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June 03, 2010


I knew sarah & drew were a special couple when I photographed their e-session - the love they have for each other just radiated from them and I was so excited for their wedding day! we had a beautiful day and the excitement was contagious. all of sarah’s bridesmaids were buzzing about, helping her get ready and working out last minute details – the only snag was that it was cruiser weekend over at the beach, so traffic was heavy to say the least – but once we got there, the church was packed with friends and family waiting for sarah & drew to say their long-awaited vows. this couple is beautiful inside and out and I had so much fun photographing their big day!



gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!




okay.. so this next photo has to one of my favorite photos EVER. the cool thing is that sarah is also a photographer, so after I got this shot I ran up to her and said “LOVED that!” and she said “I knew you would!” :)


the whole wedding party was on board to do anything sarah or I wanted them to do which is amazing with a group this big – they were all so great!




I told the groomsman who decided to hang upside down that he got the gold star for the day :)


how cute is her nephew?!? just a lot!





another moment perhaps only another photographer would appreciate and participate with enthusiasm. I saw this performance artist down the boardwalk and as we approached her, in full statue stillness – we wondered if she would play along.  as soon as she saw sarah, she broke character and couldn’t help from smiling. unfortunately she didn’t tell us her name – but thanks silver bride artist lady!


sarah & drew – I had so much fun working with you. you, your friends and family were all so much fun to spend the day with and I know that your life together will be filled with much laughter and love – congratulations!