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February 14, 2011


a few weeks ago, roland and I went to old town alexandria for a short getaway. thankfully we have friends who do for us what we can’t seem to do for ourselves. although we’re rectifying this in a couple of weeks by finally going on a honeymoon – we aren’t great at just leaving and taking some time just for us. so our amazing friends ann + randy, along with their son bryan and his wife mel got us 2 nights at the fabulous hotel monaco and a very yummy dinner at the chart house.┬áthe saturday we were there, we wandered the streets, visiting local shops and gawking at the architecture of the old buildings. if you’ve never been to old town, you simply must go. it’s a great place for anyone to visit, but it’s a photographer’s dream! as I’m apt to do, several times a day – I felt the need for coffee, so we ducked into a starbucks. as we were sitting there, planning which way to go once we warmed up a bit, roland saw a dog sitting there with his owner and motioned my eyes toward the dog. now I have been known to just wander away from a group of friends to go visit with a dog – I’ve even done it during an e-session. I can’t help myself – I am 100% a dog person and so is my honey. naturally, we had to knock on the window to say hi! once he looked at us, he didn’t look away so I took a couple of photos. the owner then noticed her distracted pup and saw me through the window waving at her pooch and snapping away. if she thought we were weird, she didn’t let it show and smiled at us – because I would wager that she too is a dog person and that’s just what we do. and because it’s valentines day and he’s just too cute… a photo of my love