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May 28, 2010


anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a black thumb. seriously… it’s kind of pathetic. as much as I love flowers and plants, I can’t seem to do much with them. it’s obvious that they skipped over me with this gene because both my mother and especially my grandmother were gifted in all things green, leafy & blossoming. a lot of my clients ask me how I ended up in snow hill and it’s a VERY long story that I may bore you with at a later date – but I have lived a lot of places – really amazing places and then almost 9 years ago, god saw fit to bring me to the shore and put my amazing husband in my life -  it was clear that I was staying. once this reality dawned on me, I had to figure out where to put down my roots as I have always been a notoriously “unrooted” girl. I was baffled and to be honest scared of the permanence of my mother’s suggestion….. years and years and years ago, my great great grandfather built a big house in snow hill and several years later split it in two and placed them on neighboring lots for tax purposes. my mother grew up in the larger of the two and a family friend, ella,  lived in the other for decades – to me she was more than a friend, she was like a second grandmother and I loved her like crazy. fast forward a few years after both of my grandparents passed away and my mother chose to sell the larger house where she grew up, but because ella was still living (even though she had long been living in a nursing home) we held on to the smaller house. after ella passed a few years later, there were several people interested in renting the house - I was still in colorado so we decided to hang onto it and rent it out. the timing of me deciding to stay on the shore coincided with the current lease on the house expiring – so I moved to snow hill. while at first it was kind of (okay a lot) weird to see other people living in what I still considered my grandparents house, a few years back a couple named doug & michelle bought the house and have loved it as much as my family did. which is a long & roundabout way to get to the roses. my grandmother was president of the local garden club and LOVED roses – so she planted several plants in a side lot by the house. she tended daily to these plants until my grandfather retired and then he took them over. during the summer, there were fresh roses every morning on the breakfast table that my pop had cut in the early morning for gram. doug, an excellent landscaper, had taken over the duties of rose-tender and they have thrived under his care. but a couple of months ago, doug told my husband that he & michelle were planning to start a vegetable garden in the plot where the roses lived &  he asked if I would want any of the rose plants. not thinking about the care they required or the fact that I had almost always killed any flower unfortunate enough to end up in my garden I said YES!!  the delicate transplanting took place a few afternoons later. these are old plants – older than me and I think possibly were planted before my mother was born. they are hearty, thank god – but they are still roses and are temperamental. fortunately doug & michelle’s patio looks over to the part of our yard where the roses are, so he has lent his experience & expertise when needed. a few weeks ago I pulled into the driveway and saw, much to my amazement, 3 rosebuds about to pop – now everyday there is a different rose blooming and everyday I think about my grandparents. this morning, although it was only 2 roses – I cut them and brought them inside, placing them in a little vase and they are now sitting on my desk. they make me nostalgic, happy and grateful to be exactly where I’m supposed to be   




May 22, 2010


morgan contacted me a few months ago about doing an e-session. see she and rich are getting married in jamaica – so fun! but she wanted some pictures taken of them here at home as well. she also wanted to include some photos of their dog peyton – so you know I was onboard!  I met up with them at the home of rich’s grandfather – a beautiful house on the water. peyton is adorable and has so much energy! at one point she wriggled out of her collar and took off – rich, morgan, rich’s dad and I took chase until rich finally caught up with her. because this has happened to me many times with different dogs, all I could do was giggle – plus look at that face! I mean c’mon…..


then we headed down to the plaza in salisbury. it was an exceptionally windy day so we found some cool alleys and different nooks & crannys to escape it





morgan is also the winner of our rock the frock session – I’m so excited for it – she has some really cool thoughts about it and she’s just fun to photograph









thank you guys so much for spending the afternoon – I loved the balloon, even though we has to work around some cranky geese to shoot it. I know your wedding will be filled with love and laughter and I’m looking really forward to working with you when you get back!

May 19, 2010


I met maura & asher through my client katie and the first time I sat down with them, I knew that they had an amazing wedding planned! They are getting married at the old mil in rose valley, pennsylvania and I’m so excited! on the day of their e-session we met up in annapolis and had a great time perusing downtown while getting to know each other better. maura & asher were so great to work and really fun to just hang out with!




LOVE her eyes!










you guys were so great and I can’t wait to work with you in september – it’s going to be amazing!

May 14, 2010


I’m sure you feel like it’s only yesterday since you saw liz & bryn – that’s because it almost was! I only got to meet liz & bryn a few days before their wedding and shoot their e-session.  although liz grew up in st. mikes and that’s where the wedding was, the two of them live in japan where they teach english. the thing that I loved most about this wedding was the way they brought in so many things from japan plus nods to bryn’s heritage (he’s from new zealand). the guests literally flew in from all over the world and it made for an amazing event!


petals always makes such beautiful bouquets. is it just me or are you totally thinking uma thurman?! gorgeous


we went to the st. mikes maritime museum for group shots and portraits – there were so many cool locations, I didn’t know where to start!



I’m just a little obsessed with these shoes






the first thing I noticed when we got to the reception were these sake boxes – liz & bryn brought them over from japan – and I LOVED all of the oragami cranes everywhere!



just one more of the shoes :)


a few of liz & bryn’s japanese friends had brought kimonos with them - so while all of the guests were mingling, they slipped away into the victoriana inn and dressed in full kimono – not something you see everyday on the shore – it was so great!




shooting my first sake toast





green tea wedding cake from bay country – SO good! liz sent over the green tea powder from japan – one more touch that just blew me away


I know it will be awhile before I see the two of you again but please know that your wedding was one the most unique & special events I’ve ever been too and I enjoyed every moment of it! good luck in your travels and much & happiness in your future!

May 14, 2010


the first time I met with leslie & jim we were at the church where they were to be married. It was after sunday service and I was blown away as I entered the sanctuary – it was easily the most beautiful church I had ever seen! and it was only a stones throw away from MICA, I was stunned that I had no idea it was even there. so with my mouth still hanging open, the three of us sat down in a separate room to discuss leslie & jim’s plans for their wedding. this is truly a modern day brady bunch! leslie has three daughters while jim has three sons and as I listened to their story, I knew I wanted to be there when they said “I do”.  one of the reasons I love shooting weddings so much is that I’m really a romantic at heart. I believe in happily ever after and although it took me until I was 32 to find mine  when I hear stories like leslie & jim’s, I know that it exists everywhere for everyone and can happen when you least expect it!


leslie and her girls


jim and his boys


the whole huge happy family!



seriously….. look at this church!!!!


so I thought that I had as much eye candy as I could stand with all of the ornate finishes and stained glass of the church, but then we headed to the reception which was held at the hotel monaco. if you live in baltimore and haven’t been – GO! it is stunning! once leslie and jim had some time to greet their guests, I stole them away for some shots





leslie was radiant! I LOVED her dress and once I wandered into the lobby, this couch screamed to be photographed with the beautiful bride





the grandchildren couldn’t wait for the cake cutting



leslie and jim – I loved being surrounded by all of the love that is your family. the joy and happiness filled every moment of your wedding day and I felt extremely grateful to be there to document it all. much love to you both!

May 11, 2010


carrie & will won our snow storm contest – to read their inspiring love story that made them winners click here! will was only home for a limited amount of time before heading back to kodiak, alaska where he’s stationed - so we scheduled a session for pemberton park. to be honest, I hadn’t been to pemberton in awhile and had a great time exploring the park with carrie & will.  they were so cute together! it’s clear that they don’t get to spend nearly enough time together – so the with time they do have, they make the most of it!





there was a bee threatening to attack while we were at this location, but carrie & will totally took it in stride….







carrie I’m so happy that you took advantage of being snowed in to tell me the story of you & will. like you, your relationship is full of fun and love and I had such a wonderful time working with you!

May 11, 2010


first off – I have some explaining to do :) while I am not a daily blogger, I do manage to keep current with my sessions and weddings. however, lately you may have noticed that there was a large break in our blogging. well, we changed our website and hopefully you’ve had a chance to check it out – if not click here. well, I don’t know the difference between a nameserver & a nametag and I rely on the “experts” to guide me in such matters.  this time, they assured me that my blog would naturally follow me to my new site – WRONG! it was lost and I seriously woke up with the cold sweats until it was found. now that my heart rate is back to normal and all of the hiccups from the big move have been tweaked back into place, I am SO happy to get liz & bryn’s e-session up. I met liz basically through her mom lee. see liz met bryn, who is from new zealand in japan where they both live & teach english, but they were returning to liz’s hometown of st. michaels to get married. although I spoke with liz several times before they came back for the wedding, it wasn’t until we got together for the e-session that I met her & bryn. the weather was ominous and it poured cats & dogs 15 minutes before were we to meet up – but it cleared up right in time.  LOVE it when that happens!






at one point during the shoot I told bryn he was workin’ it – to which he responded “really?! I’m working it?” with the addition of his accent it was really adorable






wait until you see the wedding photos – amazing. liz was so beautiful and their unique touches made it a truly one-of-a-kind event. stay tuned!!!!

May 08, 2010


when I woke up the morning of james & katie’s wedding I grabbed my coffee and headed to my computer – as usual. and when I hopped on facebook, I saw katie’s status update which stated “let’s do this thang!” and laughed – partly because it was so her and also because someone had commented something like “now remember something will go wrong, but don’t let it stress you out” and if I knew anything as I got into the jeep to head to the wedding, it was that katie would be many things –  but stressed wouldn’t be one of them.  when I shot their e-session, I could tell that katie and james needed nothing more to have a great time than to be together and I knew that their wedding day would be a celebration of just that. when you add their friends and family to the mix, it was a big party full of love, laughter & joy!


 I love this shot with her grandfather – he’s so cute!


loved her!


sean’s working it! (I know his name is james…. it’s a long story)






I mean seriously…. have you ever seen a happier couple?



loving the purple polish :)




these crazy kids know how to party!




our photobooth – which I think I’m going to call “LIV’S LOUNGE”  was hoppin’!




I laughed all day at this wedding – I truly felt like I was at a friend’s event! guest were spinning me & liv around the dance floor and hugging us – it was such a special day and I will always remember it. katie & james, I was so happy you found us and chose us to spend this day with you. I already know that your future will be amazing and I hope to be there with my camera as your big moments and love continue to grow!


May 07, 2010


this post is long overdue! we changed our website and as a result, our blog got lost in the world wide what? of the net – but after multiple headaches and calls galore we’re back! I’m sure that raye will elaborate on this when she blogs later today as she was the one dealing with most of it. ANYWAY! so I was really excited for chris & betsy’s wedding – I had so much fun with them during their e-session and we had such a beautiful day. I met up with betsy & her girls at the salon and then we went to her parents house – the excitement and joy filled the room!



blue shoes…… LOVE!



in lieu of a veil, betsy had this gorgeous custom hairpiece which I was in love with – it’s so perfect and so her


sorry… I just had to include this next shot because it made me laugh so much while editing. I kept going back to it for a chuckle – this is one ticked off kitty!


betsy & chris decided to see each other before the wedding which I love and not a lot of couples in this area do. It’s just so private, special and full of emotion & anticipation


look at them – seriously the photo says it all!


love this photo – so cute! her parents are so sweet



isn’t she beautiful?


time to party!


our intern liv met up with me at the reception to debut our new gpa photobooth. raye is still in the process of coming up with a name for this new service we’re extending to our couples – she’ll have a whole post on it soon – but here is one of the fun shots that liv got!



betsy & chris – I have to tell you just how much I enjoyed both your wedding and your e-session. you’re just so much fun to be around and I’m so grateful I was able to spend your big day with you! I wish you so much and happiness!

ohhh…. and if you want to know reason #1,324,146 that we love our clients so much… several days after their wedding, these beautiful candles were delivered to our studio! thank you both SO much!!!