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October 06, 2011

are you in the mood for a good love story? yes?? well good – because I’ve got one for you :) the story of heather and chris’ romance is one I haven’t heard.. and I’ve been shooting weddings for 9 years so you know it’s good! these two have known each other since they were little kids and one day while they were both in seventh grade, heather got passed a note (for you youngsters, this is what we used to do waaaay back when before cell phones) anyhoo.. so heather read the note and is was from chris and it said “I like you, do you like me?” with boxes for her to check  for yes or no. I mean c’mon… that is the cutest thing – EVER! I got a couple.. okay, fine.. just one of those notes in seventh grade and I can’t even remember the boys name! at the reception during his welcome speech, heather’s father told the story and recalled telling his wife that he was a bit concerned about heather spending time with a boy at such a young age to which heather’s mom, dawn replied “dating at this age is the equivalent of maybe going to the mall together… it’s not like they’re going to get MARRIED”  to which, of course,  the room of all of their and families responded to with laughter and applause. heather and chris have gone to college together, traveled the world together and moved to austin, texas be with each other during graduate school. after a beautiful wedding on the shores of the bay at the chesapeake bay beach club, they are blissfully husband and wife and the box on the childhood note is forever checked “yes!”


I can’t tell you what a great time liv and I had with you – your friends and families were amazing and the day was perfect! we wish you so much laughter and love xoxo