Archive for May 23rd, 2011

  • your full name: kristie michelle cooper
  • your earliest memory: I remember playing barbies with my sister for hours on end in the dining room of our old house – we had 2 of everything so the floor would be covered in layers of tiny shoes, clothes, accessories and dolls
  • first love: art. I started out with a white living room wall and slowly progressed from there :)  I was born into a family of crafters and artists so it’s always been around me and an outlet for me
  • favorite sounds: my “country lullaby” – when I have my windows open, I love falling asleep to the breeze whispering through the screen and hearing the bullfrogs and crickets carry on. occasionally an owl will chime in or a fox will screech – but without lights or cars around, it’s nature’s symphony. I also love the sound of my dog reef whimpering when he’s jealous for attention – oh, and a baby’s giggle is always contagious
  • favorite band/singer: such a tough one! my favorite tends to change with my mood or activity – however my favorite genre would be anything acoustic
  • I love: blended coffees, family cookouts, scuba diving, seafood, traveling to new places and meeting the locals, photography, living in the country, my grandfather’s stories about the past, history, laughing til I cry (my sisters are the only people who have ever made it happen) my grandmother’s homemade strawberry jam, gardening, the beach, a glass of chocolate milk before bed, the cold side of the pillow and my family
  • I don’t like: waking up to an empty and silent house, people who abuse the system, egotists, spiders and all bugs for that matter, the electric slide, improper cell phone etiquette and olives.
  • my role at GPA: studio partner and photographer