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so today is the last in a week of posts that we won’t soon forget – we have never gotten so many texts, emails and FB messages from you - it’s been amazing!! we had so much fun and just wanted to include one more post of some behind the scenes shots as well of some portraits of the gorgeous courtney and brittany who did all of the amazing hair you’ve seen this week. tomorrow officially kicks off our full wedding season – it’s full steam ahead! so the blog is preparing itself to get hit by all of us soon. we just wanted to take another opportunity to thank everyone who helped out on saturday: courtney, brittany, meagan, susan, sarah, jim, joanne, anthony, phil, caitlin, diane, mel, ashley, skylar, bridget, casey, caitlin,amy jo, eddie and danielle – you all were ROCKSTARS and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

the pocomoke crew

videographer anthony

my best friend (and sky’s mom) workin’ her point and shoot :)

there’s already been discussion about a round two this summer/fall and if it’s anyting like this shoot, we can’t waitt!

better later in the day (or evening!) than never! it occurred to us while we was finishing up watermarking that we should have edited + posted these in 2 different posts. but they are ready to go so why not post them all? we’ve have had SO much amazing feedback through FB, texts and emails – we’re so excited to hear from everyone! we’ve also gotten a lot of inquiries about who participated in this shoot with us. one thing is for sure – if you’re getting married, our vendors are your dream team! we listed everyone on monday’s post, but we thought it may be easier to post it again 

tomorrow we wrap it all up with some behind the scenes photos and portraits of courtney and brittany!

again – we’re a little later getting this on the blog than we’d like to be – but there’s so much to play with!!!! because we started earlier, we were able to post a few more of each look than we did yesterday. we seriously couldn’t have asked for better people to work with – you made our job feel effortless! like yesterday, if you want to contact any of the amazing people who made all of this possible either scroll down the blog or click here

tune in tomorrow for wedding dresses!!

April 26, 2011

so for the best photo shoot day EVER we decided to do three looks. we were hoping to get these up earlier, but there were so many to choose from that kristie and I loved, that it was a good problem to have! the first look of the day was much more than your average jeans and a t-shirt. thanks to the amazing hair, make-up and styling - casual was fierce! for a list of all vendors that we used, please go to yesterday’s post by scrolling down or clicking here

check back tomorrow for look TWO!

April 25, 2011

if you like us on facebook or follow us on twitter then you know that we’ve had a photo shoot in the making for quite awhile. I thought a little history of how this shoot came to be would be cool – plus I am still amazed myself. saturday was the kind of day that a photographer dreams of! literally – when I first started taking photographs, specifically portraits and fashion projects while in school, I remember dreaming “someday…. someday I’ll have a studio, and amazing models + and stylists to work with and I’ll be able to create my own shoot.” when dreams come true – and I’ve had more than my fair share – it’s always a bit overwhelming. but for this shoot kris + I only played a part in a finely tuned and carefully planned dance. with the hiring of 2 new employees late this past winter, I wanted to just do a small shoot, using some girls I had worked with before so that my whole team would have a day to shoot, critique and learn. then one day, I wandered into a perfect dress in salisbury and spoke with my friend sarah and we thought it would be great to use some of their dresses. THEN I saw my friend courtney out one night and she told me that she was having her website designed and she really wanted to do a before and after hair/makeup/fashion shoot. from there it kept growing and we recruited amazing vendors like city florist and joanne miranda designs to help us pull off one of the best days of my professional life. this shoot took all day and is all that will be featured on the blog this week but for today I just wanted to post the “getting readys” so send us some love this week and let us know what you think!


susan and sky 


meagan and brittany washing ashley’s hair after a keratin treatment                                                                                                   


courtney and videographer anthony


prescilla and bridget

courtney with susan

sky and casey


prescilla and susan


courtney and eye shadow – lots of it!

tub O shoes!

susan and casey

sky and one of my favorite things – getting my hair washed…. so relaxing :)

courtney loving the flatbread pizza from the palette

susan and bridget

courtney and sky


picking out clothes

I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with – seriously, you are all AMAZING!!! special thanks to kristie for running around picking up the last minutes things we needed as well as the wedding dresses while I was at the studio and courtney’s salon. I can’t wait to share this shoot all week and show off all of my fabulous friends and vendors – stay tuned!!

April 19, 2011

yep – it’s tuesday. and yes I missed my weekly monday moments blogpost. I could make excuses about a shoot across the bridge and horrible traffic coming home (both true) but the truth is that I was super tired when I got home and just wanted down time with the hubs and my pups – so today you get a double dose. yesterday’s post was to be all about lollipops – how much I’ve loved them as a kid, how they’ve been an integral part of my quitting cigarettes and how I found these luscious lollis on etsy – all natural and amazing flavors. last year I sent chocolates some of my favorite vendors but discovered that if they were delivered on a saturday they would sometimes be a gooey mess when opened on monday. so this year it’s all about lollipops – let’s just see how many I have leftover :)

but today’s post is all about family mini-sessions. we love running minis as they allow us to work with a lot of clients – some we’ve known since their wedding day and some new friends as well. they are also a lot of bang for your buck – for $100 you receive a 30 minute session, an online gallery, 1 8×10 and 2 5×7 enlargements. we asked on facebook what locations you would like and through comments, instant message and texts the most popular locations were assateague island and byrd park here in snow hill - so that’s where we’ll be.  we are running the minis on saturday may 14th and 15th from 10am – 4 pm with kris at one location and me at the other. when we ran these sessions during the holidays, they booked up in one day so shoot us an email to or give us a call at 410.632.4855 to reserve your spot today!

I have said it before and will repeat it until the cows come home, forever and a day, until I turn blue? but it’s the biggest truth of my business – my clients are my everything and the reason that I’m still here. they are why I seek out the best this industry has to offer in terms of products and imaging and why I border on obsessive with every detail of every shoot. and when these clients come into our lives it’s amazing – when they settle in and become good friends, it’s heaven! such is the case with steph and jeff – I met with them when I still had a home office (a LONG time ago) and they were getting married right before I was. the first thing I noticed about them was laughter – a lot of it – between them and with me. jeff is easily one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and has the best laugh. when we shot their e-session and they wanted maddie, their pit bull rescue to be a part of the shoot I was so excited and it was actually my first e-session involving a pet – but certainly not the last. their wedding was held at horns point where they both work and met and it was a gorgeous early summer day. it was also one of the first weddings where kristie shot the entire time. one thing that stood out to me, apart from the gorgeous bride and dapper groom, was this beautiful arbor under which they got married and that we also used for a lot their portraits. when I commented on how beautiful and perfect it was, steph told me that jeff had made it himself as a wedding gift… swoon! but the best part? the thing that touched my heart? was that as I was leaving the wedding jeff, knowing that my wedding was right around the corner, asked me if I had my “something borrowed” yet – what an odd question from a groom, I remember thinking “umm, I don’t think so” I replied. “well you do now” he smiled and proceeded to inform me that he was going to bring the wedding arbor he made down to snow hill for me and roland to use for our wedding. really??!!?? yes really internet – that’s how amazing my couples are!

the dreamy arbor…

when they found out that baby number one (daughter hannah) was on the way, we decided to meet up in assateague for the maternity session

some of my favorite photos ever are from a session I did with hannah and steph on the beach

at a session this past fall. I mean really… how cute are they?

with baby number two (son finn) on the way, we got this maternity session done right under the wire!

fur-kid moses – another pit bull rescue and such a sweet boy

baby finn!

on left – hannah at age 1 and on right as a big sister  – love it

it goes without saying that I love you two and your amazing family but I am so grateful to have people like you in my life  -  I am honored to document your big beautiful family and the love that shows in every photo I take and plan to continue to until you kick me out! :) xoxo

April 12, 2011

after over 300 weddings, you’d think that I would be out of “firsts” right? well apparently not. see I have a very cool bride named danielle and a few months back she contacted me to see if there was any way I could shoot just portraits for a wedding. no getting ready – no ceremony – just meet one of her closest friends lauren and her new husband drew after their lunch reception and spend 2 hours with them doing their wedding portraits. it was to be danielle’s wedding gift to lauren. absolutely I would! but to be honest, I was a bit nervous. usually I meet with my clients several times before wedding day - even if I don’t, I have the earlier part of wedding day to get to know them a little bit before we do their portraits. so the idea of “hi! I’m raye – now let’s do your portraits” gave me some butterflies – not gonna lie. within 2 minutes of meeting lauren and drew I knew that my worry was misspent (as it so often is). they were so excited, relaxed and ready for whatever I suggested – woo hoo!! because drew is in the military, we had access to the grounds of the navel academy. we also shot all around downtown annapolis including the bar where they first met. the 2 hours flew by and I had such a great time with them!

lauren was absolutely gorgeous and I adored the blue extension she had in her hair for the big day – just enough to be fierce!

favorite photo of the day…

lauren and drew – I’m so happy that danielle hired me to be your personal paparazzi on your big day – I had a blast! I know you’re having an amazing time on your honeymoon and look forward to seeing you again soon!

April 11, 2011

we are not your typical workplace – until the season gets busy we don’t have regular office hours and when we do it’s just me and kris. for the most part we run day to day operations via email, phone calls and texts. so when we get together as a group it’s amazing! yesterday we did so that we could talk over the upcoming season, some fun sessions and promotions that are approaching quickly. we also took this opportunity to do a little impromptu session of all of us. kris and I have had the same photo for over 2 years and getting a profile photo of jillian and mel has been on my to-do list since I don’t know when. we had a pretty afternoon until the sun started setting and then it started to get chilly – we went back to my house for pizza and more talk – both “shop” and “girl” :)    I feel so blessed to have such an amazing team with our busiest season approaching – all of us are loving the space and the inspiration of our new studio as well. it’s rare to work with a small group of people (especially creative types) and have such a great flow of ideas, nurturing friendships and respect. I truly feel like we make each other better and more passionate and I see that as such an amazing gift! we really had a great time shooting (even me, who ABHORS being in front of the lens) and I think photographing each other pushes us out of our comfort zone a little – so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see our next  studio “family” portrait soon!  happy monday!

April 06, 2011

it really is hard to believe that it’s time to start booking sessions for the class of 2012 – how time flys! last year was our biggest and best year working with seniors from snow hill, worcester prep, stephen decatur, bennett, salisbury school and mardela and we are so excited for our newest bunch of seniors! the addition of our new studio give us a whole new space to work with as well as our much sought after custom on-location sessions.

we thought we’d take this opportunity to answers some of our most FAQs when it comes to our seniors…

what’s included in the session?  every session includes sitting fee for 2 on-location sites within 40 miles of the studio. clients have their choice of up to 3 outfit changes at any of the locations. each client has their own online gallery which has the option of being password protected. also included is an in-studio formal session and we’ll email your choice to your yearbook for you.

are the locations picked out by you?  absolutely not! these sessions are for our clients – not us. we have questionnaires that we send to find out what you’re all about – it is all about you and this amazing year and milestone in your life! if you need suggestions we are of course happy to oblige, but ideally the sessions are customized specifically for our seniors.

will I be able to have photos for facebook?  you betcha! we will upload your favorite 10 and tag you.

can I do my sessions with my best friend?  yes! we’ve done this before and have loved it – we even had a group of 4 girls who had been best friends since kindergarten and we had a blast! obviously, individual photos are taken of each client as well during the session. there is also a session discount applied when shooting these sessions.

how long after my session with my photos be online?  a blogpost of your session will be posted within a week of the session, and usually sooner than that. your full online gallery is guaranteed to be posted within 15 days. 

do you have an order minimum?  no and we have 6 different packages to suit every family’s needs – if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will happily customize a package just for you.

do you have a senior representative program?  YES! and we have been blessed with the best reps ever in the past few years – they have been so great to work with! here’s how it works…. we accept 1 senior rep from each local high school and they receive their session free (including formals, the online gallery and facebook photos) in addition, they get 80 free wallet photos and 4×6 proofs of their whole session. we we also design a “rep card” from your favorite photo for you to hand out to your friends – for each card that one of your friends brings to us when we are hired to do their session, the rep will receive $20 in studio credit to spend on enlargements, coffee table books or fine art canvases. our senior rep spots filled up last year so email us at today to get on the books!

we will announce all senior photography updates on facebook so go “like” us now by clicking here  -  we can’t wait to meet you!