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August 19, 2011

the first time I sat down with andrea and patrick, we were sitting in the panera bread in easton. they were giggling and finishing each other’s sentences and were so excited for their wedding. “we’re getting married on a thursday” andrea said and I loved it. I think if I had to do it all over again, I would get married on a day like thursday. not only would you have a wedding day, you have an entire wedding weekend – time to spend with your loved ones who have traveled and no next day dash to the airport for the honeymoon. so thursday it was and it was a beautiful one at the chesapeake bay beach club. I met up with andrea and her ladies at the hotel and the finishing touches were happening as the veil was getting ready to be affixed. though I didn’t know it at the time, patrick was getting ready in a room right below so before we left for the ceremony the two of them went out onto their respective balconies for a few super cute photos. after we finished, patrick glanced skyward to andrea’s perch and although of course he couldn’t see her, he knew she was looking down toward him “I love you” she said “I love you too, and I’ll be seeing you soon” he answered – too cute!

you were so wonderful to work with and it was such a beautiful day – thank you for one of my favorite thursdays ever!

August 17, 2011

I was watching the clouds all day and crossing my fingers and toes. we didn’t have a lot of wiggle room for this session so rain would not have been good. lisa and lucas aren’t getting married until next year but lucas is serving in egypt and was home on leave so this was our only window to shoot their e-session – plus we wanted to get their photos edited and posted before lucas left. but as I drove to assateague I had a feeling that everything was going to turn out perfectly. lisa and lucas went to high school together but were not a couple then – it wasn’t until a while later that a friend convinced lisa to go out one night to the green turtle because a lot of people from high school were getting together and the rest, as they say is history. they were so great together and knowing that they only had this small time to spend with each other during lucas’ deployment made me feel honored to spend an afternoon with them tagging along.

thank you both for an incredible afternoon – I had such a wonderful time and am looking forward to seeing you both soon!

August 17, 2011

siara has actually graduated and I had the pleasure of working with her last year but like most of my senior sessions, we had decided from the beginning to do her session on 2 different days. the first day you can see here but getting her second session done on the beach became less and less likely as the weather grew cooler. so enter the summer of 2011 and we had another shot :) siara and I met up at assateague on an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. her hair is longer and a slightly different shade but she was still the same girl I worked with last year and I had a blast working with her again!

August 15, 2011

well maybe forget is the wrong word – but I definitely take it for granted some days. I am a cold weather girl and find myself complaining about the summer heat that falls like a wet blanket on the eastern shore more than I should. I have to practice what I preach. I try to live a life of appreciation and gratitude – making better attempts at stopping and smelling the roses than I have in the past. and yet.. I can spend 3 afternoons in one week at assateague and not take a second to really look around at what’s basically in my back yard. I did the same in colorado when I lived in a farm house at the base of the flatirons of the rocky mountains, a stone’s throw from a state park and the best hiking trails in the world and I would complain about the wind – fail. so as much as I wanted to share these images I snapped while on a senior session, I also wanted to post this to be a daily reminder for me that it’s the small stuff that does matter – and when I take too much time and too much space in my head obsessing on the big and sometimes overwhelming crap, I could miss out on so much.

August 12, 2011

meet maura and asher! maura is part of what I like to call my “nat geo crew”  – our fabulous bride katie works at nation geographic and has referred so many people to us that they are indeed, a crew and I have loved working with every single one of them . maura and asher’s wedding was in pennsylvania and I had so much fun with them and their friends and their families!

  • where and when did you get married? we got married on september 24th, 2010 at the old mill which is located outside of philadelphia. our one year anniversary is fast approaching!
  • was there a special reason for choosing your venue? my mom was the person who recommended I look at the venue. it was everything I wanted my wedding to be a) an outside venue b) an old building c) gave me the ability to have my wedding and ceremony in the same location. after I went and looked at it, my mom told me that this was where she and my dad first met – after I learned that, I knew I wanted my wedding to be there.
  • what was your most memorable moment(s)? asher said “seeing my beautiful wife for the first time” I have so many.. 1. when the pastor that married us said “maura and ashley” twice (my husband’s name is asher) 2. my dirty dancing lift at the end of the night 3. my dress! I keep hoping I find a reason to wear it again.
  • if you had it to do over again would you change anything and what/why? we both loved everything just how it was. I probably would not order as many cupcakes because we ended up having 3 huge boxes left – but they, of course, did not go to waste
  • where did you honeymoon? we went to st. lucia for 10 wonderful days. the first resort was an open air one where basically you live with nature. we had tiny frogs all over I room, I loved it! and the food, OMG, I can not explain how amazing it was. the funniest part was there were water guns at each table to scare the birds away so they wouldn’t steal your food. then we moved down to a beach resort for our remaining time. we had an amazing time

August 10, 2011

it’s always an honor to be asked to shoot the wedding of a family friend – but when you’ve known that friend for decades, swam on the local swim team with her and watched her grow up to be an amazing woman? well, that’s awesome! and the first time I saw ashley with mike, I knew that wedding bells were not far away. they literally don’t stop smiling when they are together and I knew that this happiness would be fully on display at their wedding. from the first look to one of the most amazing receptions we’ve ever shot, kristie and I couldn’t help but smile while documenting it all. although I knew many of the family members and friends long before wedding day, those I didn’t were so nice and great to work with – the whole crew had us laughing all day! and ashley and mike? on a pretty hot day there was nothing that could faze them – the only thing that mattered was this day, their love, their wedding.

it was such an amazing day and we’re going to do a whole different post on the reception – because maybe… just maybe, the bride might have hopped up on the stage to belt out the final song of the evening! needless to say we love you guys and had such a wonderful time with you, your friends and family. thank you so much for allowing to capture every special moment!

August 09, 2011

robin is the sister of one of our fabulous brides brandi – and as I’ve said before, I love it when I can revisit a family for another very special occasion. and THIS is some family! all I’ll say is that robin’s parents ended up dancing together in the hot tub attached to the pool of brandi’s clipper mill reception. so I know that I’m in for an amazing time. and then there is robin and jason – they are the epitome of cuteness when together. as robin would get up onto her tippytoes to kiss jason, it was all I could do not to say “awww” because they really are that sweet with each other. after shooting around fells point, I joined them in a local restaurant for sunday brunch and had such a great time talking with them about the wedding and life in general. they are getting married in just a few short weeks at the cloisters and I am kinda hoping there will be a pool nearby :) 

your wedding is truly around the corner and I’m looking so forward to it – it’s going to be amazing!

August 09, 2011

there’s something about high school sweethearts that I just love – to have that kind of history and to share those memories I think is just amazing! such is the story of maria and ryan. when I first met them I loved the way they were together and then when I heard their story I loved them even more. maria and ryan grew up around alexandria and actually met in spanish class when she was a sophomore and he was a junior. they had some of their first dates in and around downtown – so shooting there for their e-session was perfect. they are getting married down here on the shore at the fabulous lighthouse sound next month and I couldn’t be more excited!

thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon - see you soon!

meet sarah and drew! when I first met them I was SO excited to work with them. not only are they super cute, especially when they are together, but they had amazing plans for their wedding. plus sarah is also a really talented photographer and I always love to work with fellow shooters – she’s actually helping us out with some sessions here at GPA and we couldn’t be happier!

  • where and when did you get married? may 22, 2010/OCBC in ocean city/the sunset room
  • was there a special reason for choosing your venue? it was the church I grew up in and many of my family members got married there as well. also it’s next to the beautiful ocean!
  • what was your most memorable moment(s)? I think the best part was when I turned the corner and saw Drew standing at the front of the church. all my nerves went out the door. I just wanted to get up there as fast as I could. also the dancing at the reception. between speeches, cake cutting and flower tossing there was only dancing!
  • if you had it to do over again, would you change anything and what/why? if I could go back and do anything over again I would most likely change everything! but don’t worry! not because I didn’t love my wedding and every part of it but because as much as I am traditional, I am a free spirit as well. I would love to do it all over again and have a big backyard bash. everyone brings their best dish and twinkle lights would light up the trees at night. perhaps for our 25 year anniversary!?
  • where did you honeymoon? we went to cozumel mexico for 8 days. pina coladas and delicious buffet all day, everyday

August 02, 2011

the first time I met katelyn and kevin was at the wedding of his sister kelly(she and her husband alex were actually last week’s friday flashback) and they were so cute together then that when katelyn contacted me about shooting their upcoming wedding, I was thrilled! not only was I excited to work with the two of them, but it’s always great to see and catch up with a family with whom you’ve worked with before. the ceremony was near where we shot their e-session and in talking with them, I knew that katelyn and kevin were getting married in downtown philadelphia (yay!) and that they wanted to shoot at places like love park and other downtown locations near their reception venue, the courtyard marriott (double yay!) what we couldn’t have predicted was the heat – it was steamy to say the least – but this is why we love doing what we do with the couples we work with. instead of fretting about the heat index of 118, these guys rolled with it and unless you were there, you’d never know to look at them. because this day wasn’t about anything but what that big sign in the park said  L.O.V.E.


congratulations katelyn and kevin! we enjoyed every second of working with you and know that your life together will be filled with laughter and love!