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February 28, 2011


as you read this, I am blissfully off the cyber grid as my husband and I are somewhere off the coast of south america – finally on a honeymoon. but because I missed monday moments last week, I wanted to make sure I posted something while we were gone. and it’s all about one word – gratitude. see I am the type that is more likely to focus on the one thing in my life that is bothering me, not behaving or not doing what I tell it to do. whatever this thing or issue may be, I will let it suck up my whole day and sometimes several. it is so pathetically easier for me to get caught up in the negative that I am unable to relish the positive. and there is SO much in my life and business that is so much more than I ever imagined it would be!! so while in vegas for wppi I was able to look at what matters – what REALLY matters. not getting the right color of paint for the studio – doesn’t matter. that my jeans are a little tighter since I quit smoking – doesn’t matter. that I won a lot of $ in vegas and continued to lose it all but $100 – doesn’t matter (I still left with $100 I didn’t have to begin with – so yay!) . here’s what matters: what does matter is that I spent a week with 3 amazing women and artists – talking life and photography with kristie, joni and maria was such a gift. being able to hear and learn new things from other photographers at wppi that I really admire was just what I needed to shake me up creatively and personally before entering the 2011 season. knowing that with kristie, we have brought our studio to a place I never dreamed it would be – welcoming jillian and mel to take this journey with us only makes it sweeter. and more than anything, to have the support and help of the best husband in the world makes this girl a complete fool when I choose to wallow in the crap instead of living fully in this life that I am so so lucky to have. I felt a contentment that is true gratitude during our last night in vegas as kris, joni and I inhaled tasty crepes at a cafe in the bellagio after making our way down the strip, shooting photos as we went. I mean – this is my job? this is my life? I’ll take it – with whipped cream on top!