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October 18, 2011

meet miss lillian! I had the pleasure of shooting her newborn session a little over a year ago – it always astounds me just how fast babies grow. to go from cuddled up in her mother’s arms in her new nursery to running on the beaches of chincoteague in such a seemingly short period of time is so amazing. lillian’s parents, emily and rory traveled down to chincoteague specifically for this session from their home outside of DC and it was so great to see them! as we got out of our cars I asked if lillian liked the ocean – it sometimes scares little ones who aren’t around it all of the time and the waves were big and crashing that day. almost before they could answer me, lillian was off… running to the surf as fast as her little legs could go – the child is fearless! :)

it was so wonderful to see all of you and spend the afternoon together – I had SO much fun and can’t wait for our next session! xo