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July 31, 2010


karen was referred to me by my friend amantha and she contacted me about a month ago. she and nate wanted to do their session in lewes and I hadn’t been there in forever so I was excited to shoot that location. they haven’t been engaged that long, but wanted to do an e-session for their save-the-dates for their destination wedding in turks & caicos! how cool does that sound?!  – I may have to hide in someone’s suitcase :) ! we missed a downpour but the rain made thing’s a bit more humid – it was HOT! but you wouldn’t know it to look at karen & nate – they were so smitten and great to work with












congratulations karen & nate! I had so much fun working with you and wish you happiness as your wedding approaches!

July 31, 2010


I’ve gotta be honest – I’ve been waiting for this session for years. see helana is the sister of one of my first official gillette portrait arts brides sarina. sarina and her husband john were from philly but getting married down at dewey beach and hired me at my first wedding show. I still talk about their wedding for several reasons – first they are one of my favorite couples ever, second it was one of my first on the shore and third – it was HUGE!! the biggest one I’ve ever shot. obviously helana was a big part of sarina’s day and she and walt were together way back then – I remember practically stalking them on the dance floor because they were so cute! I was beyond excited when I finally got the call from helana telling me that she and walt were tying the knot! we decided that it would be fun to do their e-session in philly and when I suggested love park, they were happily on board!




helana & walt, like most people who live in philadelphia are huge eagles fans and they brought their jerseys AND there was a “love” phanatic in the park so we kinda just had to :)








I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for your wedding and to see everyone again – truly a celebration! see you soon!!!!

July 29, 2010


jessica & russell were married on a beautiful july afternoon. although it was hot, the skies were clear and when I arrived to heritage shores I entered the large bridal suite all abuzz with last minute touches, excitement and a beautiful bride! I hadn’t done an e-session with jessica and russell so this was our first time working together and I was so excited! the bridesmaids wore both green & purple dresses which I love – everything from the cigar bar to the tables were amazing. but the happy couple was at the center of it all – there was much laughter and a few tears. while I was with the girls, liv hung out with the guys and we both knew this would be a great day!



so gorgeous!!


just a few moments before the ceremony…..


I adore russell’s expression once he saw his bride









the heat did not suppress their cuteness!



I asked jessica to get “edgy” and then BAM she hit this pose – love my brides!!!!



this crew had the dance floor jumping ALL night – they were so fun! liv and I had the best time and we’re so excited for you as you start your life together – congratulations!!


July 27, 2010


why do an engagement session? this question comes up often during consultations. sometimes the couples have been engaged for a long time and often times they don’t understand why these session are in all of our collections.  and while they’re not mandatory, I strongly suggest them – again why? first and foremost I LOVE these sessions and part of what makes my job so cool is that I get to do what I love. but there are many other reasons that I advise my couples to take this route. 


for years, I would walk into wedding day with very little knowledge about the groom. I always spoke with my brides multiple times as wedding day grew nearer, but usually I would only meet the groom at the initial consultation and at times not even then. so by spending an afternoon or morning with the couple during the e-session not only do I get to know my bride even better, but I get to know the groom as well.  


while I would love to have carte blanche in terms of time on wedding day to shoot, this is usually not the case. by doing an e-session, my clients get familiar with how I direct and guide them when shooting. I also get the opportunity to see how they are together – some couples are really touchy feely while others are more reserved. being armed with this information for both my couples and myself going into wedding day is invaluable and definitely expedites the process when it comes time for me to shoot their wedding portraits.


and at the end of the day it’s just fun! I love working with my clients trying new ideas and locations where time isn’t an issue. it’s truly a collaborative shoot because I like to customize these sessions to suit them, their interests and who they are as a couple. 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions via email about a lot of topics lately about different kinds of sessions and just photography in general so keep a lookout on the blog as I’ll be posting about these topics in the upcoming days – got a question? shoot me an email :)

July 22, 2010


meet marisa – our senior representative for snow hill high! marisa’s mom contacted me a few weeks ago and when we all sat down to discuss her session, I knew it would be fun. my favorite idea was that marisa wanted to include her love for soccer in her shoot…. while wearing her prom dress – loved it! we broke the shoot into 2 separate days. on day one we shot in snow hill and then went to this sunflower field that I’ve been itching to use. on the second day, liv and I met marisa down in public landing where we shot the soccer photos and then it was off to ocean city to take advantage of some yummy afternoon light. marisa is also in the school band and brought her rifle for some photos.  if you want more information on our rep program or just senior portraits in general click here






love this shot! I asked her to kick the ball right at me and I got the photo before I ducked and covered







marisa – liv and I had such a great time working with you – all of us at GPA are excited to meet this year’s new batch of seniors for some crazy fun sessions!

July 14, 2010


so after I got up this morning and had a cup of coffee (okay maybe 2) and I sat on the porch and thought about this post.  I wanted above anything to get it right – I wanted to choose the right photos, I wanted to tell the story of this day the way it should be told – not merely how it affected me. so I thought… and I got some more coffee. finally, I decided to just get to my computer and do it. so here it is – and I only hope I do it justice.

Deborah found me through the and hired me to do her and aram’s e-session. as soon as I walked into her parent’s vacation home in cambridge, aram rushed up to me and shook my hand – huge smile and sparkling eyes – energy that was contagious. deborah was still figuring out what she was going to wear but once she came into the living room her gaze went not to me, this tall stranger but to aram who beamed at her. during the course of the session I loved their sense of humor, both with each other and with me. I loved aram’s ideas and deborah’s easy smile. the weather looked like it may turn any moment and we went to several locations, even jumping a ditch which the rain had turned into a small river – but they were troopers the entire shoot. it’s one of my favorite e-sessions and you can check it out here. needless to say, I was very excited as we were saying our good-byes when they asked me for my availability on their wedding day.

now if you’re a client of mine, you know that with my contracts I send out questionnaires that ask both the bride and groom some questions. these questionairres help me get some creative ideas specific to their wedding day that I may not know otherwise. january came around and I was trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the 2010 season and sent out reminder emails to couples who hadn’t returned the questionnaires yet. about a week later I got an email from deborah – she was so apologetic that they hadn’t gotten them done, but they had been a bit sidetracked. deborah was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on christmas eve. I don’t even know if I read the rest of the email – I ran upstairs, grabbed her file and called her. as you’ll be learning more in a few weeks, cancer has touched my family in a huge way and I know something about the fear. but more importantly I know about the hope and she was full of hope and positivity and the wedding was on! yes – she’d be bald from treatment and yes, she might get tired easily but what’s cancer when you have a wedding to plan?!


about a week or so before the wedding – deborah emailed me with 2 exciting pieces of news. one – their wedding announcement would be in the new york times yay! you can see that here and also – the washington post would be doing a story on them – you can see that here. I saw this man walk onto her parent’s property laden down with cameras and thought “aha – washington post” I went up and introduced myself – he couldn’t have been cooler. my own second shooter….. from the washington post – too cool!! but the best part of this wedding and the part I took with me was the amount of love and support that radiated from their friends and family. you could literally feel it! from their siblings & parents to the friends that traveled in from all over the world – everyone was there to celebrate their love.




deborah joked that during her downtime when she wasn’t feeling too hot she was a wedding planning machine – being a favorite. and let me tell you – she covered ALL of the bases! from the flowers to the cocktail hour – everything was perfect! the ceremony was at a a place where the river turns and was stunning


I kinda have a crush on both of their families – SO nice and funny!






mazel tov!


most of the guests wore amazing hats and funky wigs in support of deborah – rockin’ the pompadour!







jonathon newton from the washington post


the light and the couple are beyond amazing!





words can’t say how honored & touched I was that deborah trusted me to take these next few shots – you’re gorgeous, inside and out



onto the reception where deborah & aram changed into blue wigs – the color theme of the wedding was blue and instead of just picking one blue to try to match everything to, there was every shade of blue you could imagine. it was stunning AND brilliant!




off they go! I wish you everything! love, happiness & continued success in your fight -  I saw all of that and so much more on your wedding day. it was truly a day that will stay with me forever and I’m just so grateful that I was a part of it.  love you both!


July 10, 2010



we’ve had a lot of inquiries about senior portraits for the class of 2011 and we wanted to post answers to some of your most frequestly asked questions…….

how much is a session? our senior sessions are $150

what does it include?  

  • all sessions include your formal portrait taken in our studio (we have drapes for the girls)  we will send your chosen images to your school
  • a multi-location shoot focused on YOU! we’ve done sessions that start at a family farm and end on assateague.  if it’s within 45 miles from the studio we’re there!
  • an online gallery
  • a proof magazine of 100+ images
  • an in-studio consultation to discuss locations, clothing and other creative direction for your session
  • up to 10 images resized for your facebook page

what can I expect?  … expect to have FUN! we love these sessions and approach them as we would a fashion shoot. we take many variables into consideration as far as lighting and composition, but our primary goal is to feature you being you!        

do you offer any kind of specials? yes! first – being a senior rep for gillette portrait arts has HUGE perks! to read more about our rep program click here  we also offer 10% off any sessions booked before september 1st, 2010. in addition, if you refer a friend to us you will get a 16×20 enlargement FREE. lastly, if you and a friend want to do  your sessions together, you will each get $15 off your session.

what if it rains? during our in-studio consultation, we will also schedule a raindate.

is there a depost? yes, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your session.


what kind of products do you offer?


need any other info?? feel free to give us a call at the studio 410.632.4855 or shoot us an email at

we can’t wait to meet you!


July 09, 2010


meet lillian! her mother emily contacted me about a month and a half ago – she works with my national geographic ladies (holla katie, maura & jessica!) and initally was interested in a maternity session but life had plans of it’s own and the session changed to lillian’s first photo shoot. I met up with the family at their home and lillian was sleeping away – I also met dad rory and their dog harold who both had me laughing all afternoon




love the nursery – the chalkboard paint under the chair rail is genius!


ahhh..loving the light and the serenity of this photo





I seriously did not prompt this dog – he’s just that good  – and the soccer ball kills me :)




how adorable is she?



I know this is lillian’s session…. but come on – how cute is harold?!?!


emily & rory signed lillian up for our “grow with me” package and I’m SO excited for our next session! you all were so wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to capture miss lillian as she grows!


July 08, 2010


rebecca and shaun had an absolutely amazing day in ocean city to get married! after I shot their e-session, I was so excited for them to come back down to the beach from their hometown of philly for the big day! I met up with rebecca at the salon and you would never know the stress she had been under getting to her wedding day. In no particular order… her original bridesmaids dresses were stuck in customs in china, her hair stylist wasn’t able to work that day and several other things had happened along the way. many brides would have panicked or at the very least allow themselves a small pity party – but not rebecca. she was happy, relaxed and focused on what this day was all about – marrying shaun and celebrating with all of their friends and family




off to see her man! I love it when couples see each other in private before the ceremony




I was loving the bridal party! they were all so much fun all day



happy hubs to be!



now their son, “little” shaun wasn’t quite in the mood or had a little stage fright about being front and center…. but give that boy a cupcake and he was good to go!







cutest first dance ever! little shaun looks tuckered out


I had so much fun with you, your families & friends! as your family grows, I wish you much love & happiness!!


July 05, 2010


laura & matt live in san diego but are actually getting married at the beach in september - when we had our first client meeting with her parent’s I immediately knew that I wanted to work with them. they are a couple who loves to have fun and laugh together and compliment each other so well. their hairdresser set them up and she obviously knew what she was doing! they were in maryland for the wedding of laura’s brother, so I met up with them in annapolis for their e-session. It was matt’s first time in our fine state capital and we definitely gave him a substantial walking tour :)





love the shoes! see here’s the thing… I am not a “shoes girl” and I guess the reason for that is that my dad was 6’9″ and as a result, I was cursed/blessed with size 12 and a half – so it’s difficult for me to even find, let alone get excited about cute shoes for myself – but if my clients are rocking some as stylish as this, I’m all over it!




love this shot….




seriously – how cute are they?!




I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for your wedding day – if it’s even half as fun as our session then it’ll be a blast. see you soon!!