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October 10, 2011

I have always loved old houses – the character, the charm and the history. like most houses in snow hill, ours is a pretty old gal and has been through a lot of changes. hopefully… well at least the plan is, that this off season she’ll get a few more. built by my great-great-grandfather in the 1800s our house used to be connected to the house next door (also know as the “big” house). years later, my great-grandfather split the house and made 2 separate houses for tax purposes and also so my grandmother would have a place to raise her family once she married. sticking with the plan, my grandmother got engaged after she graduated from the peabody institute and began teaching music in snow hill, marrying a man named luther. they made their home in the “little” house and began a life together – but shortly after their marriage, luther died from a sudden heart attack and my grandmother returned to the big house with her parents, consigned to the life of a young widow. the little house was then rented to a couple named ella and kerbin sturgis who were friends of our family – kerbin died before I was born, but ella stayed in the house for decades. because they had no children, ella had many “adoptive” grandchildren and I was happily one of them :)  2 years after luther’s death, my great-grandfather asked my grandmother to go to pocomoke to have the car serviced at gladding brothers motors – one of those brothers was my grandfather paul. he asked gram out for a date that day and they were married a year and a half later. because of pop’s business, he and gram bought a house in pocomoke but just several months later, my great-grandfather was killed while working on a tank at his oil company, tri-state oil. my grandmother was an only child, so my grandfather was asked to take over the family business and they moved back to snow hill in the big house with my great-grandmother – that’s where my mother was born and raised and where both of my grandparents lived for the rest of their lives. ella remained in the little house until 1996 when she suffered a stroke and could no longer manage the 2 floors, the claw foot tub and the narrow doorways. although she never returned home, we kept everything in her house untouched until her death in 2001. by that time, both of my grandparents had passed and I lived in colorado – mom was in salisbury with no desire to move to snow hill, so she sold the big house and rented the little house. when I moved home from colorado, I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do but decided I would live on the shore in the little house until I figured it out. I pulled the rugs, refinished the floors, painted the place every color of the the rainbow. we upgraded the heating system and I needed some carpentry work to close in the air ducts that snaked down the corners of the second floor rooms – and it just so happened that I had recently met this guy…. who was a contractor… and kinda cute. so I took a chance and gave him a call to see if he would come over and tell me what I needed to do – which turned into him doing the work, which turned into long conversations while painting which turned into a wedding in june 2005. so now we live in and love our little house with our 2 big dogs – but this winter we have plans… not huge plans but simple things that I have put off since opening the palette 6 years ago. new paint colors, a back patio, some basic rearranging and redecorating. so beginning in a week or two, I will start posting some “before” photos and keep you updated as to our progress… because even a 100+ year old gal loves a makeover :)