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June 24, 2011

I know I’ve said this before, but my couple’s are the coolest! I especially love it when they think outside of the box like becky and darin did. when I sat down with becky and her mom marty, they were tossing a few wedding/reception locations around and then becky said wye island which definitely caught my attention. when becky called me to confirm the island as the location I was so happy! I met up with her, her mom, her caterer and her florist about a month and a half ago to go over all of the plans to have it all come together – it truly takes a village. the result was stunningly perfect! as I met up with becky and her girls the room was abuzz with laughter and excitement and as she dressed into her gown she was so beautiful. I had so much fun with becky, darin and their friends and family – it was a perfect day!

amazing flowers and design by monteray farms flowers + gifts – amy is incredible!


thank you so much  for such a wonderful day – I felt so lucky to be apart of it! congratulations and much love!

June 23, 2011

the first time I met with jenna I knew I wanted to work with her – not only did her wedding sound a-ma-zing - but she had me laughing within minutes. when I met up with them for their e-session and met josh for the first time, I knew a fun filled afternoon was in store. we started in downtown salisbury around the plaza and then went out to the farm of one of josh’s groomsman which was fantastic! there was a little cabin on the property and it’s also where pumpkin, their adorable 12 year old dog made her debut. needless to say, she was the star of several shots and even had her own wagon.. travelin’ in style :) when josh pulled out his dad’s gibson guitar, I was in heaven! such a great day!! 

so SO excited for your wedding at riverhouse – it’s going to be incredible!! thanks again for such a fun afternoon – see you soon!

June 21, 2011

I met katelyn and kevin at the wedding of kelly & alex kevin is kelly’s brother – so when katelyn called me to tell me that they were engaged I was so happy for them. when she asked me if I was available so shoot the wedding I was thrilled – I knew this wedding would be as fun as kelly and alex’s. when deciding on an e-session location, katelyn came up with the perfect spot – it was this small historical village right outside of philly in new jersey. roland and I had to be in philly anyway for the weekend so it was easy to travel there on our way home. we were blessed with gorgeous weather and no crowds :) we had the whole place to ourselves!

I really loved working with you both and the location was amazing! I’m super excited for your wedding – see you soon!

June 17, 2011

I’ve known amantha for about the past 6 years and I have always enjoyed the time I’ve spent with her – so when she contacted me to participate in our mother’s day mini-sessions on assateague with her daughter alexa I was thrilled! unfortunately mother nature had different plans and a mighty thunderstorm rolled through the morning of their session. we discussed where and when to re-schedule and it was decided that I would go to rehoboth where she lives. I love rehoboth and haven’t really had the time this season to go up there. we met in late evening and the light was amazing. amantha brought her pup who entertained herself in the waves… not really standing still long enough for a “family”  photo :) alexa was simply glowing and gorgeous – I loved that I had the opportunity to photograph this special time for a mother and daughter. as a 5th generation only daughter I have a special affection for shooting mother/daughter portraits and think that might be my special project next year. 

thanks for a lovely evening you beautiful ladies – I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family!!

June 15, 2011

jessica said we had horrible luck and for a second I agreed with her. see our first attempt to shoot their e-session was in OC on memorial day weekend and I have never, in all of my years living here, seen it so crazy over there. they wanted to do the session there because it’s where alex proposed and I always love shooting some fun boardwalk photos - because I got there before they did I left the ball in their court. as soon as they got over the bridge I got a call from jessica saying “no way” so on to plan b! jessica and alex choose the gorgeous combsberry inn in oxford and we set up a date and time – perfect! only that when that day rolled around it was the hottest day of the year. again I contacted them…. heat be damned – we were on!! once we got there, it was apparent that even though it was steamy, a nice breeze off of the river made it more than bearable – even pleasant and the shoot was a blast! I knew when I first met jessica and her mom at the studio that she was going to be great with. we talked well past the consultation and I’m so happy to be working with her and alex!

I had such an amazing time with you both and am SO excited for your wedding!!

June 14, 2011

booker and sampson here! raye was about to sit down to write this blogpost but we figured that because it was a dog days post that it was only right that we should take care of it – we are the studio DOGS after all – why assign us a role and not let us contribute?? geeesh… anyhoo! paws for a cause was our first dogs days event held at the studio – raye and kristie spent 2 fun-filled days working with many dogs of all shapes and sizes. kristie came up with some very unique sounds to get the attention of our buddies while they both snapped away. the coolest thing is that a portion of all proceeds and future print orders will go directly to the WCHS – even cooler is that this is one of many events to come! all of our girls have dogs, many of whom were rescued and who’s very survival was made possible by organizations like WCHS. the studio hopes to work with them and folks like them for many fun sessions yet to come. our next event will be in late summer/early fall once wedding season eases up a bit. don’t fret! we will be the first to tell you what we overhear during upcoming studio meetings regarding anything dog related… just doin’ our job!

all of kristie’s sisters came down with her dog reef for a big group photo!

if you want any further info on our dog days events or just pet portraits in general, shoot raye an email

June 09, 2011

such a beautiful day! one of those days where everything was just right – a perfect day for a wedding! I met up with jen at headlines salon where she and her girls were getting their hair and makeup done. I was so excited to see jen who of course looked gorgeous – we had been keeping in close contact since their e-session and I knew she had many amazing things planned. then it was off to glen riddle to meet up with nick and his guys. suddenly I noticed this random garden gnome that seemed to be everywhere – it was explained to me that the gnome had been acquired during the bachelor party and was given to nick by his best man the morning of wedding day – he even joined us as we went to lighthouse sound!

notice anything next to nick?? :)


some wonderful toasts!

I am so grateful that I had the honor of documenting your big day! in our work we have the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many people and I feel lucky to have met you both – beautiful day, beautiful atmosphere and wonderful people – loved it! congratulations!!

June 07, 2011

I had really been looking forward to linda and dan’s wedding ever since we worked together during their e-session in DC – I was really excited to see them again and there was one more thing I couldn’t wait to see…. her wedding dress!! it’s not every day that the bride designs her own dress – but linda did! she used different elements that she loved from other gowns and then after putting her own spin on it, created her own.   it.was.stunning!   the weather was incredible as I drove to chincoteague and I knew that it was going to be an amazing day!

I met up with all of the ladies at the island manor b+b where linda was getting dressed her something old was a gorgeous pin that belonged to her grandmother and the blue was represnted with some sassy navy heels! this was my first time to the island manor and it’s such a pretty place – little touches everywhere. once she was dressed we shot a little bit before going off to meet up with dan and then headed to the beach!


it was such an honor to spend your big day with you and I look forward to seeing you again – I wish you much happiness!!

what does 26 quarts of fresh strawberries + 80 pounds of sugar + 3 fun gals with a free afternoon equal?? homemade jam!  :)  as I mentioned in my bio, I love my grandmother’s jam so when strawberry season rolled around I was more than excited!  we picked up 26 quarts of berries that morning from Harcum Farm’s in Hebron, Maryland and began the jam making process (only after we taste-tested a few, of course!)  after a long day of washing, capping, mashing and laughing we had enough jam to fill 2 freezers!  this delicious treat will definitely contribute to this summer’s culinary list! 

someone was keeping an eye on the berries to make sure we didn’t sample too many! :)

after my aunt washed the berries my grandmother capped and mashed them into a puree. 

then we added the pectin and poured the jam into jars :)

Mom-Mom hard at work!!

after all of our hard work we decided to treat ourselves :) 

then we all called it a day ;)

June 03, 2011

when my cousin called me in october and told me that she had seen my friend caitlin AND that she was expecting, I was thrilled! I was in the midst of my busiest time of year and hadn’t seen her in a pretty long time. I immediately contacted her and had been waiting along with everyone else for the arrival of this adorable little boy. I got the call shortly after they got home from the hospital and as soon as I walked into her house the first words out of my mouth was “!!” I have never seen that much hair on a newborn before and I think it’s the cutest thing ever

congratulations!! I’m so excited to watch this little guy and your amazing family grow – much love xoxo