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September 08, 2010


the first time I spoke with amy jo’s mother terry, I knew this was going to be a fun shoot. amy jo has a lot of interests and hobbies – but her passions are her horse and her dragster, and could we shoot with them both? ABSOLUTELY! I met up with amy jo, terry, dad and little brother at riverhouse in snow hill where both the horse & dragster had been brought along for the session. this horse is gorgeous! and HUGE! which is why it amused me to find out his nickname was junior. he was great, taking direction from amy jo like a pro – I swear he was posing! and then…….. well amy jo wanted some shots on his back, so she hopped up bare back and at first junior seemed fine and then, in a split second he began to gallop and then he reared up – waaayyyy up – I was terrified, but amy jo just slid gracefully off, it didn’t phase her one bit - after junior calmed down, we tried again and were successful (stay tuned for part 2 to see a shot or two of this) next up it was time for the dragster and I had a blast shooting with amy jo all decked out in her racing gear.








thanks amy jo! I had so much fun with you, your family AND junior – part two coming soon!

September 08, 2010


hope is my close friend and was my right hand girl/manager/sanity keeper at the palette. taylor is her daughter and she worked at the palette for years. this fall – taylor has left the nest to attend hood college and I wanted to get some shots of the two of them before she left. this shoot was literally only about 12 hours before taylor left snow hill. now hope likes her photo about as much as I do (meaning we both HATE it!) but that seemed to fall away when cuddled up to her youngest



 love this shot…



makes me giggle :)



congratulations taylor! I hear that you’re loving college life – I know your mom misses you like crazy but hopefully we’ll see you soon!