allison and bryan have been a dream to work with since our first email correspondence. they were one of our first visitors to the new studio (before we had heat!) and have an amazing energy when they are together. they planned a fun filled event at mango’s which was perfect for a beach wedding and had a gorgeous cake made by the always fabulous cake art. allison also grew up a stones throw away from where I did in upstate new york, so there were a lot of “my people” at this celebration :) when it came time to take photos of just the two of them, kristie and I had the best time… these two needed no direction. all we had to say was “look at each other” and it was magic!

congratulations allison and bryan! we had so much fun with you – both of us wish you much love and happiness!

October 12, 2011


I knew the moment that I received Jen and Hektor’s questionnaire sheet (a pre-wedding form we send to our couples that they fill out which lets us get to know them a little better) that this wedding was going to be amazing and right up my alley!  She told me that it was going to be a vintage/etsy theme but it wasn’t until I saw the original 1920 Ford that it actually sank in.  Jen and Hektor met one summer in Ocean City working at PGN Crab House so it was only fitting that they have their reception there.  They were married on Sunset Island with Dewey, their lovable pup, as the best man.  The whole gang met up at the boardwalk for some games and rides (and of course, photos!) then headed to the reception where 3 delicious cakes from Desserts by Rita awaited.  I was so happy I could partake in this awesome, fun-filled day with such a lovely couple.  Thank you Jen, Hektor and Dewey for sharing your big day with me. :)

Thanks again for such a wonderful day!  I wish you both the best! :)

October 11, 2011

I met laura through my friend/client/bride and new mama brandi! soon after corresponding by email, laura and I were on the phone and I knew immediately she and derek were my kind of couple. because they live and are having their wedding in baltimore, it seemed like an ideal location for their e-session. on the way up to the city, black clouds made all of us nervous, but we lucked out and had a beautiful afternoon in and around federal hill park. derek told me up front that he was “awkward” in front of the camera, but I didn’t see any of that – when he’s with laura, it’s nothing but smiles, laughter and love

laura and derek – I had so much fun with you both. I can’t wait until your wedding next year AND to meet cooper!

October 10, 2011

I have always loved old houses – the character, the charm and the history. like most houses in snow hill, ours is a pretty old gal and has been through a lot of changes. hopefully… well at least the plan is, that this off season she’ll get a few more. built by my great-great-grandfather in the 1800s our house used to be connected to the house next door (also know as the “big” house). years later, my great-grandfather split the house and made 2 separate houses for tax purposes and also so my grandmother would have a place to raise her family once she married. sticking with the plan, my grandmother got engaged after she graduated from the peabody institute and began teaching music in snow hill, marrying a man named luther. they made their home in the “little” house and began a life together – but shortly after their marriage, luther died from a sudden heart attack and my grandmother returned to the big house with her parents, consigned to the life of a young widow. the little house was then rented to a couple named ella and kerbin sturgis who were friends of our family – kerbin died before I was born, but ella stayed in the house for decades. because they had no children, ella had many “adoptive” grandchildren and I was happily one of them :)  2 years after luther’s death, my great-grandfather asked my grandmother to go to pocomoke to have the car serviced at gladding brothers motors – one of those brothers was my grandfather paul. he asked gram out for a date that day and they were married a year and a half later. because of pop’s business, he and gram bought a house in pocomoke but just several months later, my great-grandfather was killed while working on a tank at his oil company, tri-state oil. my grandmother was an only child, so my grandfather was asked to take over the family business and they moved back to snow hill in the big house with my great-grandmother – that’s where my mother was born and raised and where both of my grandparents lived for the rest of their lives. ella remained in the little house until 1996 when she suffered a stroke and could no longer manage the 2 floors, the claw foot tub and the narrow doorways. although she never returned home, we kept everything in her house untouched until her death in 2001. by that time, both of my grandparents had passed and I lived in colorado – mom was in salisbury with no desire to move to snow hill, so she sold the big house and rented the little house. when I moved home from colorado, I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do but decided I would live on the shore in the little house until I figured it out. I pulled the rugs, refinished the floors, painted the place every color of the the rainbow. we upgraded the heating system and I needed some carpentry work to close in the air ducts that snaked down the corners of the second floor rooms – and it just so happened that I had recently met this guy…. who was a contractor… and kinda cute. so I took a chance and gave him a call to see if he would come over and tell me what I needed to do – which turned into him doing the work, which turned into long conversations while painting which turned into a wedding in june 2005. so now we live in and love our little house with our 2 big dogs – but this winter we have plans… not huge plans but simple things that I have put off since opening the palette 6 years ago. new paint colors, a back patio, some basic rearranging and redecorating. so beginning in a week or two, I will start posting some “before” photos and keep you updated as to our progress… because even a 100+ year old gal loves a makeover :)

October 07, 2011

liz and john were one of those couples who just seemed to soak up every minute of their big day. it was my first christmas wedding and I loved it. the church was  decorated with poinsettias and red ribbons and liz’s dress with the red details was perfect! we became friends and stayed in touch and I have had the privilege to document their growing family in the years since – welcoming sons mason and cooper. such cute boys!! I cherish being a witness as my couples turn into parents and watching their families grow :)

  • where and when were you married? we got married December 17, 2005 at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea in Ocean City and our reception was at the Golden Sands
  • was there a particular reason for choosing your venue?we got married at St. Mary’s because that is my home church and all of the significant moments of my life have happened there. Now, both of my boys have been baptized in the same church. We chose the Golden Sands because we really wanted an ocean view and it provided that view with TONS of beautiful ocean front windows!
  • what was your most memorable moment(s)? I loved getting our pictures taken on the beach. It gave us a few quiet moments to ourselves. I also loved being surprised by Santa at the end of the reception. Our theme was the twelve days of Christmas and his appearance ended the night perfectly!
  • if you had it to do over again, would you change anything and what/why? I am not sure I would change anything. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time, especially us!
  • where did you honeymoon? We honeymooned at the Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World in Florida. It has always been one of my favorite places to go and John hadn’t been there since he was a kid. It was a great honeymoon!! 

October 06, 2011

are you in the mood for a good love story? yes?? well good – because I’ve got one for you :) the story of heather and chris’ romance is one I haven’t heard.. and I’ve been shooting weddings for 9 years so you know it’s good! these two have known each other since they were little kids and one day while they were both in seventh grade, heather got passed a note (for you youngsters, this is what we used to do waaaay back when before cell phones) anyhoo.. so heather read the note and is was from chris and it said “I like you, do you like me?” with boxes for her to check  for yes or no. I mean c’mon… that is the cutest thing – EVER! I got a couple.. okay, fine.. just one of those notes in seventh grade and I can’t even remember the boys name! at the reception during his welcome speech, heather’s father told the story and recalled telling his wife that he was a bit concerned about heather spending time with a boy at such a young age to which heather’s mom, dawn replied “dating at this age is the equivalent of maybe going to the mall together… it’s not like they’re going to get MARRIED”  to which, of course,  the room of all of their and families responded to with laughter and applause. heather and chris have gone to college together, traveled the world together and moved to austin, texas be with each other during graduate school. after a beautiful wedding on the shores of the bay at the chesapeake bay beach club, they are blissfully husband and wife and the box on the childhood note is forever checked “yes!”


I can’t tell you what a great time liv and I had with you – your friends and families were amazing and the day was perfect! we wish you so much laughter and love xoxo

October 05, 2011

a little over a month ago, mel and I went to salisbury to take part in their 3rd friday art stroll – it was a dog themed evening and when we were invited to participate, we jumped with glee! all of us have dogs here at the studio and if you’ve followed the blog you know we LOVE to photograph them :) unfortunately the clouds rumbled and lightning was flashing within minutes after we set up, but we had SO much fun with the pooches we did meet!

we had so much fun! this makes us even more excited for our upcoming holiday dog days event – details coming soon!

October 04, 2011

meet molly – our snow hill senior rep! when I met her at our first session at furnacetown, I knew she was going to be a lot of fun to work with. not only was she willing to go along with everything I suggested (even skipping!) she has an easy laugh and a great smile. our second session wasn’t as easy to pull together. knowing that she wanted it to be on assateague, we tried to schedule the perfect time only to get rained out the first time. the second go around looked even worse but we decided to cross our fingers and go for it! I was so glad we did – the skies, while dark were perfect and the beach was practically empty. it was just as we were finishing up that the rain started…


thanks so much molly for such fun sessions – I had a blast working with you!