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August 02, 2011

the first time I met katelyn and kevin was at the wedding of his sister kelly(she and her husband alex were actually last week’s friday flashback) and they were so cute together then that when katelyn contacted me about shooting their upcoming wedding, I was thrilled! not only was I excited to work with the two of them, but it’s always great to see and catch up with a family with whom you’ve worked with before. the ceremony was near where we shot their e-session and in talking with them, I knew that katelyn and kevin were getting married in downtown philadelphia (yay!) and that they wanted to shoot at places like love park and other downtown locations near their reception venue, the courtyard marriott (double yay!) what we couldn’t have predicted was the heat – it was steamy to say the least – but this is why we love doing what we do with the couples we work with. instead of fretting about the heat index of 118, these guys rolled with it and unless you were there, you’d never know to look at them. because this day wasn’t about anything but what that big sign in the park said  L.O.V.E.


congratulations katelyn and kevin! we enjoyed every second of working with you and know that your life together will be filled with laughter and love!