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July 14, 2010


so after I got up this morning and had a cup of coffee (okay maybe 2) and I sat on the porch and thought about this post.  I wanted above anything to get it right – I wanted to choose the right photos, I wanted to tell the story of this day the way it should be told – not merely how it affected me. so I thought… and I got some more coffee. finally, I decided to just get to my computer and do it. so here it is – and I only hope I do it justice.

Deborah found me through the and hired me to do her and aram’s e-session. as soon as I walked into her parent’s vacation home in cambridge, aram rushed up to me and shook my hand – huge smile and sparkling eyes – energy that was contagious. deborah was still figuring out what she was going to wear but once she came into the living room her gaze went not to me, this tall stranger but to aram who beamed at her. during the course of the session I loved their sense of humor, both with each other and with me. I loved aram’s ideas and deborah’s easy smile. the weather looked like it may turn any moment and we went to several locations, even jumping a ditch which the rain had turned into a small river – but they were troopers the entire shoot. it’s one of my favorite e-sessions and you can check it out here. needless to say, I was very excited as we were saying our good-byes when they asked me for my availability on their wedding day.

now if you’re a client of mine, you know that with my contracts I send out questionnaires that ask both the bride and groom some questions. these questionairres help me get some creative ideas specific to their wedding day that I may not know otherwise. january came around and I was trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the 2010 season and sent out reminder emails to couples who hadn’t returned the questionnaires yet. about a week later I got an email from deborah – she was so apologetic that they hadn’t gotten them done, but they had been a bit sidetracked. deborah was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on christmas eve. I don’t even know if I read the rest of the email – I ran upstairs, grabbed her file and called her. as you’ll be learning more in a few weeks, cancer has touched my family in a huge way and I know something about the fear. but more importantly I know about the hope and she was full of hope and positivity and the wedding was on! yes – she’d be bald from treatment and yes, she might get tired easily but what’s cancer when you have a wedding to plan?!


about a week or so before the wedding – deborah emailed me with 2 exciting pieces of news. one – their wedding announcement would be in the new york times yay! you can see that here and also – the washington post would be doing a story on them – you can see that here. I saw this man walk onto her parent’s property laden down with cameras and thought “aha – washington post” I went up and introduced myself – he couldn’t have been cooler. my own second shooter….. from the washington post – too cool!! but the best part of this wedding and the part I took with me was the amount of love and support that radiated from their friends and family. you could literally feel it! from their siblings & parents to the friends that traveled in from all over the world – everyone was there to celebrate their love.




deborah joked that during her downtime when she wasn’t feeling too hot she was a wedding planning machine – being a favorite. and let me tell you – she covered ALL of the bases! from the flowers to the cocktail hour – everything was perfect! the ceremony was at a a place where the river turns and was stunning


I kinda have a crush on both of their families – SO nice and funny!






mazel tov!


most of the guests wore amazing hats and funky wigs in support of deborah – rockin’ the pompadour!







jonathon newton from the washington post


the light and the couple are beyond amazing!





words can’t say how honored & touched I was that deborah trusted me to take these next few shots – you’re gorgeous, inside and out



onto the reception where deborah & aram changed into blue wigs – the color theme of the wedding was blue and instead of just picking one blue to try to match everything to, there was every shade of blue you could imagine. it was stunning AND brilliant!




off they go! I wish you everything! love, happiness & continued success in your fight -  I saw all of that and so much more on your wedding day. it was truly a day that will stay with me forever and I’m just so grateful that I was a part of it.  love you both!