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August 01, 2011

I realize that football season isn’t officially here yet… but at least is happening! I was seriously working myself into a a tizzy during the lockout and refused to imagine this fall without a football game. now I am an unapologetic steelers fan – a position that isn’t very popular here in ravens country. and while you’ll rarely hear me talk about politics or religion publicly, I am not above talking some smack when it comes to football. it’s a trait I inherited from my father. my dad rockwood (aka rock or rocky) was a football player, a football watcher, a football lover and a rabid fan. I grew up spending snowy sundays in the family room where we started with breakfast and ended with dinner in front of the TV as both a fire in the fireplace and my dad roared. some of the best days of my life were when my dad and I went to go see football games at 3 rivers in pittsburgh and the vet in philly. at one particularly emotional game, I even got up on his shoulders… at age 29. my father seemed larger than life sometimes – he towered over others at 6’9″ and had the personality to match. and when his team was playing?? well he was a sight to behold. my apple didn’t fall far from this tree. I have baffled my dogs who wondered why their mom was screaming at the TV. I have literally gotten hives while watching an important game and I have cried on multiple occasions both tears of joy and disappointment. one of the first times my husband met my father was during playoffs - dad and I sat side by side, our eyes fixed while saying nothing as the game got tense. even that early in our relationship, roland knew that is was probably wise not to try talking to us. now that my dad is gone, I still think about him every day but while watching a game it’s like I can actually feel him. my step-mother and I will call each other during particular games and talk like dad is right there in the room with us.. which to us, he is. so am I looking forward to the cooler weather that ushers in football season? absolutely! will it be amusing to have friendly rivalry with my ravens friends? of course. but the best thing about this upcoming season for me is that every sunday I get several hours where I am reminded of amazing times with my favorite fan and I get to watch the sport that I learned to love while nestled in the lap of my dad.