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August 15, 2011

well maybe forget is the wrong word – but I definitely take it for granted some days. I am a cold weather girl and find myself complaining about the summer heat that falls like a wet blanket on the eastern shore more than I should. I have to practice what I preach. I try to live a life of appreciation and gratitude – making better attempts at stopping and smelling the roses than I have in the past. and yet.. I can spend 3 afternoons in one week at assateague and not take a second to really look around at what’s basically in my back yard. I did the same in colorado when I lived in a farm house at the base of the flatirons of the rocky mountains, a stone’s throw from a state park and the best hiking trails in the world and I would complain about the wind – fail. so as much as I wanted to share these images I snapped while on a senior session, I also wanted to post this to be a daily reminder for me that it’s the small stuff that does matter – and when I take too much time and too much space in my head obsessing on the big and sometimes overwhelming crap, I could miss out on so much.