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August 22, 2011

when roland and I were married a little over 6 years ago, we were given this as a wedding present. I loved it immediately – yes I like frogs and yes, I like yoga a lot but there was something about the combination that I adored and it took up quick and prominent residence on our built in bookcase in the living room. a while later we were tucked into the deep cushions of our couch discussing our day as we often do, but on this day.. ugh it a been a day. now the worst thing you can do to a control freak is hand them a day or a set of circumstances that they can’t immediately “fix” and this was such a day. it wasn’t tragic or sad or really that important but I was in a funk and the world was going to hear all about it. the stunning beauty of my husband  is that he actually listens when I get like this. finally I had worked myself into such a dither that he reminded me to breathe and asked me to just slow down. then he glanced around and then back to me – “you just need some zen” he said, pointing to the frog “see? like him…” and for whatever reason, this made me stop talking and I put my hyper gesturing hands in my lap. THEN I burst out laughing – but the point was made… when there are things put in my path that I have absolutely no control over, I need to just stay put and be quiet and let what will be simply be. since then, our gold little friend has become code for “calm the hell down” but also is called on for both planned and unexpected good things. when I finally moved into the studio space of my dreams, that was a zen frog day. when the hubs calls to say that he’s won a bid that he’s worked really hard to get plus he just finished a delicious lunch – well that’s absolutely zen frog worthy and even something as small as a nice evening on the beach gets a tip of the hat to the frog man. I mean look at him, can you take like oh so seriously when he’s around? the beauty is is that even though he is just a “thing” he has a special little part in our life and relationship and has become a happy addition to the story of us.